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WAH on Fractale

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Writing for his own new-fanged teamblog, WAH pulls all stops in being anti-CSW:

If I had to use one word to describe Yamakan, that word would be “pretentious.” After leaving Kyoto Animation, this guy has been doing nothing but talking smack about other anime, why it isn’t good enough for him, and how it’s not helping the industry. While there may be some truth to Yamakan’s observations, he’s done nothing to live up to his mouth. He directed Kannagi, a shounen romance show 100% targeted at otaku, and produced Black★Rock Shooter, another otaku money-maker. This isn’t to say these shows aren’t extremely well done, but they’re targeting the exact same niche and doing the exact same things Yamakan supposedly frowns upon. So while watching Fractale, there’s this overwhelming feeling of him trying to break away from his otaku roots… and it’s just not working.

In what seems like an attempt to draw one’s attention away from how unoriginal the setting is, Fractale’s world is partly populated by holographic avatars who stand in for people in faraway worlds. These avatars look like rejects from Kamichu or Welcome To The Space Show, and feel shoehorned in for the sake of trying to spice things up. Another thing that’s shoehorned in is the show’s soundtrack: It’s typical orchestral stuff, but in more than a few scenes it adds nothing, and in fact just distracts from the action. But the cracker — the one that just slays me — is that the show’s setting and presentation themselves seem shoehorned into an otherwise normal otaku anime. There’s a spineless lead, two mysterious girls, and one lolita.


There is just one problem with this: even when WAH is this eloquent, he may be wrong. May be, as in e.g. I am not quite sure if he was objectively speaking wrong when he parsed K-ON2, but I took out something different from early K-ON2 (ep.7 notwithstanding). SDB loved Fractale 01 and was dismayed by Aroduc’s disapproval of the episode. Still, yeah… Yamakan needs to do a lot of work to atone for all the badmouthing. Kinda like WAH himself needed after his “I lived in Japan, so I am better than you are” phase.

Yamakan just cannot shut up

Monday, January 17th, 2011

You’d think with hist whole career on the line he would spend more time thinking about Fractale, but if so, you’d be wrong. Divine has just posted a news-op on the thing, jumping off an interview Yamakan gave to Asahi Shinbun.

“It is becoming the norm to order some of our work to anime productions in China and South Korea. Not because we want to suppress our personnel costs, but rather because we are unable to find enough people to work (in Japan),” Yamamoto, 36, said.

Heard that said about American engineers before.

Another concern for the industry is a possible shrinking fan base. Estimates put the population of die-hard anime fans at around 150,000. But Yamamoto suspects the number now falls short of 100,000.

Kinda like American private pilots, huh.

“The anime industry is said to have become introverted. But our business is about providing something fun and exciting to people. I decided to stop being inward-looking,” Yamamoto said.

What a troll. Oh well, at least he’s doing what he loves, supposedly at least.

Also, Fractale is pretty good, although I cannot tell anything about it save that Phryne has issues. Crazy bint.

Kurogane on Fractale cancellation

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

I agree with Kuro: nobody cares about FUNimation and their cancelled “simulcast”. Not giving ready scripts to cracksubbers is actually a positive. Ani-nouto, for instance, is not racing to post after every episode airs. That is Aroduc’s job and he’s a BRW (Badass Raw Watcher) anyway. So we don’t care. Chizumatic? Not affected (thank you, Robert — by your prayer only). Beveridge might care a little, but it’s not like he really needs to see Fractale simulcast — his plate is full anyhow. All we are going to see is the chattering classes chatter at Mania and Animesuki forums, but it’s hardly relevant.

Ep.1 is still up at Hulu if anyone wants what now amounts to BD teaser.

UPDATE 2011/01/23: Apparently Hulu promises a new episode on Monday, as if nothing happened (via One has to wonder if the whole cancellation was a publicity stunt.

Funimation lawsuit

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

The most important thing about the Funimation lawsuit is that the suit has characteristics of massive “John Doe” lawsuit, the likes of which were considered in the paper “Large Recording Companies v. The Defenseless: Some Common Sense Solutions to the Challenges of the RIAA Litigations”, by Ray Beckerman (published in The Judges’ Journal, Volume 47, Number 3, Summer 2008. © 2008 by the American Bar Association.).

I do not regret buying Funi’s release of Oh Edo Rocket, but I am not going to watch their streaming of Fractale any further. It’s not like I am enyoing their ugly watermark anyway. Why should I appease them? I know enough Japanese to buy the real media.

Fledge on Fractale

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Fractale… Do you remember that thing? Talk about “forgettable”. I forgot about it until Aziz of finished it and his review is as bland and explanatory as the show deserved. Also, almost lost me here:

Of course as the writers intended I completely identified with the “terrorists” cause of self-determination and …

I never liked that bunch of stupid assholes, hated Nessa with passion, and generally it’s all I remember about that. Fledge is made of a stronger stuff though. He even finished Dennou Coil, where I never went further than the stubbe war.

Fractale links

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

I forgot about Fractale so well, that I had to refer to archives to refresh my memory. There I found that apparently I never blogged an opening bracket, let alone the cancellation. Notes are rather thin and the best is probably this: “the physics do not pass the smell test about Nessa interacting with the world… Kamichu was better.” There was no blogging material.

Here’s the database entry (with links to articles I intended to debate):

Fractale 1-4 W 2011, Yamakan's hopefuly last stand; hate Nessa -- liked it -- good non-spoiling preview