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GJ-bu, Fafner, Tamako fail

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

Since the Lagrange crashed and burned, I poked at a few other things.

GJ-bu was in official suspension since ep.3, when my only note was “fuck the androphobia”. In reality I dragged it for 6 more, until it gradually petered out. Here’s what Nova wrote:

Even the slapstick feels more like the girls lovingly teasing Kyolo than actual abuse, and comes across simply endearing.

So, the story of Ichizon repeated itself. I remember how someone called it “humane”, whereas in reality it was inhumane. Granted, GJ-bu offers softer, pastel bigotry, so it helped. I feel like I could drag it along to the season’s end, if it was worth it. But even leaving the value judgements aside, it just wasn’t inspired.

{Update: Evirus posts a better operationalized critique:

I just can’t enjoy the glamorization of these hopeless girl-shaped caricatures, even if they do have flaxen hair.

That too.}

Fafner turned out horrible junk show like Pretear, only with mecha, and baiting fujoshis instead of girls in general. Good grief. Even its amusing corniness is not working. Seen 2.

The only remaining screencap is of some random character who didn’t have a large role in the beginning.

Unlike the other cancellations, I cannot say anything bad about Tamako Market. The only reason I dropped it was that nothing in it was in any way interesting. It was like Tari Tari that way. There were some thematic concerns sounded on blogs, but I didn’t reach far enough even to verify them. Seen 4.

In addition the three cancellations above, I also scored 3 postponements. All three were generally good shows that overstayed their welcome, undeshoot their potential, or were batched up on purpose, this sort of thing.

Polar Bear Cafe overcame a rocky start when the main characters made me rage by being insufferable jerkfaces (okay, primarily Panda did). Glad I didn’t ragequit it. However, like Sunred, it started running out of steam in season 2. Seen 42, eventually.

Fairy Tail (via Chizumatic) turned out to be Dog Days rather than Naruto. It stole from Naruto mercilessly (Dragon Breath LOL), but it was entirely different in tone: lots of pretty magic and hijinks. Sure, people die when they’re killed there, but there’s no oppressively brutal setting. In the same time, there’s no over-arching plot either (again, much like Dog Days). People may find themselves, but that’s about it. At least Naruto wants to become a Hokage. Lucy just floats with the flow. They also hit fillers by ep.20, good job.

AKB0048 S2 is not sagging, unlike PBC. It’s just as unashamed, energetic, and crazy as always. Even Evirus grudgedly admitted its merits. I have no reason not to love it. But blasted Initial D and Katanagatari completely ruined everything by moving the plank too high. I just don’t feel like wasting my time on this kind of thing, no matter how bouncy.

UPDATE: Steven comments to compare Fairy Tail with DBZ. I suppose he may know better, being through 155+ episodes. To me, DBZ seems like having more story content. I remember how some fanfic authors proclaimed that DBZ was actually a story of Vegeta. But perhaps FT moves into that direction too, with time. For example, right when I quit in ep.20, we got an intriguing glimpse of Natsu’s “wife”.

Release schedules and cliffhangers

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

I am not fan enough to know what’s going on with it, but apparently Initial D Fifth Stage ceased its run after ep.10 at a major cliffhanger, the likes of which we didn’t see since Pioneer releasing Tenchi on VHS. Except that apparently this is not an OVA and it’s happening in anime’s original market. Are rankings this bad? ANN says DVDs sell very well.

P.S. Apparently it’s on a monthly schedule, analogous to initial broadcast of Katanagatari, only not on NoitaminA, but on a PPV channel. Sounds like an excellent way to drive the whole thing into the ground, congratulations to rights owners. Works even better than Takumi getting over Natsuki and jumping at that golfer chick in a space of two episodes.

From Russia With Love – Of Anime and VNs

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Russian Bash has a feature of “holding tank” (“Бездна”), where submitted but not yet approved quotes are kept in public view, in case anyone is interested. It offers a steady stream of anime-related quotes. They never make it to the main page.

What’s odd, the quotes have IDs, but not permalinks. Sorry, Russian webmasters are this silly.

2012-12-05 14:40 #AA-242369

про Yume Nikki

– Шикарное окончание игры. Но что-то я летсплеи поклацала, но так и не поняла, в чём суть.
– Какая суть, Аня??! Это депрессивная игра про сны девочки-хикикомори для извращенцев. Твоя невинность не даст тебе получить удовольствие)
– Как это, и мир не надо спасать?!
– Ты помогаешь персонажу умереть, Аня…какой мир?


About Yume Nikki

– Awesome ending. But I just clicked through letsplay, didn’t get the meaning.
– What meaning, Anya? It’s a depressionist game about dreams of a hikki girl for deviants. Your innocence won’t let you enjoy it.
– Wait, am I not supposed to save the world?
– You are helping the protag to die, Anya, what world?

All you ever wanted to know about Yume Nikki, neatly packaged.

Deparking in Initial D

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

One thing bothers me in Initial D slightly: when the characters unpark to get moving, they always take the car off the parking brake first.

