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Omo on Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos

Friday, December 25th, 2015

I think the analogy of the rivalry between iM@S and LL as SpaceX versus BO is highly apt. I just wonder, how many anime fans are fans of space enough to feel its power.

And another thing: Look at the list of WUG, Aikatsu, etc.. I understand that Locodol had no chance, but K-ON missed it big. They should’ve done a game and made it a success.

Calaggie on Wakaba Girl

Friday, December 25th, 2015

“My rate of keeping up with newly-debuted anime series has fallen in the past few years.” Doesn’t it sound familiar? And so:

The bulk of my current anime watching involves series with episodes lasting less than 15 minutes. […] Those shorter runtimes mean smaller weekly time commitments for me as a viewer and also mean the shows featuring those shorter episodes sometimes have more focused writing and pacing compared to their full-length counterparts.

Tom went on to give a run-down of the shorties, although his impressions are rather different from mine, starting from his top-rated one, Wakaba:

My favorite 2015 show among the ones I’ve completed so far. It was fun to watch the rich and out-of-touch Wakaba striving to become a normal high school student with the help of her classmate friends.

The rich girl stereotype is one of my favourites. Look no further than Sena of Haganai and Tsumigi of K-ON. Unfortunately, he neglected to mention that Wakaba was not only rich, but also hideously dumb, enough to make her insufferable. I lasted 2 episodes.

Similarly, in Wooser I did not care for psychodelic, macambre, and surrealistic episodes. Its referrential and self-deprecating humour was the best, IMHO. But Tom lauds S3 for being “more ambitious in its episode subjects than past seasons”.

Overall, an excellent compendum of the form.


Friday, December 18th, 2015

ETOTAMA is a quirky and bouncy show that is let down by a very unfortunate ending. Although, on the second thought, perhaps the end was predetermined structurally. Throughout the whole series, the main character (Nya) makes a heavy use of the main character cheat: she cannot lose no matter what’s going on. As she disposes of her opponents one by one, the Big Bad grows stronger and more out of control. The last episode rolls in, and what now? They can’t even deploy The Nanoha Device, so Deux ex Machina is the only answer.

In ep.9, the notes run like:

Nya is going to win anyway, whatever
but not after a terrible training montage

I wish I could abstract from all the cowdump in the story and focus on the cheap thrills, but that task was too much for me.

Liked: No
Rewatch: No