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Usefulness of recommendations

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Steven crunches some numbers and writes:

[] as a practical matter, audience recommendations for titles I “might want to consider” have been utterly useless, far more likely to be wrong than right at predicting audience (me) satisfaction.

I rely on recommendations heavily. Exceptions exist, of course; for example, I decided to watch Stellvia after I saw Yoko Ishida performing a remix for Stellvia’s OP “Brilliant Road” at a concert in a local mall. Before that, Stellvia was striken down by the “gizmo obsession” classification in Steven’s “future series” list — oddly enough. Nonetheless, the rule is to follow recommendations, and it served me well.

The trick is to be smart about it. Always ask what is good about the series, reject unsubstantiated recommendations. Weigh by the level of trust in the recommending person. Verify against ANN ranking graph. Basically, use your common sense.

Yoko Ishida is on the road again

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

As seen at TheAnimeBlog (Of course I do not read that outlet. I saw this at Antenna, honest!), Yoko Ishida comes to America again (more evidence of Ishida-san’s stubborness and obsession with undeserving us). It took me minutes of intensive clicking to find where the concert is going to be (Springfield, VA), and when (August 11). A marketing genius at the promoter decided it would be an awesome idea to put the vital information into a banner ad’s gif istead of the webpage itself. Thanks for not using Flash at least…

The whole business smells of AnimeFusion, I’m afraid. That one was a series of concerts at shopping malls, sponsored by SunCoast (which was at the verge of bankrupcy at the time). I was quite happy to attend one, but the overall impression was of a sorry affair, with pathetic crowd sizes. Admittedly, it’s different this time. Scion sponsors the tour, and we get to buy tickets. So it’s not going to be quite as embarrassing.

Unfortunately, Virginia is quite far for me, and I’m not enough of a fan to travel there. I’m just going to buy the new CD, GNCA-1142, coming out in September.

UPDATE: David of TheAnimeBlog asked me to clarify what “of course” statement meant. I thought it was self-evident that TheAnimeBlog was geared towards those already in the orbit of the industry, and I am a fan. Industry news are important for fans, of course, which is why we have ANN. But TheAnimeBlog also likes to antagonize fans for some reason… They were in my holding tank of candidates forever, but every time I get ready to add them to my feedlist, street cred be damned, something like AX07 coverage happens.

Strike Witches TV

Friday, July 4th, 2008

As was mentioned at Minaide Hazukashii and Chizumatic, the no-pantsu part is way too prominent. We will be fortunate if it’s something like the ginormous breasts of Divergence Eve. I might add, I would not like it personally even with the megatits subtracted, but let’s talk in general, as an example of a solid story with a strange and disturbing visual element. Or consider the giant heads of Manabi.

Somewhat processed notes follow.

OP is sung by Yoko Ishida. Despite being happy for her getting a gig at last (I think we didn’t hear her in anime since AMG TV), the song is rather uninspiring. I wish she snatched another Towa no Hana to boost her sagging career. She is a talented singer. The competition is rather tough these days, especially from up-an-coming CAPSLOCK people. I was incredilous when MAKO stole Kamichu (a Geneon production), but ELISA did a very strong job with ef… It is tough for poor Ishida-san.

It took me a while to convince myself that I see a GONZO production. The designs looked like something from J.C.Staff.

Yoshika’s Mom and Grandma wear normal clothes.

The kid Sakamoto in the picture wears the insignia of Major (or something very similar to it). Umm…

Neuroi have strangely poor aim.

Japanese lessons:

  • 先生呼んでくるね (I better call a teacher, eh) — I have a trouble using kuru/morau/ageru, since neither of languages I knew before had such a form. I continue to get by without unless it’s a request, but in Japanese these forms are far more common and carry an important meaning.
  • おことわりします (No, thank you) — Never heard this before. Another idiom.
  • ーはかせ — Does this mean Dr. or Prof.?

Overall, I’m not sure if I should continue this. I don’t see anything outstanding.

UPDATE: Crisu has a roundup at CJ’s.

