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Watching Initial D with others

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

While Ana-sempai was at a lay-over between her secret jobs, we dragged her mother into watching Initial D First Stage together. Dub, of course. So, how did it go over? Pretty, well, considering. The ancient art is just adorable in its basic anime ways. They did not care for the romance much, but overall the story went down well. I suspect that despite the seemingly basic plot of main character winning street races, they might have had trouble following it. So, for example, Ryousuke quickly became “Seto Kaiba”, because apparently it was too hard to remember who was called what. They caught onto the opening gambit, however. I also found the dub voices extremely difficult to distinguish, which wasn’t problem for everyone else.

That aside, I caught a few funny things on rewatch. Or, strictly speaking, I didn’t. Ana-sempai pointed out that Kenta is obviously a minority of some kind, likely an Okinawian. I noticed that his appearance has changed dramatically in subsequent seasons, but did not pay attention. Now the changeover seems a bit uncouth.

By the way, did anyone notice that the trackside communication was run with a UHF radio in First Stage, with a changeover to cellphones in Fourth Stage — for all teams, regardless of their means? Only one year passed for our heroes, is such a sudden change credible? The reason for it, of course, was that it happened in the real world in 10 some years between the broadcasts of First Stage and Fourth Stage.

Oh, and remember the video of Keiichi Tsuchiya that the gang watched at work? It turned out to be an instructional tape where Mr. Tsuchiya explains 6 types of drifting. You can plainly see the front brake light mounted on his car so the viewers can see when he applies brakes.

IM@S Shiny Fiesta

Friday, June 28th, 2013

The three Shiny Fiesta videos were originally built into the PSP game, and came over with the celebrated port to iOS. The OVAs used the art and continuity of the TV series, but they sucked just like the original OVA.

The stories were poorly told: predictable, flat, stereotypical to the point of insulting. Which would be ok if we were treated to some kind of amazing fanservice, but it’s the same cut-rate parody of animation by A-1. Just to give one example, Yukiho’s hat during her “date” did not match the shape or size of her head. My sister cut out better fitting dresses for her paper dolls from hobby magazines. I thought that Honey Sound was the only decent part, but it was ruined by cringeworthy musical number (not that I have anything against Ritsuko in seifuku, mind, but the ku-a-riti, ugh).

I have to ask myself again if the pain of being a fan of IM@S is worth this torture.

Chikorita157 on RDG

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Apparently, RDG: Red Data Girl ended after 12 episodes, and:

However, I feel that a good amount of people has mixed feelings about this show and dropped it in the beginning episodes for the fact that the show has a strong Japanese culture influence.

Sounds like Joshiraku, but not as fun. The setup is similar to Mission-E, which I dropped before the 1st episode ended. Seems like a show to skip after all.

UPDATE: Jonathan Tappan writes that story is unfinished.

Thighs, apparently

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Yesterday, Ana-sempai said, “I wish you went back to your normal old hobbies — guns, anime…” True, my SU-16CA feels unloved recently, and the brand spanking Nova that I bought specifically for desert fun might just miss the desert this year, because of payload limitation in the new conveyance.

As for anime, I saw a lot of people burn out of it over the years, but fear not, I still love the final art. It’s just that I am not really an otaku, and Ryo-san was mistaken. In fact, I’m frighteningly casual. Until Evirus and Nova started talking about the thighs fetish in AIURA, I remained completely oblivious to it.

Funnily enough, my lead summary picture for the series included the thigh. I looked at it and didn’t see it. Good thing we have real animebloggers to crack the code.

Training the hands in IM@S 18

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

In a course of a Twitter conversation, I twittered to(ward) Evirus: “Remember how Ritsuko demonstrated the greeting hand, and 3 inept idols (inc. Iori) tried to do it”, and he replied: “Actually…I don’t.” Very well, here’s the scene from IM@S TV 18:

In order to acquire the screencap, I rewatched the episode, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the scene is nothing like what I remember. In my recollection, it was vividly obvious that Ritsuko was better at the basics of idol-ing than Iori. But on the rewatch, the difference is not all that striking, and it’s not in hands; the biggest difference is that Iori stoops when she extends her hands. Art is typically horrible and even has low-res zoom later in the episode, in our day and age. I knew it even back then, but I guess I was spellbound and saw what the anime implied, not what it actually presented. At one time we should see Ritsuko’s hands up close, but the back of Iori’s head completely obscures them! It’s implied that we see them, but it was too hard for A-1 to draw.

UPDATE: There was a small discussion in regards to kamehameha. In known canon, nothing stops a Ki user to form the ball wherever, such as at a tip of a finger. So Ritsuko’s move could be just as effective, but it feels wrong anyhow. We are not used to control things at the outside of a hand.