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Moritheil on B-gata H-kei

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

And you thought he only twittered. I have to say, I’m being intrigued by this take:

The details strain credulity (aiming for 100 casual sex partners in high school? Really?) but the overall idea that impressionable and insecure teens feel obligated to put on airs is dead on.

Curious. Also:

As a commentary on – and parody of – immature attitudes towards sex, the premise of B gata H kei works. That premise, however, does not seem to justify an entire season’s worth of episodes. Only time will tell if B gata H kei keeps itself interesting by tackling other social issues, or if it beats a dead horse.

Humbug on social issues. Bring on more hijinks!

Aroduc on B-gata H-kei

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Thinking this anime was just another indicator of creative bankrupcy in anime industry, I bypassed it at first, but after Mori’s post I went back to read what Aroduc has to say. To quote at length:

This actually ended up being a lot more fun than I expected and I attribute that to the leads have a very different dynamic than I expected. It’s almst more like a cleaner and funnier Futari Ecchi: The Teen Years than anything else. Both Yamada and Takashi are clearly attracted to each other and trying to get together, but it’s typically Yamada suddenly freaking out and screaming that gets in the way. In that sense, it really feels more like the two of them are already dating and this is more of just a very sexual comedy about that than your typical pantywaist male romantic lead who waffles the entire show.

So, it’s like Kimi ni Todoke with sex, then? Score!

The four panel comic format clearly shows through with constant quick jumps between scenes. It keeps moving right along from one joke to the next, so it does that well, but it doesn’t blend them all together nearly as seamlessly as GA or Azumanga managed. I do realize that’s a damn high standard to hold anything to, but this show could stand to work on it. The animation and artwork was also far from stellar.

Going back to KnT, Aroduc killed it for “artistic demerits”… and its art was very strong, in my opinion. BgHk must be amazing! I know it does not work that way, but still.

Also, not a word about “social issues”.

Rabbit Poets on B-gata H-kei

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

They sure come thick. Now it’s Rabbit Poets:

I’m going to go out on a limb here. B Gata H Kei will be the best comedy of the season. Better than Arakawa. Better than K-ON. Better than Working. Or any of the other 2-bit harem comedies.

Then, he ruins the effect by trying earnestly to explain just why it is so, and while I can see how it is supposed to work, I am not persuaded. I watched the moleman hit in the groin, and did not even smirk. But no matter, GataKei is clearly something to see for oneself.

Tokorode, a star-studded seiyuu cast, apparently. Also Noto broke the typecast? Unbelievable.

Nick Istre on B-gata H-kei 01

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

For completeness:

But it has the distinction this season of making me laugh the most so far! […]

What really brought out the laughs was just how different things were going on between what [Yamada is] thinking and how others see her (I.E., the stats card scene!) or between what how she visualizes how she will say something and what she actually says. That said, I can see this series falling apart quickly, especially if the comedy gets stale or falls away. I’ll probably watch episode 2 and see where it’ll go from there.

Aroduc on B-gata H-kei 02

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

I realize that I am in danger of doing something like the Zero Episode stuff, but I cannot help reading the spoilers in the Aroduc’s weekly of GataKei 02. And an even bigger danger is that I cannot see how watching this may be better than reading about it.

Also, when I said that “GataKei is an ecchi Kimi ni Todoke“, I meant the slow development of unlikely romance by the two leads, but now we have Yamada crushed by “a clueless clumsy well meaning moron with a heart of gold that everybody immediately falls in love with.” It’s like Kimi ni Todoke from the standpoint of Kurumi, only this time Kurumi is going to win. Just how delightful is that?

BY THE WAY: A month ago at Major Arcana:

What has most impressed me thus far in Todoke is, against all my expectations: Kurumi. At first, her schemes were evil enough to draw considerable ire from me — enough anger and annoyance for me totemporarily stop watching. [Woa, really — Author] It took me three weeks before I continued, and in a single episode, I somehow managed to forgive all her faults and wrongdoings. Kurumi’s actions were sinister and vile, but her story also spoke of her genuine heart. [Heck yes — Author] When combined with Sawako’s virtuous nature, the story really brought out the better parts of Kurumi. After all, Sawako is some­one who has such an angelic personality that it made one feel incomparably selfish and lacking just stand­ing next to her. Making real friends with her and declaring rivalry in a contest of love is… no small feat, and certain not an achievement manageable by most people.

Hung on B-gata H-kei 01

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

The article at BakaGasuBakuHatsu adopts a sardonic tone, but the result is “pleasantly surprised”, as typical for many bloggers watching Gatakei.

