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Bamboo Blade begins

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

This is a poor comedy on a simplistic premise, but starts strongly. On the watchlist list it goes.

Animation is lively, if simplified by comparison with the top performers of the season. I even saw some nasty 3D in the beginning. But oh well, I need my dose of LOLz.

FRIDGE: I put Bamboo Blade on candidate list initially after seeing it in Aroduc’s scan long time ago, but Astro made me bump it up with the screencap of the odd guy. Also, I think Astro is right about the Chiba’s Excel connection; not just in appearance, but also in enthusiasm. But it’s only a hint.

I forgot to mention, the rare word kohai is heard in Bamboo Blade. I had a hunch that Japanese for some reason avoid using it, and just report facts about the hierarchical position of the other person, allowing listeners to make conclusions. But I guess not.

Impz on BambooB

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Seen at THAT:

Tamaki is slowly stealing the show away from the magnificent Miya Miya (a very freaking strong version of a vicious tsundere) with her sudden strange face making. I am definitely having a very huge dilemma whether Tamaki is better or Miya Miya is better. Both have their merits, and it gives me a terrible headache just to choose between the two. Can I really have them both?

Quite so, and it was obvious after the ep.3.

Still, I’d go with Tama, if only because Miya-miya’s real identity is unclear and ultimately Impz may be wrong. A tsundere is fundamentally nice, just badly mannered. But Miya-miya is truly half and half, in and yan. She cannot decypher who she is herself. Yandere, perhaps? Or a psychopath who defies classification?

UPDATE: Impz’s commenter Warpshadow agrees:

I hate to sound like a know it all but Miya Miya isn’t a Tsundere. She is actually one of the new group of moe girls known as Yandere which is a reverse tsundere. An analogy would be a Tsundere would be like a piece of candy that is sour on the outside but sweet on the inside were a Yandere is a piece of candy that is sweet on the outside and has a razor blade on the inside. [Emphasis mine — Author]

Now you see why I avoid using “moe” on the blog. If we start including yandere into moe, moe loses all meaning, except “a sexual fetish” (in this case, fetish of mazochists (on second thought, Miya-miya always dotes over Dai (which may be not very realistic (is this a blog or a LISP program?)))).

Love Umbrella

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

A post at Sea Slugs explains in passing the styling of this carving:

It’s a Love Umbrella, or “あいあい傘”. The format resembles both an umbrella and the character for it.

It’s also remarkable that Dan’s name retains its -kun in Miya-Miya’s carving.

Kirino’s animated gif

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

I saw the gif a week ago at Moero Amazon, as a thumbnail, and thought that it was done locally there, but now Orion posts a full-size version. Strange. Anyway, there’s lot more fun screencaps at Epic Win, even if the swallowing of chalk is missing. Good times.

UPDATE: Orion writes in e-mail that most likely the animated gifs were made
independedly. The one was posted earlier, but it’s a thumbnail.

The New Realism

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Orion sez:

Speaking as someone who’s done a fair amount of kendo, that was a dang good hit. My reaction was pretty much the same as all the other characters. Successfully executing a fast and precise taiatari hiki-men like that is not an easy thing to do, especially against a skilled opponent.

Anyway, all that to say, I’m very impressed with Satori, and very impressed with Bamboo Blade for keeping the kendo fairly realistic, unlike many over-the-top sports series.

Like I said, Bamboo Blade is Rocket Girls of the Autumn 2007 in more ways than one.

Holy Bamboo Blade, Batman!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

I quit following Bamboo Blade for the lack of time after ep.5, without an official notice, because I rather liked that show. Now after Kuro’s post (spoiling), I foresee DVDs in my future.

I pray they wrap up this season and won’t make any sequels.

UPDATE: Subulture has screencaps and a detailed write-up.

Bamboo Blade streaming at ANN

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Only yesterday Omo was talking about about Crunchyroll, Hulu, et al, and naturally he didn’t mention ANN: they never were a player, even though they tried (the most interesting part of their video site was the trailers). Today, they opened streaming of Bamboo Blade. Omo’s caution about doing streaming on the side still applies, and I don’t see ANN challenging Crunchyroll any time soon, but let’s enjoy it while it lasts.