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Christmas haul

Thursday, December 25th, 2014

It is the season of giving and receiving! Obviously, Merry Christmas, everyone, but focusing on the matters of animeblogging importance, here’s what we get in 2014: AKB48 hits from 2006, AKB48 Heart Ereki, Angela’s first CD, and Gurren-Lagann, The Movie (American version).

The 3DPD bent is very apparent nowadays… It’s all part of the strict training regime that aims to make me distinguish 3D girls by sight. I think I could even recognize Sumire Uesaka in the steet now.

Angela’s CD is anison-linked, at least. The button in front says “Debut album of J-Pop sensation, angela, with hit songs from Stellvia“. Good grief. Remember times when these things were considered advancing a career in USDM? I don’t think anyone would debut with an anison in 2014. The CD is published by Geneon, too.

Bloggers on Shirobako

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Ani-nouto was remiss in its core mission recently: observing what everyone else is blogging, especially about the anime Author himself is not watching. Perhaps we’re burning out. Still, it’s hard not to notice that Shirobako is gunning for the anime of the season, if critical acclaim is the yardstick. If nothing else, this anime should be noted (pardon the pun).

(Illustrated by the first image on Bing (h/t Quizoxy))

We already quoted Evirus, who basically wrote the definitive post on the topic, where he called Shirobako “fascinating”. Omo tagged it as dramedy, apparently independently from Mike with:

Shirobako [at 07] continues its march toward becoming the definitive workplace anime dramedy, by resolving Ema’s creative dilemma with believable and true advice that anyone should follow, and also highlighting the differences in the way family members act. It’s come a long way since its shaky start as an overstuffed quasi-documentary.

CKS coincidentially tweeted “Shirobako episode 7: Painfully real and without any easy answers. This show has very much grown on me as it has settled down.”

All in all, seems like a better show than was expected from the meta premise. Director Tsumoru Mizushima previously helmed Joshiraku and GaruPan, the former very well liked at Ani-nouto and the latter winning a mountain of praise (and helping JSDF to gain public support in a material way).

Denki-Gai, a visual retrospective

Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Let’s just put it out of the way by stating that indeed, when the creators tried to ramp up the perversion factor, the anime got awful. There’s nothing wrong with poking fun at society’s rigid mores, but you cannot be clumsy and crude doing it if you want a good result.

Here’s a representative screencap from the infamous episode when they went full retard. This is Hio-tan. She is sitting in the middle of Akihabara’s main street. Fortunately, the vehiclar traffic was stopped as they do on Saturday.

Hio-tan and Fu-garu are cosplaying. All characters are known by their goofy handles in that anime. Kinda like Author, actually.

This is Sensei-chan. She is a mangaka and my favourite character (purely for being a bit more normal than the rest). I already spent several of her good screencaps, but there’s more whence that came.

Here Sensei-chan is readying for a pantsu battle (spoiler: she’s not actually trying to draw pantsu; her artistic abilities are good enough without the help of Master of Pantsu).

Sensei-chan is obsessed with her “joshiryoku”, commonly translated as “Girl Power”, but really meaning a measure of how ladylike one is. You can see the joshiryoku meter getting dangerously low in this screenshot.

You’d think that yukata would add +5 to joshiryoku, but actually no, if you don’t know how to tie up your obi, it doesn’t. Still, Sensei-chan is even cuter than usual when wearing it.

And finally, the best Sensei-chan screencap. What is happening here is that she noticed that the mugicha bottle is almost empty. So, since she’s finishing the bottle anyway, she chose to chug straight, even though she’s holding a cup that she prepared! This way she avoids washing the cup. At this point her joshiryoku is hitting negative values. This is how you develop a character, an excellent work by the creators.

Tsumorin’s joshiryoku is enormous, the highest in this anime by far. Unfortunately, she’s a drunkard. Stupid anime stereotypes!

Umio-kun and Kameko. Kameko is obviously a pun on “turtle”, and I really suspect that the hat she’s always wearing is her turtle shell. But this screencap shows her without the hat. It is the final episode, where she emerges from her shell. This is the other meaning of “charater development”, also present.

G-woman (actually “Ji-man” in the original, after the Hoover’s G-men, because she works for the government). She is the most visually appealing member of the cast, but alas… defective too.

UPDATE: As it turns out, “Kame-ko” is a pun on “Camera Girl”, canonically. So much for my deductions… Development did actually happen though.

Not a podcast again

Monday, December 8th, 2014

I find a mildly intriguing podcast once in a while, and I wonder: how do people find time to listen to them? Must be commuting. Unfortunately, I work from my bedroom! And in this particular case, I know everything I need to know about that movie from the manga, so nope.

M. LaMoe on the death of literature

Monday, December 8th, 2014

According to post at Anime Diet, “light novels are the culprit that killed the Japanese traditional literature or “pure literature” as they call it” (he agrees with the statements of Owlguildy to that effect). Personally, I think Murakami killed literature better, but sure. At least he’s not blaming videogames!

P.S. Note that the high-vs-low literature split is distinct from the paper-vs-electronic split. Such as:

While I have always had a fondness for books, it would be a lie to claim that I read anywhere near as much now as I did many years ago. With my job and influx of other hobbies, I just don’t make the time anymore to sit down with a book and lose myself. Instead, time is filled with work, and my commute is usually spent watching anime or catching a quick nap before the destination. And yet whenever I see a new bookstore, my feet lead me through the doors. I can’t leave without picking up at least one new friend.

Owlguildy came to understand that a printed book may be worthless. But not everyone agrees. So we have a 2×2 value matrix: