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The death of yosakoi, jazz, and anime

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

I wanted to find out if naruko are going to become as popular as Les Paul guitars, but what I found was different. The cold data of Google spells the doom:

Basically yosakoi peaked about the same time anime peaked, and was in decline ever since… The peaks at June of each year must coincide with the festival.

BTW, Hanayamata is not as good as I hoped. No surprise it’s not moving the needle.

Steelbound on Hanayamata

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Is not enamoured:

Did I miss a memo where it was decided that series involving cute girls doing cute things would redefine cute to mean annoying? I was so set to enjoy this series – Madhouse animation of a visually interesting topic combined with a fluffy, probably heart-warming story – because it couldn’t possibly miss. Except it did. Annoying characters and annoying vocal performances by a couple of the seiyuu started this anime in a serious tailspin that the lack of actual dancing just exacerbated. I tried to hold on, hence giving it six episodes, but it was a very painful six episodes.

Hanayamata ended in suspension at Ani-nouto as well, after 3 episodes. We don’t have a problem with its voice acting. Instead, we chose to get irked by the diamond-shaped eyes. More importantly, however, the way Yaya defined big problems of little girls seemed overwrought, and the rest was uninteresting. When Student Council entered action, it was our cue to cut the losses.