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Gamers begins

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

All aboard the ship-shipping ship shipping relation-ships! We were following a few series this season, but none were enticing enough to blog… Until Mr. Nova Jinx said at #animeblogger:

<Lupus-sol> is that animu any good?
<NovaJinx> it’s pretty crappy but in an amusing way
<NovaJinx> everyone expected it to be some run of the mill school club show with games
<NovaJinx> instead it’s a farce show with almost nothing to do with gaming
<NovaJinx> where all the characters constantly misunderstand each other and believe they’re all being cucked by others

Nothing to do with gaming? Sounds good! Within two days we gulped every available episode (6 in total). It’s excellent and rolls very smoothly. It anything, it reminds of Toradora. About the only bad thing so far is Tendou’s ears growing from her jaw.


<zaitcev> What have you done NovaJinx