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Hanners of WataMote 04

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

The Last Leaf is left for Hanners in WataMote:

Even if it hasn’t frequently been the height of amusement for me, I’ve given WATAMOTE something of a free pass as it seemed to at least have its heart in the right place – however, this week’s episode has me wondering whether I’ve been giving it far too much credit. For all of Tomoko’s maladjusted misadventures, even I have to draw the line at a girl wanting to be molested, and this kind of male gaze fantasy scenario unfortunately serves the purpose of tainting the entire episode with [etc. etc. etc. with no end in sight — Ed].

While I’m secure in the manga-derived knowledge that the worst is yet to come and, but it’s not going to develop on rape fantasies, Watamote really is not “height of amusement” for me either. The biggest failure of the whole thing is that the original manga authors (a typical duo of writer and artist) did not expect it to take off. When it struck a chord with the magazine’s hikki otaku clientele, they had to continue it and they just don’t know what to do with it all. They chose not to send the protag into a highly amusing and profitable self-destructive spiral to the bottom, but set her of a path of extremely slow progress instead (as evidenced by the chapter about her class introduction). The heart is in the right place all right, it’s just a rotten one. Still, we have 44 chapters now, the anime uses up about 3 chapters per episode, which comes right to about 1 cour worth of content. And then what?

In case of Mahoraba is was worth it, but I’m not sure about Watamote.

BTW, someone (Ken?) was asking what’s up with Kuroki-pere, is he around at all? The screencap should answer that.

Stella C3 begins

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

I suppose that I started watching Stella something-something C3 (-bu) because I really wanted to like Garupan, but could not, and this seemed like a less idiotic remix of the same. Only it’s not. If anyone wants spoilers, Kuro and SDB have them (the latter — in comments). But the important part is that everyone who scoped it in the new season was misled. At some point Nova’s commenters thought it was going to be like K-ON!

Just one thing is left to add: I’m not down with any series, no matter how great, to take 4 episodes to blossom. Granted, Stella did not start as poorly as Manabi, but there we only had to survive 1 episode, not 3 here. Do I have to bring up Haibane Renmei, Shingu, RahX (and a bunch of other good shows that open strongly) every time this happens? I know that a competent director can do it!

On second thought, they did drag me along to ep.4 after all, so no matter how much I complain, the creators succeeded.

Watamote begins

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Three episodes in, Watamote is the highlight of the season. If you doubt me, read how Omo parses the reference to Mimi o Sumaseba. But anyhow, I am now certain that Brickmuppet misread it completely. The comedy is deeper and more subtle than most, so it’s quite fine. The only problem is that the protagonist is nasty little bint who needs good paddling, but honestly? Most kids are like that and yet in proper environment they grow into upstanding citizens. So I’m going to let her slide.

Daisuki buys ads

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

I don’t know about you, but I see Daisuki’s adds all the time. Here’s one from The Onion:

And this one is from TTAC:

Not sure who the ad provider is, probably Google. But it’s figuratively everywhere. I saw banners, too.

Bloggers on WataMote 03

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

They seem to be catching on. Here’s Peter S.:

Tomoko is so miserable at times. But then it occurs to me that the one making her miserable is herself.

And (Gendo)Mike:

What WataMote continually does, with caustic humor, is to drive home the point that ultimately Tomoko is responsible for her predicament.

So, is laughing at this anime like laughing at Darwin Awards?

Althouse closes comments, Instapundit opens comments

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

It is just what it says, and while not being related to animeblogging in any way, forcing people to blog if they even want to be part of the conversation somehow became Ani-nouto’s schtick back in 2006. Instapundit was the living proof that you get millions of visits without comments, if you’re interesting enough. It remains such proof.

Bateszi on WataMote

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Bataszi is one of “sophisticated” animebloggers, so inevitably our tastes diverge as he waddles into horror. This time, however:

Of all the new anime that I’ve seen this season, it’s probably WataMote that has left me with the strongest impression, to the point where I went ahead and started reading the manga straight after watching it.

High Five.

In fact, I have read it all and I have all the spoilers up to the ch.44. This, by the way, puts me in a position where I am not commonly found: “poisoned by manga”. I am not a manga man. But now I get to be one those insufferable whiners who complain about adaptation.

DiGiKerot and Cinderella Girls

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

In a post about the “3rd Vision”, Mr. Kerot makes the following remark:

I don’t really want to see the game filled with Cinderella Girls characters. No particular offense to that title or it’s cast – I don’t play it, so I don’t even really have any larger comments regarding it – but they get so out there and fruity with some of the designs simply from the necessity of having such a large cast that it doesn’t really have the necessary consistency of design to work in the context of a core iM@S game.

I don’t quite see what so inconsistent about Cinderella Girls. Their renditions of classic idols are fairly consistent with 2nd Vision, and the rest of the cast is consistent with that, so he’s just out there.

It is true that some of the girls are “fruity”. Not so much in designs, but in the whole chara card. Here, let’s look at Cinderella Girls Gekijou #132:

Syoko literally considers mushrooms her friends. And keep in mind that CGG is 100% canon.

But cherry-picking should be entirely feasible.


Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Even in the world filled with 3 or 4 minute formats, 2-minute format is different. Creators’ answer to the challenge was to keep all the anime trappings, but run the gags at an absolutely frenetic pace. I got sucked into the rampage, and I have no regrets. They even had a “BEST GIRL” character, who is also a typical Rich Bitch. Yep, in a 2-minute format.

Liked: Surprisingly
Rewatch: Naah

P.S. Second season is simulcast at Crunchy.

Brickmuppet on WataMote 01

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Excuse me, but what is this:

What I witnessed was twenty three minutes and fifty two seconds of the most depressing, painful and downright mean reliving of high-school hell I’ve ever seen. This was not funny, or insightful…it was just very sad.

I found it so disturbing that I could not sleep last night.

Okay. Sorry to hear about Ken’s lack of sleep. I didn’t want to rush to blogging, but I watched it too and I thought it was pretty kind, for a hikki comedy. One interesting part is, the heroine is intentionally served as a little self-centered bitch, perhaps to prevent her coming over as too sympathetic too soon. Look at the full title: “It’s their fault that I’m not popular.” Same happens in the show, when she barges into her brother’s room.

I looked at a few manga spoilers from down the road, and I’m afraid this is going to be another Hayate. The quality of jokes is acceptable, but where is it all going? Maybe Lucky Star at best, if they decide to make up an ending. In any case, manga is ongoing, but it suddenly sprouted a Railgun-style side story, told from the standpoint of the friend, who was mentioned right at the end of ep.1. Yeah. Expect that one animated too.

UPDATE: Omo comments, and the immediately pertinent part is: “I’m going to say yeah, this reaction is not unusual.”