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Real quick

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

Been busy recently. Well, that, and scanlations.

Yama no Susume S3: not as amazing as S2. In S2, they had a lot of growth and stepped beyond the boundaries of CGDCT. I don’t remember the last time when an anime protagonist fail as hard as Aoi did, and then live through it. But the S3 is just hop and skip, eating cake and buying mountaineering equipment.

New Game S2: Man that thing was good. Some people still know how to make a great adaptation. A new character for S2, Momo, is my favourite (not pictured). Yagami and the MC (pictured) made for the interplay at the level of Kamina and Simon.

Yuru Camp: I was prepared not to like it as much as Yama no Susume S3, but the decline in the latter’s tension, as well as Nadesico not being a debacle of retard moe and/or annoying brat, leveled them out. In fact, I think this may be better. Not as good as YnS S2, but a good series. The cracks in the Rin’s facade of perfection were shown quite nicely.

CKS on Slime

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

Not much to add to this:

Above all, Slime is a cheerful, good-hearted show that is out to make us smile. If you want conflict and challenged characters and so on, this is not for you; it’s all about Rimuru solving a succession of problems and running over a succession of obstacles as they build a home and make friends with people and various great character interactions go on. The show fundamentally likes pretty much everyone, and almost every enemy gets a chance at redemption. In an ocean of grim shows where terrible things happen to people and certain sorts of characters are walking cliches that are used only as the butt of jokes, Slime is a breath of fresh air.

Slime is not flawless, and in a certain way it’s boring. But I always enjoyed it and it reliably brought a smile to my face when I watched a new episode.

I have to admit that I was watching it too, even after suspension. I think that, in the genre of the heartful action, I would prefer something like Dog Days S1, or Gundam Build Fighters S1. But the Slime will do.

Top 5 of mecha anime

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

Scott (apparently no relation to Scott Von Schilling) of Mechanical posted a little mecha top-5: FMP, Geass, Gurren-Lagann, Escaflowne, Gundam 00/Gundam: IBO. Each generation has its own heroes, I suppose. Still, I think we can do better without going full Let’s Anime.

Gurren-Lagann: This is one entry that Scott selected appropriately. It is a masterpiece. That said, my relationship with it changed with years. Before, I thought the post-timeskip was too edgy, with the trumped-up chargers and death row, people die when they are killed, and all that. But now, it’s all I rewatch. The pre-timeskip story seems a little too… shounen? For the lack of a better moniker.

SDF Macross: The only Macross worth your time, even with how long it is, and how much of a stupid broad Minmay is.

Martian Successor Nadesico: I never rewatch it, but I thought it was surprisingly good.

RahXephon: Better than EVA.

Gundam 08th MS Team: If you only watch one Gundam, make it this one — not the kids’ stuff like 00 and Wing.

Now that was a real Top-5! In addition, here are runners up with honorable mentions:

Gundam Build Fighters: If you only watch two Gundams, make sure this one is the second one. It’s the Gundamest of all Gundams, a thrill end-to-end.

Dai-Guard: I adore this, but I admit: it’s not on the same shelf as TTGL and RaX.

Patlabor OAV: Way to ruin the series by giving it no ending.

Vandread: The only good series by GONZO. It had its moments. My favourite is Barnett.

Stellvia: Tatsuo Sato was still pretty good in it, although not as good as in Shingu and MSN.

Kights of Sidonia: It is 3D, but… not too bad.

Darling in the FranXX: I haven’t completed it yet.

Scanlations are out of control

Monday, March 4th, 2019

Yet another night when I’m reading manga instead of watching anime. I really don’t have an excuse: the easy availability of scanlations is what enables this. I follow 281 titles (of 355) on the site I’m using currently.

UPDATE by Omo:

I barely read any manga these days – I’m too busy crying over dead idol groups to read anything.

So, about the piracy. Would I read this much if I could afford it? But wait a minute, before we try to answer, consider this: I certainly could watch this much on ad-supported streaming or TV. Why a more expensive media can supply these hours of entertainment, and the less expensive media can not? If Comico weren’t total dicks who constantly deactivate my account because of sheer incompetence, we could find out.