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Evirus on something-on

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

Although I think Evirus should be commended on attempting an analysis, I don’t feel the fire to agree or disagree and to quote at length. I watched 3 episodes of Bakuon and didn’t care for the series. Omo found it worth the trouble to debate the point, so more power to him. Meanwhile, I’m more interested in Luluco, Flying Witch, and finishing YuuYuuYuu.

P.S. Really don’t have the time to expound, but the pencil note for ep.03 was “it’s barely watcheable, the manga is adapted very poorly” and “feels like a poor retelling”. The key point is that the feeling of choppy story is not related to reading the manga previously. Don’t read the manga poisoning into this.

P.P.S. Evirus is right that Hane is a more likeable kind of idiot. But I finished K-ON. Look at the viz.retrospective post to see why.

Space Patrol Luluco

Monday, June 20th, 2016

Luluco is an amusing in its mad dash anime, but why are they ripping so much from Gurren-Lagann? Although Studio Trigger is founded, and largely populated, by GAINAX escapees, with InuBattle they have proven that they can do better than copy their parent. So, why regress to this? I mean, come on. Even the chief’s glasses! This is more than a little disturbing. A charming piece otherwise, as much as could be expected from the 5-minute format (7 minutes with OP/ED).

Liked: Yes, although absurdist and empty-headed
Rewatch: With friends, maybe

UPDATE: Jason Miao elaborated in a greater detail on how Luluco pilfers from Trigger’s various properties, as well as from Gurren-Lagann, and why the screencap I naively selected was pivotal, etc.

Initial D Fourth 06

Monday, June 20th, 2016

I once showed the ep.6 of Initial D Fourth Stage to a friend, who is a semi-professional racer. I knew already that the depiction of hashirya culture was realistic. But this time we were considering the racing element. I chose that specific episode because it contained a whole battle (most battles take 2 or 3 episodes). So, the verdict?

The “disappearing line”, which Tomoyuki applied to Takumi with such effect, turned out be real. Only in American racing it is called “slobbing”. And what’s funny, by the 2nd half my friend was shouting, “Bump him! What are you waiting for, bump him!” Oh, my cookies. Initial D mangaka and writers knew their stuff.