iM@S Cinderella Girls PV

January 11th, 2014 by Author

Late last year, a PV for Cinderella Girls was floated, made in iM@S TV anime style. I am sure every true fan had watched it already, but I wish to save a few screencaps, with appropriate saddness. Like the pilot of Rocket Girls, it is surely destined to remain a glimpse of what can never be. {Update: Hah!}

Note that the video had very little panning over stills, and was fully animated for the most part. Naturally, screencaps cannot capture that.

The original trio open up the PV.

Same, in action.

Same, transformed.

Rin is making her best Chihaya impression.

Scores of already-voiced girls were present too, if even briefly. I freely admit that I cannot remember them all. The rightmost is Anastasia, who makes me cringe really hard by inserting well-spoken Russian words in most unnatural way. Third from the right is Mrs. Kawashima, the oldest idol of them all, who is professionally obsessed with anti-aging remedies. I only recognize the rest vaguely.