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Kurogane on Campanella 03

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

This is intriguing:

One thing I’m quite liking about Campanella is how they are doing a better job of depicting an RPG game than most other RPG game anime adaptations. Ironic since it’s actually an eroge in origin.

My luck with the quote-unquote “RPG” genre was mostly bad. Legend of Lodoss War was unbelievably dragging. I rented a DVD because a few people were enthusiastic, but perhaps they were too much of tabletop nerds to trust on this. Another series in this vein that I tried was Tales of Symphonia. It did not work much better. Druaga did work better, until the inevitable GONZO crash and burn in the and. Kuro’s praise of Shukufuku no Campanella makes me wonder if something like it can be made work at last.

UPDATE: Hikago links to a 3-part write-up at Relentless [part1, 2, 3].

Campanella begins

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Right away it must be (dis)claimed that Shukufuku no Campanella begins very conditionally at Ani-nouto, owing to how cretinous it is. My notepad says “Evirus was a fan”, although the only mention at Karmaburn is not entirely complimentary. He must’ve twittered something vaguely positive. IIRC, it was “the best-dressed cast of the season”. People like Eternal and Kellis agreed: “The artstyle is clean and bright and cute, and the characters are easy on the eyes.”

Unfortunately, the overall result is only somewhat better than Tales of Symphonia. I am afraid that my love of eye candy is not strong enough to overcome the articifial setting and what passes for the story. It is a little difficult for me to operationalize, because Druaga was also set in a fantasy world, but what ruined it was GONZO, not fantasy. It’s just something that is repulsively dumb.

Characters are ok. Sadly Chelsea is no Ahmey, but we can’t have everything. At least she’s voiced by Asami Imai, who I know as voice of Chihaya in Idolm@ster. I heard a lot of her thanks to “talk” tracks. Weirdly enough, I found at least 4 IM@S grads working on Campanella, including my new favourite Hiromi Hirata.

Parts of fanservice are odd. I mean the Minette’s robopedophillic eyecatch: what was that about? In the show we have a little innocent robot girl, who calls the male lead “papa”. Leaving aside the important question of her even having a vagina, what was the message here?

Streaming is provided by FUNi at Yotube, and they set up a “show” page. It’s pretty nifty. Also curious are view counts by episode: 01 – 7483, 02 – 3425, 03 – 2906, 04 – 1997. Not gigantic numbers (once again, if Kasane can top a million, Funi has a room for improvement).


Saturday, December 4th, 2010

It does not seem like much of interest happened while Ani-nouto was down. Nanoha movie? Meh. Another IM@S V2 preview came out, was kinda cute, but same old, and not enough Makoto… And don’t get me started on Yurina Hase‘s retirement (Credible murder threats? Seriously, some fucking scum in Japan). Anyhow… I noticed something at Tappan’s. Watched an episode of Potemayo and Pita Ten, neither was very exciting. Potemayo in particular was a bad letdown after SDB’s fanboying, I am kinda concerned for Railgun now. Jagainu-kun (Dogtato-kun) was a pleasure though. I am always amazed how subversive that show for preschoolers is (especially “everyone is straight” part). So, not much… Oh! Campanella executed the most dangerous save on record in ep.3: I already decided to drop it after Carina’s bondage with lianas, but the tactless talking paddle just saved it.

Campanella 06

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Campanella is confusing. It has a story of an unsophisticated children’s show and a bright setting. Then, suddenly Chelsie is trying to rape Lester (spoiler: she is too drunk, so passes out from the effort). Who is the target demographic for this?

Campanella 08

Friday, January 7th, 2011

This needs sharing:

Salza above, Ritos below.

An episode before I jotted “sick of Ritos hazing Salza”, but now they decided to outstrip my wildest expectations. By the end of the episode, screwing with Salza was not enough, so creators made Ritos screwing with viewer’s mind. They gradually built her as a girl who has no inhibitions of any kind, so if she says she wants to kill someone, you know she just might. Even in Campanella.

UPDATE: Looks like I mislead Chris, in that I did not mean any kind of “hate”.

Campanella ends

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

And how. No, I don’t just mean how the color saturation suddenly appeared. It is the contrast of the last third with the first two that I find shocking. The story was intentionally cretinuous, and to watch seven episodes of it took a major dedication to the beauty of the best-dressed cast of the season, if I may borrow from Evirus.

