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Omo on Daisuki

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

I just found that Omo was ahead of John noticing Daisuki, only he buried the important part deep down some general post.

I hate to be pessimistic but there are not a lot of reasons why we should assume [Daisuki] can execute. To be honest the whole idea feels more like DOA, not because it’s a bad idea but because it’s likely run with the strings and chains attached to the same old suits that causes all these problems in the first place.

No quarrel here. Still, I am wary of underestimating the power of incumbent. Even if they do not deliver, they still can destroy. The way Bandai destroyed its own successful American presense is most instructive in this regard. And on a slightly positive side, look at Hulu. It is an American thing, but fundamentally it’s the same phenomena: major content players deciding they want a piece of action in streaming and not wanting to share with Netflix.

Katanagatari ends

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Not likely

CKS was right, it is very Japanese, and not just in the ending. And I see now why Don denied it the standing near Haibane Renmei. Or maybe I don’t. The endless brutality was wearisome and since the story was inseparable from the process of almost every character being killed I do not think I can judge it.

I’m going to do major spoilers now.

Possibly the fear of spoilers is why nobody wrote how Togame pulled an almost exact Reki reveal. Neither CKS nor Don did. Kuro spoils but he wasn’t thinking about HR. Now the reveal being the same, the subsequent resolution was different. Reki was tested and passed, but Togame did not have that chance. Kuro is certain that she would fail (“I am glad”). I am not so sure. She pondered becoming a mother at some point, remember. Nisio Ishin thought better to leave this resolution ambiguous. His call, I suppose.

UPDATE: CKS leans into Kuro’s camp, yet allows for uncertainty.

Streaming service Daisuki is announced

Monday, March 4th, 2013

According to John:

This unification will maximize control & revenue for the original Japanese studios.

Great, just great.

Aslo, what is up with that “Kokoro. Furueru. Nihonni. Aeru.”?

Lagrange fails

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

I mentioned previously that it’s conclusively proven that reinventing with improvement could be done in anime again and again (and not just in successful remakes like Kanon), but it does not suggest that it’s impossible to reinvent poorly or fail to reinvent. Rinne no Lagrange is a show that steals bits and pieces from everywhere without any regard at to if they actually work here.

On paper, all these elements made sense. For example, Minugami’s personal attachment is Feito, clearly. Who can say no to that? Honestly, I do not understand why all these good things completely fail to engage in Lagrange. Sure, I really wanted her to jump into the abyss after her mother, but the story was compelling, there.

I get the impression that Tatsuo Saito had something else in mind when he planned to make Shinji the main character, merely genderswapped and in a jersy. But he only oversaw the production. Mouretsu, the series that he actually directed, was bad in entirely different way. Its story bored me and made me uncomfortable (which I did not find matching its light purpose), but it oozed a professional sense or aura. Not this.

So it was a bad show generally. But the annoying fanservice did it in for me. Unfortunately, I do not remember who was the blogger complaining about the skinny-dip scene, but I survived that. The convenient excuse for me to drop occured when Array apparead as a maid.

Bloggers on Lagrange

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013


The whole Moid thing is pretty Tatsuo Sato-y. I enjoyed it but the way it ended seems anticlimactic, to say the least. But I enjoyed every bit about him in the final episode, it’s just great stuff.

If it isn’t clear, I enjoyed parts of the ending, but overall it feels a bit empty because most of the key emotional themes and plot lines wrapped up in about the 2/3-way point. What was left was the mumbo-jumbo plot/setting stuff, and they couldn’t clean it up all the way. The show did keep up its enjoyable style and writing, but it could’ve been a lot better, I think, even for a 「めでたしめでたし」 end.

I think I get the picture. And he’s going to be about the only one who enjoyed the series.

Steven quit early with the following synopsis:

When you really come down to it, it’s a moldy plot. How many shows have there been where a teenage girl is drafted into piloting a mech in order to save the world? I’d need a calculator to add them all up, I think.

It’s an age-old debate on the ability of anime to reinvent itself, really. Even the idol anime, blowssoming so powerfully in these days, was hinted back in 1980s. Or to take a better example, I loved AnoNatsu and could not stand Onegai Sensei, which proves conclusively to me that better repeats exist. Still, right or wrong, IMHO he was lucky to exit in this case.


Ah, now I really want to see the next episode! Hopefully this won’t turn into another blunder like Sora No Woto or Fractale.

The lulziest part is… That post was the only one. He did not even post why he quit, and frankly I do not want to write about it either.

Stilts posted quite a bit around the finale, underlining with:

I feel like this post has meandered in an unintuitive, jarring, and off-putting manner, which is perhaps appropriate for this episode (…)

Back when it posted, the article gave me a false hope by spoiling that lesbians were fake. But of course it was actually a bad sign, as I understand now, because the pandering was completely meaningless.