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Dog Days begins

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

The pad entry for Dog Days fingers the final post at Chizumatic as the reason to watch, but on re-read it’s unclear what I found in it. Really what I expected is a relative of Otogi Juushi Akazukin – a magical transport into alternate world series. I should have known better. If we pile up the anime with the same basic premise, the Twelve Kingdoms is in there too… But what do they have in common?

Akazukin may be an outlier in how it is heavily disturbing. It is a bait and switch under a pretense of a cheerful kids’ anime with adventures. But Dog Days, apparently, is honest about it. So, it’s a pretty comfortable ride for now.

UPDATE: Actually, they are setting up Leon as the villainess who’s gone on the crazy side, but I’m pretty sure they won’t have the stones to follow through with it.

One other thing: furries. This show is overflowing with them, but they seem to be entirely harmless, since they hail from the catgirl tradition, rather than from the Yiff! Magazine.

Still, I don’t have a favourite. Eclair, the token tsundere, is the most likeable, but whatever. BTW, one of the enemy mooks called her “Daremimi-taichou”, or “Captain Droopy-ears”, that made me smirk remembering Mr. Reiji of Sunred. They have nothing in common other than the ears, so I’m just talking about the word. Another one I wish to see somewhere is “metsuki-no-warui”, or “bad-eye”.

Dog Days ends

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

It’s a fun romp.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Naah


  • 01 I cannot stop laughing at the earnestness of it all. And boobies await.
  • 06 Easy to recognize Norio Wakamoto as Godwin; harder Daisuke Ono as Bernard; never heard about Takehito Koyasu.
  • 06 Awww guys, a cut away from a fight? What is this, A-1?
  • 10 Hah, nice cursed sword thing, but still not Akazukin level.
  • 13 Hilarious. What about Becky, with oaths like that?

UPDATE: Steven commented at length, with spoilers. Two things:

[Author] mentioned that based on the first couple of episodes he liked Eclair somewhat more than any of the other characters. Now that he’s seen the whole thing, I think he’ll understand why I am so taken with Ricotta Elmar. She’s wonderful!

I know where this comes from.

However, Eclair is still a winner, on the strength of the both the boss fight and the draw-down. Note that she demonstrated a significant deductive power there, just didn’t brag about it.

The story is extremely well constructed. I’m very impressed by it. And dammit, it’s a place I’d love to visit. Those are people I’d like to know. The director is a really good story teller.

Let’s separate the flys from steaks, shall we? It was a good story, with the world creation supporting it in an adequate way. However, visiting the setting is not for me. Firstly, it’s a ridiculously phony world. I would rather BAMF into somewhere better fleshed out. But also, there may be an assumption baked into the thesis: the people are certainly interesting, but you aren’t getting access to them unless you’re summoned as a hero! Everyone involved belongs to the society’s elite; a mere visit won’t cut it.

Ana and SDB on Dog Days (massive spoilers)

Friday, September 9th, 2011

So, here’s a question:

The only point I still don’t understand is from episode 10-ish. Millhi is wearing both her country’s Holy Swords when she goes to face Leo, but then Shinku is still able to use Palladion when he’s chasing after the demon. I’m pretty sure that’s Palladion, since it has the same flame-like dispersal effect and turns into the same surfboard as always. The only explanation is that wearing the rings doesn’t necessarily mean you’re weilding the weapon… but it would have been nice to see some clarification.

I dismissed it as a rule of awesome — you know how the Spiral Power rubbed off on Viral in Gurren-Lagann? But Steven gave it more thought:

I’m noticing things the director did that were very well considered. One thing in particular: when it gets serious in ep 10, and Shinku is going after Millhiore, he doesn’t have the magic ring. All the stuff he does, including all the magic he uses, it’s all him. No outside help.

That wasn’t accidental. It’s when Shinku is at his most heroic, and the director wanted to make sure there wasn’t any doubt that it was Shinku himself doing it. And the reason why he didn’t have the ring at that moment made perfect sense in character and plot terms.

Dog Days II announced

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

ANN reported the sequel (via). And yet, no Sacred Blacksmith (stuck over the manga).

Upskirt shot in Dog Days

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

The amusing part is, I didn’t realize there were shots like that in Dog Days until the top rotation at Chizumatic highlighted one (there was a naked princess etc., but I mean inserting panchira into action). Also, stripes? Japan, you’re so funny.

UPDATE: Steven says:

There are a couple of images of Eclair in that sequence which are a bit more explicit; I chose the one I did for the top rotation because I wanted to include something, and it was the least revealing of them.

I saw nothing.


Thursday, May 24th, 2012

A trailer for Dog Days 2 is made available (h/t John).

Becky (and Shinku’s sister) travel to Biscotti; Princess confronts Becky. They do not show who wins, but since Shinku has to return, your guess is just as valid as mine. But we may safely say that Eclair loses.

UPDATE: Steven alerted me to the fact that Nanami did not, in fact, travel to Biscotti. I suppose this error is understandable since I still call those island people “English”. If you want more spoilers, watch the trailer for yourself.


Monday, June 18th, 2012

There’s another trailer (h/t Chris Beveridge). Not much new from PV(1). The chipmunk girl is still missing.

DD2 TV spots

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

The official page refuses to show videos for me (presumably a bad iteraction of dumb Javascript code and Flashblock), but they are at YouTube. Just make sure to search for some simple terms. The 30s spot of Pastishche side features the chipmunk girl, who sits comfortably in an armchair, without interference from her bushy tail. Not sure what she’s so happy about having two other sides with heroes, but then it appears that her airpower wipes whole fields opponents by carpet-bombing the heck out of them. Maybe two heroes have to join forces to defeat her.

Kabitzin on DD2 01

Monday, July 9th, 2012

He minces no words:

I get the feeling that Eclair will be largely forgotten this season, aside from being the bro-chick of the group, but it was cute to see she was still wearing Shinku’s disgusting sweatband on her wrist.

Yeah. And now I have to rewatch it, because I missed a bunch, it seems.

Reactions to DD2 02

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Most everyone was so enthralled and shocked by Becky’s transformation deck that they were unable to focus on the rest of the episode. Nobar twittered “Jesus Christ Dog Days’ ep2, that transformation sequence…I have no words. Only tears. And maybe a boner. MAYBE.” DiGi summed it up as “Errr, wow, that was kind of uncharacteristically gratuitous, Dog Days’….”. Steven managed a full recap (bravo), with this:

[…] and then we got what I think was one of the most elaborate transformation decks I’ve ever seen. Some parts of it were… rather erotic approaching pornographic, and I don’t mean nudity as such. A lot of different art and animation styles were used in it. It was bizarre. I don’t quite understand everything we saw.

Not sure if want.

QUICKIE: Nova ementually popped an episode review that was almost entirely dedicated to screencaps of the deck, only slightly censored by Dolan, because, well, even in Finland they could drag him off, I suppose. Even if the anime is broadcast by Crunchyroll.