Nobar on Muromi’s seiyuu

April 21st, 2013 by Author

And so:

[…] but Photokano and Muromi-san are already covering pretty much all bases when it comes to seiyuu ear porn.

I thought some of voicework in Muromi-san was vaguely familiar… Let’s see.

  • Muromi: Yukari Tamura, also the voice of everything between Akazukin and Togame. Very, very accomplished. Does a great job for Muromi.
  • Hii: Ai Nonaka. Not very familiar with her, but apparently she was Shippon? Not bad. Her Hii seems a little plain it, perhaps.
  • Levia: Mai Nakahara… Everyone here watched Mai-HiME, right? Also, Ritsuko. Appears to be largely cast for stereotypical strong women. /me approves
  • Sumita: Sumire Uesaka appears to be a complete beginner who burst into the scene and started grabbing main roles. Okay.
  • Fuji: Hitomi Harada: umm… She’s not on the scene as of ep.3 yet.

Looks like Nova may be right, and I like the performances. So yeah.