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Monday, January 28th, 2013

Another Evirus’ secret message was a caption “holy shit, the teacher is wearing bolo tie” for this picture:

I am not sure if the sight qualifies for a “holy shit”. These things occur in anime now and again:

I didn’t know what it was called until after I bought one:

No idea why “Bolo”. Supposedly, the short C-96 Mauser was called “bolo” as shortening of “bolshevik”. This one may be some kind of Mexican slang. Guessing why anime characters wear those is even more remote.

BTW, bolo may be a focus point for recurring posts for someone, like mikan boxes are for DiGiKerop. Dibs on choker.


Monday, January 21st, 2013

I am back to reading books on paper for the moment.

That is Joshiraku manga on the right, and yes, I took a picture of its back cover by mistake. It is a limited edition that comes with a combo audio/data CD. The audio portion containes rakugo skits (of course!), and the data portion has an assortment of things, such as scripts in PDF, and wallpapers.

The wallpapers go as far as 1600 resolution, but all of them are in 4:3 format. What gives?

Omo and Pixy on Tamako Market

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013


The bird is really the one redeeming feature to this show


That chicken/parakeet thing needs to go.

Personally I think there really was too much riding on Dara, in the same way Evirus said “Erwin, that hat is wearing you” (#garupan).

Brickmuppet and the Preference Cascade

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

In vulgar use, Preference Cascade refers to a situation when nigh everyone in a population does something subversive in secret, until a certain event triggers a massive coming out. The key mechanism is individuals not realizing how many likeminded people are around.

In this vein, when Brickmuppet posted about “Moster Musume no Iru Nichijou” (available at Batoto), he thought it was a rather obscure manga. Then, all sorts of people started coming out as readers, even fans. Who knew! The manga’s selling point is basically ecchi and nudity of the monster girls (above the waist, naturally).

Omo and Kuro on 2012

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Despite all attempts at retirement, I continue reading or skimming close to 300 anime blogs, and a large number of them posted year-end summaries for 2012. I am sorry to say, most were unimpressive: hastily put together, lunatic, agenda-driven, or plain weak. However, Omo and Kuro did quite well and probably won this. Omo is Omo, as usual, although liking Sawa because she’s no Noe nor Hiromi is rather something I thought JP would post. It was thoughtful and balanced, even if utterly missing any mention of my show of the year. Kuro, meanwhile, did what’s called a yeaoman’s job putting together a comprehensive review with useful capsule summaries. I cannot imagine what a working man from Malaysia has to sacrifice to complete 68 shows, but the result is out in the open to be bookmarked.

P.S. JP gets a nod for the extensive work that is as edgy as always (“a pedestrian adaption of a hackneyed melodrama”). Can’t quite reach Kurogane in organization and consistency, but worthy too.