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Druaga, BOST, etc.

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

With a supreme effort of will, I managed to open the new season at last, and this time I’m doing it in a legal way, thanks to BOST (of course we all know that certain things are only made “illegal” because certain interests bent the copyright regime to their advantage and the detriment of the consumers etc. etc.). Anyway, the things one has to do because Best Buy is unwilling to break the street date for Lucky Star.

There’s nothing I can write about Tower of Druaga ep.1 that others haven’t written. We all know that it opens with a special episode, a-la Haruhi, so obviously I cannot make any conclusions about the show.

I downloaded the iPod version, so pictures were sort of smallish. But for a blogger, it’s very important to have the screencap function, so anything is preferable to Flash streaming and thus it was an improvement over Keitai Shoujo. I did not have any issues downloading or playing the episode with VLC. So I’m living the digital future right now.

UPDATE: Oh god, I completely forgot about the article at Anime Almanac which I wanted to link.

Learning Japanese from Druaga

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

お袋(おふくろ)は違うけど | ofukuro wa chigau kedo == [Our] mothers are different though.

Just how many words do they have for “mother”?

BTW, why is it that people keep bitching about Gonzo? Tower of Druaga is awesome (at least in low resolution).

So it has dumb geometry errors. But so does Macross F!

The computer graphic is pretty obnoxious, but it’s better than in Vandread and is not commonplace. In fact, only one scene was really bad so far.

I really cannot understand. How can anyone resist the LOL Magic Sheep?

UPDATE: TJ explains:

So why do people hate GONZO? It is because GONZO makes shit shows, complains that they have no money to make good shows, then makes record-breakingly expensive shit shows like Afro Samurai, cancels would-be good shows like Mardock Scramble, does not make Gate Keepers sequels, inserts panty shots into Full Metal Panic, destroys original material in adapting and worst of all, betrayed our love built up through the classics of Last Exile, Gatekeepers, Vandread etc with the likes of Drago “JINNN GIOOOO” Naught, Glass “break this shit” Fleet and Afro “Black Man with sword chopping things up” Samurai.

But… According to real numbers, Afro Samurai sold extremely well. Perhaps it was justified? Not that I would ever want to watch it, but it has real money in it.

Druaga 05

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

I did not like the ep.05 at all. To have a filler so early in the show is just wrong, jokes were utterly retarded. Some things were amusing, for example Mulitply Coopa Trap. BTW, is this just me, or Coopa’s facial distortion was right from DBZ? I swear I saw either Trunks or Goten doing it.

Our facial distortion expert passed it for some reason (he has other screenshots and total spoilers though). Also, the comparison with Onsokumaru was a good call.

Kurogane took an opposite position as well:

This episode was a fucking riot, with all the random traps and stuff. Those who loved the madness of episode one would definitely love this episode with all it’s hijinks.

It takes all kinds, I guess. But now I hope for the show to get back on track as soon as possible.

Druaga 06

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

Another episode, another filler, but more interesting than the one before. A kind view would be a “character development” episode.

Man, after being fed the postmodern twaddle for so long, I love how anime is a heteronormative trip, yet it’s perfectly harmonized with any kind of perversion, subversion, and whatever you want to read into it. Hollywood is just weak and cowardly when it comes down to basics.

In other news, Coopa is well on her way to join Rina Kazamatsuki and Ruri Hoshino in the pantheon of Sasami [Masaki-Jurai].

Druaga, golf, OP

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

I am surprised that thus far nobody except an extremely obscure blog commented on Melt’s magic golf. It seems akin to bowling in Excel Saga to me, and I’m sure better parallels can be drawn. I keep thinking if Coopa being Melt’s caddy signifies anything. BTW, I’ve seen an small video segment about professional golphers who have to train jumping between hoops very much like American football players. It’s quite physical, so I’m surprised at Melt unable to carry his own golf bag… Obviously the whole gag is played for laughs, which is a bit of a pity.

Similarly, I cannot stop thinking if characters in the OP mean anything. Melt is playing golf with umbrella at the platform, so that’s that. Ahmey walks by the house in the blue track suit, without interacting with anyone. Others? Why is Fatima so prominent in the OP? Who is the dork being hit by the train gate?

UPDATE: Chris Siebenmann writes by e-mail:

Having frame-by-framed that section of the OP out of exactly that curiosity, I think it is Kally from Neeba’s party (the knife-using male who doesn’t wear armor).

Duly noted.

Druaga vs. Roadside Picnic

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

I read another one of them slapstick-loving people, praising ep.05, and thought that I might as well regiser my own wish.

Druaga (or Druaga S2) would much more awesome if it took the ideas from book by Strugatsky brothers, Roadside Picnic. Climbers and Stalkers seem rather equivalent to me. Moreover, both have an endgoal. Since nobody is going to read the book, I might as well spoil more: imagine the old Gil sending his own daughter to be sacrificed by Jil to defeat the final boss… This does not exclude lulz that Druaga we know and love has, of course, just serves to make it more purposeful. Lulz in the story, not in the filler, that should be the guiding principle.

I guess I have to disclaim the horrible artsy movie that Tarkovsky made from the well-processed bones of the book. That route would have Jil being emo like Shinji Ikari… Yes, that bad. That’s not the kind of interpretation I have in mind.

Lupus on Druaga’s OP

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008


It seems there’s still some confusion about what Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk’s OP means. Is it a hint as to the real nature of the world: are they all actually just playing an MMORPG? I think that’s a brilliant idea, but unfortunately I’ve decided that it’s nothing more than a gimmick.

He then parses names, which was nice and informational, but IMHO does not conclusively debunk the notion of the OP showing us something interesting. I have to say though, it is unlikely.

Kamichu had a similar OP, too, only they inserted staff instead of cast. The screencap above refers to Taraku Uon, character designer. And as far as I can tell, the OP did not contain any Easter Eggs or explanations.

Druaga 07

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Just as I started falling prey to the episodic blogging, Druaga throws an exceptionally ordinary episode at me. There was next to nothing to talk about. So, instead, an accidentially topical screencap:

And you thought I’d screencap Ethana grabbing her own butt?

Druaga 08

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

Episode 08 of Tower of Druaga had all marks of a filler, except it wasn’t. Also, Kaaya shows that she can carry a hidden agenda.

Does this look familiar?

I’ve seen this ritual in Nadeshiko:

There, it was revealed that they drank a fruit-flavoured milk drink. Here, Coopa reveals the way to open it, using a special tool:

Since I’m not a woman, this information is utterly useless for me, but I hope a girl weaboo somewhere is reading this and making notes.

BTW, I figured out how to drink ramune without ouside help.

And since we’re on topic, Ubu wrote in comments: “I am near certain that Kaya is his [Gil’s] daughter and princess, and Ahmey is an imperial guard detailed to help her.” I’m really dense, so I thought that Ahmey just clung to Kaaya randomly. But after today’s episode it’s clear that Kaaya knows what she’s doing, so Ubu’s suggestion becomes near certain indeed.

UPDATE 2008/05/28: Jason is strangely slow with an update, but go there to see more screencaps and spoilers.

Druaga 09

Friday, May 30th, 2008

The 09 was an exposition episode, full of flashbacks and informational dialog. Young Ahmey was such a cutie pie.

Speaking of whom, looks like Ubu was only half-right. Ahmey was in the Uruk army and was aquainted with Kelb, but she retired three years ago. It doesn’t look like she’s in Gil’s Secret Service currently. She does not care for Kaaya’s well-beeing enough, and obviously has her own agenda in the climbing business. At a guess, her plans are actually hazy, but in general she plans to summon Owen’s spirit or something silly like that.