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PeterBurd on Dagashi Kashi

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

Just a few months ago I knew nothing about the title, so when it was announced, I thought it meant “daga, shikashi”. Although perhaps it was an intentional pun by the creator. But one way or the other, the original source is a manga about dagashi, or junk snack of mind-boggling variety. But here lies the chief concern: manga has settled solidly into a rut of snack-of-the-week. Inevitably, anime has to follow the suit. So, five episodes down:

Once again, the show manages to entertain me with only one situation thanks to the voice actors’ talents and the education I’m getting, that and the erotic overtones.

Could be worse.

Miao WMG on Dagashi’s Hotaru

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Remember how SDB posited that the well crow in Haibane Renmei was Rakka’s dog? It was a while since anime induced such flights of fancy in animebloggers, and today it came from an unexpected direction:

[I] wondered what the fuck is going on with Hotaru? I am asking valid questions. Where is she living? She really uprooted her life for weeks just to bug a candy salesman in the middle of nowhere to work for her dad? Is this really the best use of her time? What about school or college? Doesn’t she need to go to those? […]

And coup de grace:

Later on the the same episode, she saved her last caramel for Coconut. What kind of person does that? What kind of person selflessly saves the last piece of premium candy knowing that someone else will want it later? A mom. A motherfucking mom.

Jason fully realizes how the world works, too:

[] having Shidare Hotaru be Coconut’s mom would be an incredibly satisfying twist to the story. It would change the dynamics of the show from being a dagashi knowledge dump into something more thoughtful. The questions would then change from why is Hotaru doing this? Is she skipping school? Where is she living? To questions more like what didn’t Hotaru accomplish that she is still hanging around the family candy store? What regrets did she have in her life? Does Coconut’s remember his mom? There are different questions to ask.

And knowng what we know about the operation of Japanese creators, Occam’s razor suggests that Kotoyama did not think that deep, so Jason’s theory is pure wishful thinking. ABe is an exception, however. Crow could very well be Rakka’s dog.

UPDATE: The original source crushes this WMG in ep.10 by revealing Hotaru’s house.

Dagashi Kashi begins

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

I read the manga, and I cannot believe they went this far, this strong, on the material that they had. It’s one thing to make anime from essentially no material, when you have a free hand, like they had in Strike Witches. But it’s another thing to pick something already well-developed and make it interesting and, well, anime.

Not only skits are lively, Hotaru is realized wonderfuly. She could be annoying so easily, with her single-minded obsession with the snacks. But they did it so well.

And surprisingly, I don’t see all that much dumb sexual innuendo. Sure, there are jokes. But the execution is smooth and tactful.