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Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

I watched 8 minutes 45 seconds of Eve no Jikan 01, found it unbearable (more about it later, maybe), and, instead of wallowing in depression, decided to double up by watching [Natsu no] Arashi. Good call.

In one word: woa. Or, more precisely, OMFG WTF BBQ. I think that’s the Internet slang for this kind of thing. My ordinary vocabulary does not have the depth and mere superlatives seem inadequate. That thing can make me love anime again, if only they do not make another Maria+holic out of it, with a crumpled ending.

P.S. Crunchyroll, I hate you, or whoever is the jerk rights-holder (Media Factory? Kadokawa?). I want to buy this show, but there’s no DTO option. Why oh why?

UPDATE: Oh wait, isn’t the original source by that loser who screwed up his own manga by pandering to stupid shippers among his fans? Now I’m seriously scared that even SHAFT will be unable to save it. But it started so well!

My blogroll on Arashi

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Blogging under influence (either of drugs, or a freshly finished episode) is rarely a good idea, but let’s see what cooler heads offer.

Beta-Waffle: No information. He’s playing his games, I guess.

{Update: DiGiKerot e-mailed that his Internet was broken, so streaming was impossible. Added: “I do fully intend to actually watch the show once it becomes a less painful experience to do so.”}

{Update 2009/04/19: He’s seen two episodes. “I’m somewhat presuming [character designs is] part of a sustained effort to invoke some kind of nostalgia in the viewer []”}

Chizumatic: No information. Lack of DTO is probably a deal killer for Steven. Also, may not have enough titilation. Everyone is kinda normally sized… The time paradox was handled well in my opinion, but oh well. No help from there.

{Update: Steven says that there was no interesting hook in reviews. Which is true.}

Tenka Seiha:

Very little of the humor clicked with me and I continue to despise Hajime with a passion born of the firey depths of Styx. I did like that they used a pretty light touch with introducing their abilities and powers without beating us over the head with them or lots of shocked reactions and whatnot. Still though, I wasn’t really entertained, and I spent about a quarter of the episode really bothered by the 3-1=1 thing. Yes, they explained it eventually, but how could the characters not notice that?

So… meh from me thus far. The horse-faced women scare me, Hajime sucks, and while I think there is some potential for good time travel jokes, this episode really didn’t show that, so I’m really not sure I want to stick around just yet.

Aroduc is heavily damaged by the “poisoned by manga” syndrome (the ep.1 Hajime is not anywhere near as bad as he makes it sound), but makes some good points. Character behaviour is a little contrieved; they pretend not to see certain things.

Karmaburn: No information.

The Kawaii Menace: Retired, no information.

Kuro: Said on #animeblogger that he’s not seen Arashi yet.

THAT: Nothing since the preview.

Calawain: Yakumo clone?! The problem with School Rumble was that they started out wonderfully but never got anywhere on the vast majority of the relationships after 22 volumes. So, while I enjoyed the character personalities and character designs, I fear for a “we’re still in Namek” vibe from this one. And I have no idea what SHAFT is going to do to this with Shinbo at the helm.

Haesslich: So we’ve got SHAFT involved, which is a plus. Then we’ve got Jin Kobayashi, an automatic -50 points despite the nice-looking character designs. Might be worth watching once, but I’m preparing to drop the series despite its visual appeal.

I’m very concerned too. Also, get on it and start blogging already. What good is to have a huge roster on a team blog when nobody is doing anything?

hontou ni sou omou?: No information. But perhaps the manga didn’t have enough lesbians, which may be a good sign.

Hontou ni Taihen desu: No information for an unknown reason.

Nigorimasen: No information, except a brief mention as an example of simulcast into R1.

Omonomono: No information.

Sea Slugs: In preview:

Like Hinano, I resent Kobayashi Jin for dragging out School Rumble for ever and ever and then giving us a lame ending. Combine the generally mediocre character art with Shaft’s propensity for weirdness, and I have no interest at all in this series. Never ever call this number again.

Man, what a tough crowd.

Only one person has actually seen it so far. Also, the ill-will is very strong and well founded. It reminds me about my anti-GONZO resolve. Was it a productive policy? Is this a productive policy? Maybe I should wait for the season to end. Or two seasons.

BTW, nobody expected Arashi to be a gender-swapped Kurau. I must’ve been the only one to make conclusions from a single publicity picture.

Nanobot on Arashi

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

I asked an online friend, who was a big fan of SR, for a specific comment on Arashi (yes, I’m pulling all sorts of levers behind the scenes). Here’s the expert opinion:

I think it’s terrible. A big disappointment, considering I also usually like SHAFT’s stuff. The art comes across less as SHAFT’s normal “artistic” impression and more as a low-budget collection of amateur background scrolling tricks. The character art is ugly, with all the females’ faces looking distorted. The show itself looks like it’s trying to be funny, but I find the humor is better delivered by explaining the plot vocally than actually watching it. It’s a neat concept, but poorly executed.

