C’est unbelievable

February 26th, 2013 by Author

For some reason (blame Evirus), I ended re-reading The Manual, which was updated, and it reported that a French designer for AKB0048 posted his concept art at a random Forum. Those French and their simple life. It reminded me how another French dude posted pictures of Soyuz-2.1v roll-out, including the truck-bazed lift, etc. Man, the Russian government was miffed good about that. But the pics are still there, somewhere.

BTW, since we’re on the topic. #1 Evirus ended S1 with “I never did start caring about any of its characters [… but] have no issues with the concept or content as a matter of principle”. #2 I do not follow the new season, but I read Fencedude’s spoilers and the like, and preparing to savour it at a later date.