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Head-riding cuteblobs

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Hanamaru Youchien reminds us about the visual trope of head-riding, where a cute blob rides someone’s head. By necessity, for the gag to click, the blob has to be no larger than 2 heads. Which is perhaps why ostensible “children” in the Hanamaru are so small. Funnily, I do not hear whailing about Hanamaru‘s art like the one the big heads of Manabi produced!

The head-riding can be found in managa too. Here’s Chihaya being ridden by her own puchi in Puchi-ma(ster):

I think in anime Potemayo brought the blob to the forefront, and Hanamaru followed upon that, but surely the tradition should originate further back than that.

Kurogane on Hanamaru 09

Monday, March 8th, 2010

He says:

Oh god.. what?!!

I’m looking forward to Hanamaru 09 now.

Also, a thought occured to me: so, this is what Sumire looked like when she was in the kindergarten.

End of Hanamaru Kindergarten

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Kuro has the spoilers. In short – GAINAX managed to end the anime off the running manga; certainly it’s no Mahoraba, but I guess nothing is. Another gold star on the resume of Seiji Mizushima, who I mostly know as the director of Dai-Guard.

(In respect to some comments, GAINAX buried the ghost of GAINAX Ending with Gurren-Lagann, so Hanamaru is only significant as a workaround for the original source.)

UPDATE: Yumeka says:

Hiiragi, however, was probably the most unique character – she’s knowledgeable beyond her years without being snobby nor stoic, and yet her intelligence doesn’t interfere with her image as a cute little kindergartner.

I think the moment where Hiragii forgot that her classmates are illiterates was very natural and fitting.

WAH on Hanamaru Youchien

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

The article at Mistakes of Youth touches upon various points in a refreshing way, with about half dedicated to the grown-up angle.

Kodomo no Jikan touches upon these sorts of things as well, and so does Evangelion. I understand that is a weird pair of names to drop in an article about Hanamaru Youchien, but the lives of the adults in those works also provide a nice amount of spice to a story that mainly focuses around people who haven’t yet reached puberty, or are going through it. It’s not something seen very often, at least in my experience, so that’s why I appreciate it.

He really should be seeing Dai-Guard, then. It is the best at it, period (although there is a line-up of shows set in adult world that I did not watch, like REC, NANA, Hataraku Man and so on, but I am certain that Dai-Guard would hold up well against them, despite playing on the field of their core competency!).

Evirus on Hanamaru Youchien

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Aww, one more:

I would have liked it better if it had Gainax kicks, or if the lead characters weren’t so despicable. I swear, Tsuchida could have learned a lot about ambition and guts from Love Hina‘s Urashima Keitaro. Yamamoto was supposed to be a Belldandy-type perfect woman, but she’s dumb as all Hell.

I do not necesserily agree with the sum of his critique (because I sympathise with Tsucchi), but then I never liked Belldandy.

Canne on Hanamaru

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

It almost looks like Canne wants us to persuade to vote for Colony Drop. Not that I would, but look:

The generic plot and unremarkable characters are neither good nor bad. I think it depends on the execution and the circumstance. And it so happened that I was in the mood for something simple and lighthearted. I did have a good time watching Hanamaru Kindergarten.

Right… Azumanga was called all that by them youngins too, and in case of Hanamaru Youchien it may be a legitimate compalint. But the following really gets my blood pressure raising:

Though never too outstanding, the animation was nicely done but I felt that the character design was a little extreme for the children’s part. The kids look cute but they are conspicuously disproportionate; ballooned heads, giant eyes, tiny limbs and no neck (okay, they have necks in some scenes). The strange design is all the more obvious in the scenes that feature both the kids and the adults because the adults’ design uses normal proportion.

Canne really should not watch Manabi Straight, not in the following 5 years anyway. Perhaps then the concepts of “anime art” and “visual expression” will make themselves easier to accept. [You mean the concept of moeblob — Ed. (no, I mean what I mean; also a moeblob is a different thing entirely, see K-ON — Author)]

P.S. I’m going to turn around immediately and complain that Yamamoto’s breasts are too big. And it does not seem like an artistic convetion to me. Yes, I took a hypocritic oath, why?

Mitsudomoe vs. Hanamaru

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

As usual, bloggers and commenters all over are trying to frame the new series through the lens of previous experiences. In Kuro’s comments we see “Ichigo Mashimaro mixed with Kodomo no Jikan” and “Today in Class 5-2 meets Minami-Ke” (comparisons with South Park may be more apt though). Surprisingly, none of them touched upon the obvious analogy: Hanamaru, leaving it to Scamp. Unfortunately, he managed to screw it up in a different way, by not remembering right:

It really is just Tsuchi with a rounder head, trying to keep control of a classroom. Heck, we even have a big-breasted love interest who the kids have taken it upon them­selves to help kick-start their romance. Where as Hanamaru was very innocent in its aproach, Mitsudamoe is far more risque.

Well, no. Hanamaru is about the leader of the trio declaring herself teacher’s girlfriend. It is more “innocent” than, say, KnJ, since a) Anzu is really little and b) operates within the societal approval. But nobody in Mitsudomoe is trying to get into Yabe’s pants. Which is more risque now? If anything, we are facing the limits of one-dimentional “innocence-risquiness” axis.

I guess what Scamp really wanted to say is that comedic behaviours were more out of mainstream in Mitsudomoe. Just look at them basking in glow of Yabe’s member. If something like that happened in Hanamaru, Anzu would not even know to nosebleed to death, while Hiiragi would’ve shielded Koume. But it’s funny, not creepy, while Anzu seriously tried for the creepy on several occasions, and she would’ve succeeded if she were older.

CKS on EDs of Hanamaru

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

I must’ve missed it back when it was posted:

(One interesting note is that according to ANN Mizushima also directed Hanamaru Kindergarten, which had a startlingly interesting set of ending animations that are well worth tracking down on their own; each one did its own little mini-story in various genres, complete in a minute and thirty seconds or so. I didn’t watch HK itself, but I quite enjoyed the ending segments. I believe you can find them on Youtube.)

I’ll be damned. I watched the whole series without seeing any of those. I ran to check and indeed they exist. Pictured is Sakura finding that she’s pregnant with Anzu, apparently:

The EDs are basically the same as Gurren-Lagann Parallel Works. Oh, GAINAX, why are you so… unpredictable.