There you have it. I was wrong to love the art and animation… OTZ.

Hanners on Arashi 02

Friday, April 17th, 2009

The entry may spoil a bit, but here’s one thing from someone not beholden to Crunchyroll’s schedule of payless netcasts:

Oh all of the series I’ve started watching for this Spring anime season, Natsu no Arashi seemed the most likely to be dropped based solely upon its first episode, which simply didn’t impress me in any way, shape or form. Thank goodness then that episode two of the series acts rather more like a proper opener, succeeding to at least some degree of drawing me into the picture that it paints.

So, SHAFT pulls Haruhi 00 on us. Honestly, it’s a disappointment, because I really liked how they introduced everyone and have set the premise in Arashi 01. Stepping back from that would be a loss, and also indicates adherence to the souce manga from a weak mangaka, which is still ongoing. Oh well.

Arashi 02

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

As expected, Arashi 02 did not impress me much. The good part for me was when I sympathized to Hajime’s tastes. I had a (little) crush on a woman who was 25 years older, back when I was at the ripe age of 40. The bad parts? Everything else.

OK, that was a poetic license. Arashi is a competent anime, which is not actually bad. But I’m not enthralled by Master (shades of the chick from FLCL, and worse), and she was driving a large part of the story in the episode.

Arashi 04 references

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Arashi mentions two movies, Gion no shimai (The Sisters of Gion) and Naniwa Elegy, both from 1936.

I cannot tell how iconic the stills are. They may be recognizable to any Japanese who studied in school, or perhaps to Japanese film buffs only. Funnily enough, Arashi says “Gion no kyodai”. Her 50-year-old memory is not what it used to be, I guess.

Arashi’s movies were easy to find, but what did Jun see? It’s a Type 61 tank surrounded by a group of young people, three or more girls among them. It looks more specific and Japanese than his other idea that looked like a hybrid of Chuck Norris and Silvester Stallone in “Missing in Action 7: The Endless Franchize”.

UPDATE: Reader Robert Miyahara writes regarding “Gion no Kyodai“:

Arashi is correct. きょうだい is an acceptable reading of 姉妹. According to the Japanese-language Wikipedia, as well as the current DVD cover, きょうだい is the official Japanese reading of the title. You can see that the photo-in-question is used on the current DVD cover, and if you squint, you can make out the 「きょうだい」on the cover, to the right.

Indeed the cover is quite readable. It’s just that someone at IMDB thought that he knew better.

UPDATE: The tank is from Seven Days War.

Steelbound on Arashi 01

Monday, May 4th, 2009

The post at The Null Set provides for a hilarious contradiction with my own impression:

I thought the animation quality was just abysmal compared to what Shaft is capable of doing, the animation style was very generic, and the characters were drawn really sloppily – there must have been at least a half dozen times when the characters looked cross-eyed. Compounding this, they threw us into the story well past the starting point of the series (as seen in episode 2) and it just didn’t work.

Any commentary would be superfluous.

Actually, here’s one: unlike Charles Solomon’s “languid gay instructor“, Steelbound’s opinion is entirely legitimate.

Omo on Arashi at 07

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Sunday means Arashi, and Omo is on the case. He follows the “membership” schedule, so he’s ahead by one week. The 06 was the first episode that lacked a scene with Detective (05 had his scenes grafted in for no reason except to break up the monotony). Sadly, Omo’s screencap tells us he’s back.

That said, on my book, Natsu no Arashi might be the most interesting anime on CR right now besides Gintama. And I say this only because I am not watching Gintama but have heard good things about it. Natsu no Arashi is a successful throwback formula. Like White Album, for example, it is both new and old; but unlike White Album it’s mostly freed from the bonds of the source material, or so it feels like it.

Not sure if Arashi is all that good or interesting, but whatever the reason, it’s the only series I’m watching this season. Even so, I’m not big fan of it. I am getting impatient with the endless preoccupation with 1945, episode after episode. The 06 was just about ready to turn into some kind of diet Grave of the Fireflies. So far it might have been needed to introduce characters properly, but I wish we moved on.

If only Omo were right, and SHAFT transcended Kobayashi’s dragging excuse of a plot. Maybe even gave us a proper ending. A man can dream.

Arashi 07 layering error

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Well, SHAFT, one time is ok. Just don’t make a habit out of it.

Moogy on Arashi at 07

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

What would a blog be without a little hyperbola?

The show that everyone is watching, but nobody is talking about.

Actually a number of people were blogging it. Astronerdboy posts like clockwork. Omo dabbed. I have a category, but I’m not big on the concept of episodicals.

I’m a bit biased here, but I think that Natsu no Arashi has the best directing of anything this season. You can’t really beat a team of Oonuma and Shinbo.

So, basically nothing to watch in it, right? Except… this:

I’m about ready to forgive Arashi the [reverse] trap, subject to a decent ending.