So yeah, that’s the basic premise behind this one. Yamada has just joined High School, which apparently means it’s time for her to pick up guys and score! I’m not sure how she got this idea since her friend thinks she’s kind of crazy and no one else seems to be on board with her. […]

Actually, as I gather, entering high school may be a good excuse for a fresh start. Remember Taniguchi cataloging and ranking everyone (IIRC, Nagato received an A — Correction: Zyl e-mailed it was A-minus)?

Flying the Gatakei Banner

Friday, April 30th, 2010

As it happened, I blogged B-gata H-kei before I watched the OP, which introduced the official shorthand “BH”. So, I asked folks at #animeblogger what to call the category slug and someone suggested “Gatakei”. Sadly, I do not remember who it was, especially since I liked the suggestion, adopted it, and used it ever since. Some other people tried to mock me for it, but hey, whatever. And today I found someone else who thought the same: Aorii of Major Arcana. So there. We will multiply and we will prevail.

Martinman on Gatakei 10

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

I have utmost respect for Aroduc’s blogging, but somehow the write-up on Choco Syrupy Waffles was funnier than the one by the lord of episodics. And Martin(man) sure did it all to illustrate how Gatakei turns the sexploitation knob to 99.

I’m so totally watching this show one day. You know, when I’m done with Max Heart, Onetwi, Full Moon, etc. etc.

A fistful of Suspensions and Rejects

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

I burned through a bunch of anime recently, blogging which was uncomfortable. But I’m going to collate the list here, without getting into a lot of detail (maybe less than last time).

Actually, first up is a bunch of former Suspensions that I retired into Rejects after all.

B-Gata H-Kei was sitting in there for more than a year, if I remember right. At some level, I really wanted to watch it, but every time I restarted it, I stopped in seconds, literally. The total accumulated time is 7 minutes 57 seconds. Just something about it rubbed me the wrong way. Decided to face the reality and retire.

In Sora no Woto I reached a bit further: up to Konata unloading from the train. I hoped to restart it after CKS assured me that the supposed horrors of ep.8 were a joke. I thought it was some kind of lesbian rape or whatever, but it turned out nothing. Still, I am just not interested.

Angel Beats I am afraid to continue. I stopped after the mabu tofu segment, and I think it may be better to leave it on a positive note. Jun Maeda is no Yoshitoshi ABe.

Now, the new items.

Tiger and Bunny: seen 1. Ana made me do it. It was nicely dynamic and well-set, but frankly, Tiger sucks and ruins everything.

Kurau: Phantom Memory: seen 1. A poster in the restroom made me finally see it. Nick initiated it, but you know… Try to look at male Kurau hugging Christmas every time you pee. Unfortunately, I hate shows with agents (like GiTS, but its movie was at least a classic). And then the thematic concerns were significant.

Uta~kata: seen 1. It clearly shows promise or an almost-masterpiece anime, but is supposed to be nasty. I rejected the goddamn Madoka for that, so what chance did this have?

Working and Working 2 (Wagnaria): seen a bunch, maybe 5 and 3. Its humour was rather good at first, but all characters were defective, and I do not appreciate that. The second season was a fairly uninspired continuation. Nothing was ever happening, too, and I saw enough Simpsons to learn to avoid endless series. Matt Groening even had the temerity to brag how Bart never needs to graduate from the 4th grade — he thinks it’s an advantage!

Chuu-Bra: I don’t remember anything about it. Probably saw 15 seconds before dropping.

Mai-OTOME Zwei I actually completed, but wish I didn’t. Were two bucks wasted? Well, insomuch that I am now able to badmouth the show in full knowledge, $2 is acceptable. But the bad overload by useless characters for contrieved fanservice reasons left a very bad taste. I am dismayed how apt my comparison with iM@S OVA was, only they managed to waste 4 episodes, not 1!

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon: seen 3 (yep, gave it a good chance). It’s nicely intriguing, which I like, but Touri is unbearable and I’m not exaggerating. Ignoring the setting is like work, and all the middle-age stupidity pollutes everything anyway. Heavy thematic concerns, too — not playing as bad a role as in Kurau, and I liked Masazumi a bit, but existing nonetheless. This is a Reject. I even stopped before it was revealed who exactly Touri targeted (not necessarily the robot as per OP).

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi: was rage-suspended at 10 minutes in, when the first boob-faceplant occurred. Still hope to continue one day.

Mouretsu Uchuu Kaizoku: after a couple of episodes I understood that I was only watching it in order to participate in discussions, so I stopped. Supposedly ep.5 was awesome. Hopefully the ending does not suck and then I marathon it.