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Space Dandy sucks

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

Sometimes I visit my fabulous anime club and discover something groundbreaking, like Nodame. Most of the time, however, it does not work as well, and Space Dandy is just one such failure. It least Cobra is offensive and so bad it’s good. Here, however, we have a lot of things moving in the picture for not much effect.

Humour is very individual, so I am willing to entertain a notion that Dandy’s misadventures appear side-splittingly funny to someone, but nothing about it clicked for me. Perhaps because characters are worthless. Take Cowboy Bebop and subtract gritty action and wrenching drama, what’s left? A goofy space bounty hunter who fails two of three operations, living from windfall to windfall.

Also, Hulu streaming is The Worst. Leave it to Funimation to partner with a fat incumbent (granted, Funimation posts some good things to Youtube as well, but not this one [obviously, it’s no good — Ed.]).

With Omo in spirit

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

My 059Pro tee arrived from Teespring two days ago. Unfortunately the delays at Teespring ment that Omo himself was left without while frolicking in meatspace. But no matter. Danketsu, guys.

Sekaiseifuku~ Bouryaku no Zvezda begins

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Are we watching a series in-season? You bet! Thanks to the wonders of legal streaming, I may not need to download a fansub ever again, except to back up my DVDs. This time it is the absurdist comedy that shall ever be referred as “Zvezda“, rather than by its Full Titile Competing With An Incest Light Novel, Only With Punctuation Inside.

The Russian references in Zvezda are rather facepalm… They include Natasha (somehow they never use the proper name for Natalias, but they do for Anastasiyas — nobody knows why), who lived in Ukraine (if her obviously Russian family being persecuted and oppressed by nazi-onalists, it is wrapped in impenetrable surrealism), being read a folk story with hilariously awful grammar. This is not Tundrastar, people!

Peter does pretty decent episodics for Zvezda, so just follow that if you like. But the big picture is one part of Nichijou, one part of Sunred, one part of Joshiraku, sprinkled with a precoccous, crazy loli with magic powers.

P.S. The “conquered” stamp sequence recalls Excel Saga.

Gundam Build Fighters begins

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

It does not seem a surprise of the season, for a couple of reasons: it is about what was expected, and it started in the previous season. But as an anime for little boys, GBF excellent. I do not recall when was the list time I saw self-referencial humor done this well:

Oh, and this is just an unfair move by Sunrise, a strike below the belt:

Ironically, I’m enjoying the Kirara/Fellini part, even if she’s completely not my type. While painting in kind, shounen-appropriate brushstrokes, they unfolded a character that is given an object lesson in burning passion (of Gunpla) – see ep.15. And she’s not even the only one. The path of discovery is presented very convincingly, IMHO. Not that it’s going to turn any mecha, Gundam, or Gunpla haters, but otherwise — well done. Not heavy-handed at all.

Bandai made the anime available at Youtube, which is great. The ads are a little repetitive, sadly, but it has a lot of advantages over Crunchy, such as the streaming actually working with my version of Flash.

UPDATE: Steven picks on the name “Kirara”. One thing to know is that Kirara is a stage name. Her civilian name is Mihoshi (family name unknown), and she’s one to maintain a boundary between artist and her artistry so to speak. Again, the split is given a down to earth treatment in GBF. Mihoshi is cynical about her occupation to an extent, but it’s nothing grotesque like Akira(-sama) of Lucky Star. The very name “Kirara” is a play on “kira-kira”, or idol sparkle, chosen purely for business reasons of course.

The Ani-nouto zombie waddles on

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Remaining sites of AnimeBlogger were migrated at the break of the month, and Ani-nouto was hit with an extended downtime because the administration forgot to set up redirection. That is fixed now, but we cannot upload pictures. Also, check out the funny. The status page says:

if you’d like ftp access, there’s a surcharge so email us at support[at]animeblogger[dot]net

but if anyone tries to send a message, then this happens:

<> (expanded from <>):
host[] said: 550-5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist.

Service levels at AnimeBlogger declined progressively ever since Ani-nouto was established in 2007, even while Maestro was in charge. First, he made server logs unreadable. For a while, stats packages were supported, but then dropped. In 2010 and 2011 a wave of outages hit as Maestro’s health deteriorated, and eventually a succession to the Singapore crew was carried out. Akai and Gootta pretty much let it roll on auto-pilot until the latest crisis, and now migrated to a managed host without ssh access altogether, let alone to server logs. They want money for FTP, but aren’t set up to even accept it. Basically nobody cares about anything anymore and it cannot continue.

I am afraid that I have to start new anime blog, if I care enough to blog anime. Not sure yet if I do.

UPDATE: In a sudden coup, Maestro retook over running of AnimeBlogger, and things were fixed up in short order. Of course he’s not getting any younger, but neither do I.