LATER UPDATE: Omo’s take is, “Just because the premise is ludicrous doesn’t mean there’s a license to goof around.”

Para Para U.S. Mix is good

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

It was well known before that the Para Para US Mix was different from the first Para Para MAX, despite having essentially the same CD jacket. Geneon was unable to secure worldwide rights for some tracks available in the original, so they substituted a few. But I had no idea just how many (more than half, actually). And the “new” ones are quite good, on average.

Somewhat ironically, this information came to my attention only due to the endless quest for legality. By now I have three CDs: a CD-R of mysterious origin, a Taiwanese knock-off (a present from the family, tired from my whining about not being able to find the CD: I’m sure they had best intentions), and the aforementioned U.S. mix. The result is, I still miss some tracks.

Strike Witches ship 10,000 DVDs

Friday, October 10th, 2008

News goes around (via) that Strike Witches v.1 R2 DVD was a success not seen since Vandread. I wasn’t able to confirm this, because Oricon is impossible to navigate, the worst website ever. The thread on 2chan that Canned Dogs referred was archived.

BTW, it’s a good news for Yoko Ishida


Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Seen at Moero today:


I got into the habit of just skipping everything I don’t understand right away, so my first reaction was… “owabi mo”? What the…?

It turned out that the BS11 station suddenly cancelled Kannagi (NSFW, as always at Sankaku Complex), and the main message was actually in the first sentence “housou sarenakatta ne” (was not broadcast). Damn the passive voice.

Who is Karen Iwata?

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Take it from a seiyuus ignoramus: one of the biggest things that I marked about AKB0048 01 was how Nagisa’s voice was far too big for her character, even after the 4-year timeskip. The effect is somewhat similar to what many were observing about Urabe (CV: Ayako Yoshitani). The most common reaction was how the voice was “surprising”. Mauser wrote, “[Urabe’s] voice actress has a very unique voice, totally atypical for anime girls, but appealing.” Karen Iwata’s work voice is not quite as unique, but it is equally unexpected for Nagisa.

Mrs Iwata has no roles listed at ANN, which may mean anything. A stage name, for instance. Or an escapee from pornography, like Natsumi Yanase. But unlike the latter, I do not expect Nagisa’s voice to be as controversial as Chihiro’s was in ef.

UPDATE: Omo tweets the obvious: she is a member of AKB48 group! But of course. For some reason I thought that AKB48 talent was going to voice the “elder generation” or even cameos of “original” AKB48 in “historic recordings”. This brings up how I was at a panel with Yoko Ishida and someone asked her if she’d like to do some voicework. She reacted with a fright. Said that seiyuu were far too professional and she could never do it. Well, Mrs. Ishida… Karen Iwata seems succeeding admirably to me, except being somewhat inflexible at the squeaky range, perhaps.

UPDATE: Fencedude (a staff writer at Sea Slugs) twittered a link to official character page, which includes a picture of Karen. She is the only one with a different haircut! Also, her name is spelled as “華怜”. It’s like “Marina”: having a surprise kanji.

UPDATE in 2015: I completely forgot — until I reviewed this post today — that Karen wore long hair once before. She started to grow it back again in 2015, but then cut it again.

Mike interviews Yoko Ishida

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Now here’s a name I haven’t heard since 2008, but I noticed that Yoko Ishida scored an OP performance in the first cour of Shirobako. And, as it turns out, she performed at Lantis Festival Las Vegas. Omo name-dropped her, but I didn’t notice. Meanwhile, Mike’s site had its feed broken for all of 2015, which I noticed only now. So, I went to check and there it was.

Can you tell me which anime moved you emotionally?

My debut song was in Sailor Moon, but recently I was moved by Strike Witches. Those girls work so hard. They fight hard and build their friendship, and that kind of story moves me.

I love your opening for Shirobako, “Colorful Box.” Based on what you know, how realistic is that show in showing the anime production process?

The people I know in the industry say “oh yeah, that’s true, that happens!” when watching that show. So I think it’s close to reality.

She looks pretty good in the concert pictures at AnimeDiet, too.