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Evirus on Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Is not enthused:

Everyone else seemed to like Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!, but I dropped it after five episodes because I didn’t care about what happened to any of the characters. Also, all that chuuni stuff was really annoying, even if it was supposed to be “ironically” annoying or whatever.

Actually, it’s not everyone. Nobar was critical, too. But now it’s 2:1 against Jonathan among the bloggers with credibility.

LOL Scholarship, part 1

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Just one slide from a presentation that I attended:

There was much more where this came from, of course. The most amusing element was probably the heavy sense of looking at a large thing through a toilet paper core. Part of it came from the inevitable dumbing down for the audience, but most of it was the unwillingness of the scholar to embrace the subject fully on its own merits, and relying heavily on the liberal dogma, no matter how (in)applicable. Suppose we have a diverse body of manga and its themes, which seem to defy any classification. No matter what taxonomy we try, it always results in meaningless pigeonholing. How do we make sense of it? Why, arranging mangaka according to their level of “progressiveness”, of course! When animeblogging does this, at least we have an excuse of blogging for amusement (except A+L).

RT on R1

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Reading the listing or new R1 licenses at Reverse Thieves, I cannot help remembering the “Funimation only licenses garbage” thing.

Among the long list they licensed, the only two things I would even agree to watch are Akira and Haganai, if that. I do not particularly like either of them. The former is a historic title, and the latter is a middling anime accompaining a pretty good VN (in the effect). That’s it! Certainly, a number of their chosen titles were at least somewhat acclaimed like E7AO, Mirai Nikki, Lupin: Fujiko Mine. Fractale, sure, I can see how the boardroom chose that. But what were they thinking reprinting Pretear?

Meanwhile, Ledford’s ex-ADV promise AnoNatsu (!), Chuu2koi, Hatsukoi, F/SN, Xenoglossia, Humanity Has Declined, K-ON2 (!!), Nazono no Kanojo X, NakaImo, Sukitte, Somedays Dreamers (!), ZKC (!), Upotte, Tari Tari (!), and a set of Hidamari seasons. They should be kicking the pants off FUNi in the sales, from here until dinner.

They probably won’t. Their advertisement machine is no match for FUNi, various shadow relationships with distributors are in play, they may not be able to dub even K-ON (where the money is), and most importantly — my taste is not on the center of the market. But man, FUNi’s selections are either completely random or hype-driven, it’s clear.

Tappan on Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

The capsule summary:

the “great craftsman” show which starts with a premise that sounds ordinary or even trite, but executes it so brilliantly that it becomes something wonderful.

The hystogram at ANN tops at about 2.5 (Haibane Renmei easily takes 0.1 and Shingu takes a strong 3).

My problem with all this is no matter how brilliantly it is executed, I’m sick of school love stories.

Otou-san on Pretty Cure

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Otou used the old trick: start with the sequel (the concept was hashed out here mostly in connection with Nanoha As). I started with Max Heart, but it was merely a result of the DTO debacle. I did great on the original without Shiny Luminous before Crunchyroll’s perfidy.

Interestingly, he seems completely at peace with the balance of the girl life and the fighting (in the original, perhaps Heartcatch is balanced differently), and the fixed format of the episode with girl issues in front, opponent of the week defeated at the back, which I found somewhat too formulaic (the phrase is aimed at something else, but there’s evidence):

And there’s the interesting subtext of the Cures being trapped in their unstoppable fate, worn out and unable to live their normal girl lives doing whatever it is girls do around that age, which in the Pretty Cure world is somehow not “horrifically abuse your peers.”

BTW, you know where the trapped-in-fighting was done best? Figure 17, no contest.

About that “Katyusha” thing

Monday, December 10th, 2012

After DiGi posted about it, the issue of the missing Katyusha spread around. Even Brickmuppet got in on it (with a cute animated gif).

One thing amuses me about it is the selection of the song. Russians have a whole of two songs, which I find more appropriate for tank anime: the official item, called “March of the Soviet Tankmen”, and the alternative popular song, called “Three Tankists”. It is the latter which deals with “three tankers, three merry friends” crushing samurai with “the power of fire and steel”. It would be a mega troll to use that one. Both songs used to be instantly recognized in Russia, but I suppose “Katyusha” had more pull in Japan overall, so, alas, the two excellent candidates were passed over. Opportunity, missed!

UPDATE: Omo commented:

I actually got CR to comment on this and it comes down to that Japan doesn’t want to keep the footage in the episode. It probably won’t be CR’s place to pay for it, given the type of right required and the sort of licensing agreement they have (remember this is also a Sentai title). […]

In the same time, the “best part of Taishou Yakyuu Musume” (sung by Koume) was clearead, as were all the remixes in Nichijou. It appears that it was about the foreign song after all. [Omo also posted about it on his own blog.]

Steven Den Beste is recovering from stroke

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

This looks like safe from jinxing, as Steven is back home from rehab. Apparently the stroke was in lower parts of the brain, so his mind is not affected directly and we, inside and outside of the geriatric animeblogging community, may look forward to more Engineer’s Disease, Cheesecake, TMW, and all other good things we came to expect from Chizumatic. He is also lucky not to end paralized. Good news all around.

P.S. Still cannot give Mouretsu what it deserves. Maybe I just burned out.