The International Crunchyroll

September 30th, 2012 by Author

First of all, Dog Days is available in Ireland.

But aside from that, I had a very bad luck with Crunchyroll ads for quite a while. They used to show decent ads now and then (unless it’s my faulty memory), but I think that I might’ve blocked their ad provider accidentially. I do not subscribe to any blocklists for AdBlock+, only add a site now and again for being too obnoxious. One way or the other, the ad videos stopped playing, and the Crunchyroll’s self-promotion default kicked in. So, I have to see 7 runs of “All Real Fans Pay Premium” per episode. Only very rarely Crunchy throws in something else, like Navy videos, or awful full-screen Flash shit for a greeting card vendor (I’m sure they pulled that one because it crashed browsers).

Well, in Ireland the episode video still has ad markers and short pauses, but there is no timeout and no default. Sweet.

Also, subs disappear after a while on a paused video. I do not recall this behaviour, although it seems inconceivable for it to be geolocated. But it is quite possible that the Flash is different in regions, causing differences in subs by accident.