One notable thing is how these days anime tried everything, there is nothing remaining unchewed. Thus, the TV Tropes website. The way most clever creators react is to declare a parody, that allows to chew it all again, only in ironic way, wink wink wink. Shikufuku no Campanella is not like that, it’s entirely earnest and serious about putting every trope we know together. I only see most basic cliches, but the fight of Lester and Deen had at a minimum the mid-boss turning, befriending with starlight breaker, and fighting for villain’s soul. Kuro once said that Campanella was better at depicting RPG tropes than bona fide RPG anime (remember Lodoss Wars?). But he did not spell out that Campanella extracts strength from piling tropes sky-high. [1]

I think the biggest thing that cheapened the final resolution was how there was no villain to defeat. It all turned out to be a well-meaning miscalculation by someone who did not account for THE BURNING PASSION, and just had to do with the available tools (a bit like one well-known character in Gurren-Lagann did). At least it was not an evil corporation and greedy capitalists, this time. Of course, everyone would easily find a personal defect to harp upon. There were many.

DUKE PUNCH is going to be my treasured meme from now on.

Liked: Strangely, yes, by the end.
Rewatch: Probably not.

[1] Relentless thinks it was a parody after all, based on specific homages to famous RPGs. Delicious uncertainty!

Campanella retrospective

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

I am going to run free with spoilers here. But it’s not like anyone is going to watch Shikufuku no Campanella anyway, so no harm done, right?

But first, sorry for the lack of the screencaps. It hurts all the more since everything is so pretty. But capturing them off the official Youtube stream is hard work. Sure, in a way FUNi deserves praise for uploading it all and not, say, dealing with Hulu which posts pause alpha-transparency! But still I am going to blame the rights owners’ greed and stupidity rather than my own lack of enthusiasm.

In particular, I do not have a single screenie of Carina’s book magic. When I saw its later manifestations, I thought: “holy shit, SDB would’ve loved it” (he is known in animeblogging circles as a sucker for pretty magic — he is also not dumb enough to watch Campanella [1]). It looked ridiculously cool, but always embedded in action.

Chelsea leads the ending chibi dance, and I do not understand why. Minette should have been doing it. Miriam and Garnet are not included (logically, the non-residency failed them).

The schoolgirl lesbians: no trope left behind. But nicely drawn!

This is a bit different (I think they plainly admire Chelsie’s chest (CV: Asami Imai)).


The non-chibified versions of Salza and Ritos.

Ooooh, sick burn!


Just realized that I do not have a decent Nick (CV: Keiji Fujiwara [2]) and Garnet (CV: Akiko Hasegawa). This is unfortunate, because the two acted in the lulziest trope exploitation trick since Druaga‘s “I am going to get married after this” (also invoked in Campanella as “I am going to treat you after this”). At some point the squad is being chased up the stairs by monsters. Nick stops to delay them… The scene is set to repeat Jill’s dream in Druaga 00. But then Garnet joins him! *facepalm* Someone need to ship the two in a fanfic.

[1] Actually, he did watch it! Only reached a couple of episodes in though. And I take a great comfort in him not knowing what taste Ritos was (I did not know either).

[2] I was wrong about not knowing his work before. With a portfolio as fat as his, it was certain… And indeed I heard him as Shirogane(-sensei) of Stellvia. Quite good. “Nay, the history may end altogether!”

SDB and Campanella

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Steven is warming up to, of all things, Shukufuku no Capanella. This got me remembering if there were many shows that teetered at the brink but made themselves accepted, with R > 1.

Shingu was one of these. It clearly was well made, and I do not even remember precisely what my objections were. Setsuna, yes. But it was such a great anime, that it was really silly to hang up on details. It was inevitable for it to take its rightful place in the pantheon.

Sunred is another example. It’s not a Shingu caliber show, and I actually dropped it at first. But these days I rewatch it often, for things like the Sunred’s walk in the rain in ep.13 (I even identified every location of the walk by using Google Street View and created a custom map).

But nothing else comes to mind. It does not happen often.

Favourite Gurren-Lagann quote

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

LORD GENOME: I know that I have no right to act as your father, but you’ve done well.

NIA: Thank you, father.

This angle made Campanella a lot more watcheable.

In the original Japanese: