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Nova on Zvezda

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

To be entirely honest, I felt somewhat unfulfilled by Zvezda‘s ending. The finale seemed fake and empty, but if someone else challenged my impression, I would not be able to back it up (except perhaps that the creators betrayed the build-up for the main duo). Nova, however, pulls no punches in an explanation why Zvezda’s problems started way earlier:

Substance, substance, substance! Zvezda has everything from colorful characters to slick animation, and yet it’s emptier than my ballsacks after the Comiket loot day. It’s shallow, vapid, forgettable, with characters who aside from Robin never muster any sort of lasting appeal and a story that’s more pointless than tits on a nun. Zvezda starts out confusing and only keeps getting more so, as the plot hops and skips from mildly amusing comedy to embarrassingly stupid dramatics and back without even trying to keep the whole thing together. It’s not funny enough to be a comedy, not dramatic enough to be a drama, and it doesn’t have the characters for a slice of life. It throws a flurry of punches, but has no impact behind them. Overall a worse waste of time than Space Dandy.

And I agree with a lot in this line of complaint. I suppose Plamya was pretty awesome, but what her existence was about? Ditto Natasha. There was nothing to both of them save being henchwomen of Kate.

Still, Zvezda was pretty fun to watch without caring about it. It’s how I approach e.g. FLCL. And Space Dandy was much worse, IMHO. They even manged to pull thematic concerns into it. From what I watched, the only episode that offered quality was the Laika one. But in Zvezda, every episode was a treat (with a possible exception of the treasure hunt), and sometimes quality makes its own substance.