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Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

I didn’t watch a mystery anime since Hyouka, and god knows for how many years before that, so Rokka was a bit new. It leaves an impression of an Agatha Cristie novel, only moefied by the Japanese, as well as made flashy for a teen audience. The solution to the mystery is of a dubious quality: the explanation makes sense, but how they arrived to it insults the viewer’s intelligence. And that is even complately separate from the ending, which is OreTata and a riot of hilarity. Too bad that the whole thing is spoilerable.

Liked: Kinda, despite all the stupidity.
Rewatch: Naah, it’s a dalliance.

Galko manga

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

I might have created too high expectations and Mr. Brickmuppet is not entirely impressed. Although I seem to recall he used to same reaction for Midori no Hibi too, which went down as a rousing success later.

Meanwhile, Sage attracted my attention to the original source manga, available at SenManga. Here’s a spoiler:

The page corresponds to a skit in 02, where Otako digs her own grave. She starts another conversation about toilets and segues to male and female anatomy. I strongly suspect she only does it in order to enjoy Galko’s embarrassed reactions. But as she is forced to explain, she gets embarrassed herself in a karmic retribution. Just as she finds a way to escape, Ojou crushes her with “あー、子宮かぁ”. I have to say, hear Minami Takahashi say that really enrichens the experience, but manga got it perfectly. Look how Ojou is outside the picture because Otako habitually forgot about her, and only appears in the last frame to stab her.

As you can see, anime script follows manga quite literally, but its designs are different in parts. Someone sure didn’t want to animate every strand of Galko’s hair. By the way, I do not see a manga styled in “color pencil” often.

Tomo-chan and mis-translation

Saturday, March 26th, 2016

We do not consider it justified to complain about translation here often, especially when the original is easily available, but just for today, take a look at this:

Humitan’s Jun says, “俺達。。。このままずっと。。。こんな風に。。。”, or approximately, “If we stayed this way forever”. The LLS’ Jun says, “You know… It’d be really nice… If we could…”. If we could what?

The problem is, Jun is addressing the central conflict of the manga. You’d think a remark of such importance would’ve been given a due care.

For an additional historical context, Tomo-chan was scanlated by Masterscans, who were more quality oriented, but did not bother to update too often. So, Love Live Scanlations set up a competing scanlation that updates within hours of new strip being posted. Obviously, something had to give.


Monday, March 21st, 2016

It was a while since BULMA and “Akina Speed Stabs”. Here’s a visitor from south of the border and the interesting part is not the car (Nissan March) or the driver (more of an Apple fan than anime fan), but that they have a dealership chain down there called “JIDOSHA”. Hopefuly the locals do not pronounce it “Yiedosskha”.

Galko is anime of the season

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

The art is so beautiful. But the titular character is what makes Galko so enjoyable. I love in particular how innocent she is. Galko has far too many other good qualities as well, bordering on Mary Sue in fact. But when comparing this to, say, Watamote, what do you rather watch? To experience? So what if it’s a little bit too feel-good, a little unrealistic?

Supporting charactes are great too, and not only the two sidekicks (pictured). Take for example, bit parts such as Nikucci, the queen of meat. Some of them are even given surprisingly deep moments, like when Chara is at karaoke with his girlfriend and cannot stop thinking about Galko.

The only thing that I find disappointing is how Ojou is made to hover outside of the conversation. The anime itself plays with it very explicitly, so it is an intentional design. But is it really necessary? It’s a rather minor gripe though.

I only watched 10 episodes (getting Galko for free at Crunchyroll), but I am certain that it can maintain its quality.

UPDATE: Let me guess: “titular” is either not a word, or means something different in English than a character whose name is in the title. So, Steven hints at a pun on “titties”. What did I win?

UPDATE: Pixy suggests "eponymous", which does sound more suitable indeed.

A screencap from Shirobako 24

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

What do you see in the corner? Or, rather, who?

I do not recall seeing something like that happen before. Looks like someone drew the backgrounds without looking at the storyboard.

KimiUso begins

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Watching KimiUso 08 with wife, and: "Heh, this girl is so going to die." "Oh, totally. It’s Japan!"

Over time, I found that it’s common or normal for people at large to like anime that I do not care for. Conversely, if I like something, it’s natural and proper for most not to appreciate it (except Shirobako; if you don’t love Shirobako, there’s something wrong with you and you cannot call yourself an anime fan).

So, I figured that my wife may like anime that I hated, but which was highly acclaimed and had excellent production values. That tack had a pretty good success, although Hyouka blew it pretty badly. We finished Uchouten Kazoku (not blogged since cancellation), Euphonium, Dennou Coil, GaruPan (barely). It’s KimiUso now.

Pauline Kaen and Illegal Streaming

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Omo polemizes with a comically bootlicking article, which claims that illegal streaming bankrupts anime, but bases revenue calculations on prices to legal uses multiplied by numbers of illegal users — which are unknown. We heard it all before in the form of "if every illegal user of Windows in Russia paid the full U.S. retail price of Windows, the revenues of Microsoft would be N gazillion of dollars more than they are now, therefore piracy costs Microsoft N gazillion". This idea continues to be as dumb as it was in the 80s and 90s.

Still, I’m kind of curious: how many actually watch on illegal streaming? Again, if we look at a historic example, when scanlation sites started to became popular, I heard from stalwarts that sites are a ridiculous fad, it’s trivial to torrent and unpack a rar archive, reading in a proper image reader is much more convenient. The reality was rather different, as we all know, and scanlation sites are by far the preferred way for readers to access manga. Legal sites like Jmanga struggled for years now, although one can’t help noticing that Crunchy is making a good effort. Their selection cannot hope to cover enough of manga’s variety, their business model is difficult because of manga’s low cost.

So, by analogy, one would expect all the teens flocking to the illegal sites, but I cannot be sure. I don’t use illegal streaming at all, and nobody in my social circle does (except perhaps through Youtube). The experience is too unpleasant. Streaming performance of illegal sites is unacceptable, despite the grotesquely poor quality. Their advertisement presents significant security challenges. But what I’m concerned about is Pauline Kael effect: first not one person you know votes Trump, next the whole country votes Trump, and who are all those people? What if illegal streaming is actually hurting anime industry, in the same way the lying industry scumbags told use fansubs hurt the industry, only for real? A frightening thought, to be sure. I wish the effect could be measured somehow.

One Punch Man ends

Friday, March 11th, 2016

I followed WanPanMan in-season, so it actually ended quite a while ago, but it took some time to see if I have anything to add to the opening impression. In the end, there wasn’t anything. It is still the only anime that I liked which is mostly about great animation of fights, but that was already known.

Since I followed it on Daisuki, I don’t have good screencaps, but here’s a frame from the original manga:

I don’t quite understand what’s going on, but the original manga is still being scanlated, and it’s far ahead of the reboot manga. The anime borrows the designs and the storyline of the reboot manga, and ends rather early in comparison. I think they could continue the anime using the reboot design and original storyline (not anime-original, but original-original one). But they decided to quit early for some reason.

I have a spoiler: Saitama fights Tatsumaki, and it’s quite nicely done. The story is not boring at all.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Possible, in a company.

DiGiKerot on Chika*Chika Idol

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

Mr. Kerot lists a few reasons why this Kickstarter is likely to fail:

  • "Index also rather salted Nishikiori’s reputation amongst certain crowds"
  • "general apathy towards Kickstarters pretty much everyone probably shares at this point"
  • 3D stigma
  • weak merchandize and cross-media tie-ins

I’m afraid I’m in agreement… And with this, too:

Which is kind of a shame, as the promotional comic is super cute. Ho-hum.