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About that “Katyusha” thing

Monday, December 10th, 2012

After DiGi posted about it, the issue of the missing Katyusha spread around. Even Brickmuppet got in on it (with a cute animated gif).

One thing amuses me about it is the selection of the song. Russians have a whole of two songs, which I find more appropriate for tank anime: the official item, called “March of the Soviet Tankmen”, and the alternative popular song, called “Three Tankists”. It is the latter which deals with “three tankers, three merry friends” crushing samurai with “the power of fire and steel”. It would be a mega troll to use that one. Both songs used to be instantly recognized in Russia, but I suppose “Katyusha” had more pull in Japan overall, so, alas, the two excellent candidates were passed over. Opportunity, missed!

UPDATE: Omo commented:

I actually got CR to comment on this and it comes down to that Japan doesn’t want to keep the footage in the episode. It probably won’t be CR’s place to pay for it, given the type of right required and the sort of licensing agreement they have (remember this is also a Sentai title). […]

In the same time, the “best part of Taishou Yakyuu Musume” (sung by Koume) was clearead, as were all the remixes in Nichijou. It appears that it was about the foreign song after all. [Omo also posted about it on his own blog.]

Okay, Ledford, you win this one

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

The notorious anime businessman and fan-hater did something good for once: judging from the flag, he sponsored a tank for a display at AX (not exactly matching, as even I can see that the gun is different, bug no matter) (via Moy).

From the unsurprising coincidences department

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Took me a little while to realize it, but I saw this today:

Does that name sound familiar? Waaaaait a moment… Isn’t it the seiyuu from Garupan, who’s gone on a crazy Russian bend?

And it is her!

I hope it works better for her than Para-para worked for Yoko Ishida.

Girls und Panzer suspended

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Few recent shows came with such recommendations. Incessant beat of Garupan drum was emanating from Chizumatic for months (using “masterpiece” and such). Nova called it a “very enjoyable and fun show with solid execution”.

Blogs aside, there was a serious public interest:

According to Rocket News, a blog that seems to report mostly on Asian pop culture, 110,000 civilians applied to watch the exercise, held on August 25 at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Rocket News attributes some of the increased attention to “Girls und Panzer,” an anime show where five ordinary-seeming schoolgirls participate in “the way of the tank,” depicted in the show as a traditional modern art, and compete in tank competitions with other schools. It’s all very traditional Japanese anime, except for the military aspect. Since its release last year the show has climbed to the top of Japan’s media charts. Tank figurines base on the show are apparently extremely popular.

Wisdom of the crowds, man. Imagine my surprise, then, when the anime turned out to be insanely pedestrian. I’m not talking about the pacing here. The events unfolded at a lively speed. It’s not about being cliche either, although, of course, the setup of a reluctant protag was not terribly innovative. Garupan‘s writer even gets full marks for making Miho lose once [1]. But the overall story outside of the battlefield was a farce, and the characters were cardboard cutouts. Even Hana getting disowned was a complete flop. How is that even possible?! GONZO could make a better show than this!

I’m not cancelling this outright only because it could a fodder for the “anime for rednecks” in 2014.

UPDATE: Steven rushes to explain. The characters were made in caricature on purpose, you see.

[1] Mechanically, Miho’s win in the initial mock battle was fully magical and senseless in a major way, especially over Erin’s team. The tradition of Yu-gi-oh style railroading continued throughout. I only award these marks for the particular zig-zag of the plot railway.

Girls und Panzer ends

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Yet another previously dropped series is restarted and completed. Scrapping the bottom of the barrel? We got it! And Garupan is not all that bad too. Just not all that good either.

One good thing about Garupan is the artificially crazy setting that is designed to disclaim any presence of realism. This way, the creators can run the World Of Tanks With Schoolgirls thing with impunity. And what they’ve done with it is much better than, say, Starship Operators, where outright implausible and magical combat had to be excused. The convenient rule of “flag tank” is equally made up in our world by creators and in the world of Garupan by tournament officials, and it does not share the thoroughly pre-shattered disbelief.

Unfortunately, the characters remained fairly cardboard to the end, albeit quite sympathetic. Well, the main five, anyway. The crew of generals was way too batty, and that was a pity. I cannot even name a favourite.

Liked: Not much
Rewatch: Nope

Garupan IRL

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

One of the most amusing scenes of Girls und Panzer was one where Miho’s team camps upon a hill and one of German teams (possibbly her sister, I don’t remember) is trying to dislodge them. At some point, a tank from Miho’s team drives right through the ranks of the opponents, causing a real chaos.

Well, it’s the battle for Mosul now and here’s a video. A rank of armor (albeit mostly AFVs and an armored car) is facing a clump of structures. From there, a bombmobile charges upon them, towards the camera. It targets one of AFVs, that maneuvers sharply to the right of the camera, and the bombmobile misses. In the same time, the armored car dashes in the opposite direction before turning around. But the driver of the bomb decides to take out another AFV instead, on the left. The shockwave from the explosion covers everything in a dust cloud. All the while this is happening, crews shoot at the attacking bomb and miss.

Just in case you thought GaruPan was unrealistic. Well, aside from the people die when killed part.

New Chew Toy

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

We used to have anime blogs at times that were excellent for mocking, such as the before-relaunch S1E1. Unfortunately, the availability of the quality crazy was rather spotty of late… But here’s a very promising claim at MimiDoShima:

Making guns and tanks look cool should not be done by a country like Japan.

That’s the feeling. Oh yes. It’s like real Scotch next to Josei Next Door’s moonshine.