But isn’t it backwards? One uses parking brake when there’s a possibility of a rollaway to begin with. But if so, why defeat the safety before the gear is engaged? Drop the brake when you engage the clutch was the common sense where I learned to drive. In an anime with this attention to detail, surely creators portrayed the deparking this way on purpose, but why?

Onegai Cinderella CD soon

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Apparently [1], there’s a new CD for Cinderella Girls coming out soon, “Onegai Cinderella”. No legacy cast, Rin is in [2]. I look at all this and just ask, when is this going to end? Obviously it ends when people stop buying all this, but when is that? CDjapan has 24 first press slots still unallocated less than a month before release, so maybe it’s now.

[1] It’s in Japanese, I cannot be sure that I understand it right. The news item itself deals with seiyuu putting up a promo appearance for the CD.

[2] For some reason I haven’t yet warmed up to Ayaka Fukuhara’s work, but undoubtedly Rin is the most popular of Cinderella Girls.

Crunchy takes on ANN as news source

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

So, two things.

One, HanaKana apparently confirmed new Infinite Stratos, which is going to join the illustrous ranks of anime that went down the drain the 2nd season, such as Sekirei. Although, truthfuly, it went there in the 1st season, when HanaKana’s character joined the idiot party and thus ruined everything.

Two, the rebroadcast of Katanagatari is going to sport new OP and ED. The OP is by Supercell…. I sort of want to make a joke about Hero’s Shiranai Monogatari or whatever, but let’s have a little faith. Also, is that a typo in the title?

Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

I recall the title being on air, or rather floating by on IRC bots, but it was so long ago that I do not remember any details. Anyway, thanks to easy availability, I had a look… And it’s not very good.


Ryo-Ohki is in OVA continuity, but basically it spends its time dumping new women onto the household (no less than 4). What’s more, one of them is absolutely overpowering and puts everyone into their place, even Sasami. Way to demonstrate the suckage.

What’s strange, I liked the visit of Funaho in the OVA. But she merely was regal and did not overstay her welcome.

A quick Cat Shit One rewatch

Friday, March 15th, 2013

When Perkins says, “koko ni pro ga futari iru. sore de juubun janaika?”[1], isn’t it the coolest line ever?

Although I have the rotating media, I rewatch the download (I’ve got the one that had all the blood edited out). It’s still as pretty as ever.

Also VLC deals with interlacing poorly by default.

[1] “The two of us are professionals here. That’s prenty enough [against a couple of dozen enemies].”

Death of JManga reanimates The Pink Sylphide

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Chris Fritz observes:

Well, it looks like JManga is closing down and after the end of the month any manga will no longer be usable. This is the second reason why I don’t like “view online only”. “I can’t access it during my two one-hour work commutes each day where I have no Internet connection available to me” would be the first reason.

There is only one solution to the lack of legal DRM-free DTO: yarr, yarr, yarr those rars. Sure, support the industry all you want, but be prepared too.

More about Katanagatari

Friday, March 8th, 2013

I meant to entitle this post “Massive spoilers about Katanagatari”, but on second thought, it may be oblique enough. Or maybe not. Unfortunately, although I maintain that good anime cannot be spoiled, I think Katanagatari may. In particular, despite Don wrote that ending was “somber”, I just did not expect that it would go down like it did, and it hit pretty hard. So yeah. Reveal, not spoil.

Although the plot, setting, and detail all worked in concert, one particular thing I took away was how much I became fond of Togame as the story unfolded. Not in the “waifu” way. Just like To Heart‘s Shiho, Togame is not one I’d like to marry[1]. But she’s immensely likeable. I agree with the critique of our resident hater of all things good in anime that Togame’s debut was not very impressive. However, she comes into her own.

I liked Shichika, too. But it’s also remarkable how functional the relationship of the main duo is. Being the subservent pole, Shichika is being worked hard. He has to shoulder some of Togame juvenile tantrums good-naturely, too. But she does not really go into tsundere stereotype fully, and does not become primarily abusive (like Louise and Haruhi do; and it does not matter if Kyon likes it).

Just about everyone else in the show has redeeming qualities, too. I do not mean “good-by-design” characters like Zakki, primarily, but basically everyone with any kind of expanded characterization. For example, Princess Hitei is sort of like Kurumi to Togame’s Sawako, I think. Or in an interesting meta move, Shichika even had to touch upon Meisai’s personality in-show, and with a good reason.

There’s a specific exception to it: I was not a fan of Nanami. My local purveyor of nasty, Sage, was, and that probably explains it all.

On, and one last thing: I suddenly saw a lot of common theme in the inheritance, that was brought forth by AKB0048. Shichika is the 7th Kyotouryuu. Issou is the 12th, and she’s not blood related to the lineage. That is more of general zero-zero model: become the essense of the name you inherit and there you get the name. Some of sword owners address Shichika as “Kyotouryuu”, which is not his family name. So many animebloggers were creeped out by this mechanism in AKB0048, but if you realize the traditional underpinnings, it becomes much more manageable and even interesting.

[1] The top rated wife material in anime is generally rare. I can probably only name Mitsuki II of Dual and Kyoko of Sunred S1.