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Aroduc on Hyakko

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Tenka Seiha:

It was immensely boring for about 18 minutes, followed by a very brief spat of electric guitars and violence. […] I was rather underimpressed by this one.

Not that his opinion is going to stop me from checking it out… But yes, signs are not good. I hate electric guitars and violence.

Kuro on Hyakko 03

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008


This. Show. Is. Pure. Comedy. Gold. Seriously, I bust a gut from laughing to hard at this episode. This keeps up and I might put this show in my Top 10 for this year. I haven’t seen such original and flawless comedic execution in a long while. My funny bones were truly tickled well by the antics of Torako.

Well, some people said that about Dokuro-chan too, so caveat emptor. But I’ve already added a category for Hyakko.

Also, don’t read if you’re afraid of heavy spoilers.

Hyakko begins

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Looks like my bright hope for the season turned out to be a dud, and I’m saying that as a guy who liked the food discussion in Lucky Star 01. Talk about dragging forever.

I heard from bloggers that it gets better later, for example Kuro said about ep.02: “Oh my god, Hyakko went from “mediocre” to “awesome” in this episode”. So, I’m going to give Hyakko a chance. On the other hand, I disliked Ichigo Mashimaro because Miu was an annoying little jerkface who spoiled the whole show, so I’m not very optimistic. Hyakko is unfortunately the title character.

Hyakko 02

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Ep.02 is about Hyakko antagonizing Tatsuki and not receiving any comeuppance (while they hop school clubs). I guess creators extracted wrong lessons from Tomo/Yomi and Konata/Kagami.

The best part of the show is the commercials. I noted especially the LadyGuard: the drug that makes women pee less. I hope the users don’t poison themselves, and there’s no long-term effect on their kidneys. But actresses were quite cute.

Hanners on Hyakko

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

My echo chamber is quite comfortable, thanks. How about yours?


After watching the last episode [03] of Hyakko, I commented on how far short this series falls of the true classics of its genre, despite being easy enough to watch in its own right. To be fair, episode four improved things a little along these lines, while still not looking like a challenger to Hidamari Sketch and the like.

Apparently Hyakko letting her hair down (literally!) improved things a little bit, but subs watchers agree: the show is just not there. By a curious coincidence, I survived 8 episodes into both original Hidamari and x365. Hyakko though… Cannot even muster 3.

Nova on Hyakko

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

I saw it in the ep.02:

Ep.02 is about Hyakko antagonizing Tatsuki and not receiving any comeuppance (while they hop school clubs). I guess creators extracted wrong lessons from Tomo/Yomi and Konata/Kagami.

Then, I dropped the show. Nova carried it further, but the result is exactly the same:

Where Hyakko fails is the execution of certain character interaction. Remember Kana-Chiaki-pairing in Minami-ke and how some people were annoyed how Chiaki was being a flat-out bitch to her sister? Thought Tomo sometimes went a bit too far with Yomi? Well, Hyakko gives us impulsive, selfish Torako and pairs her up with a reserved and cool ojou-sama Tatsuki, which ends up in the former annoying the shit out of the latter. There’s nothing wrong with this on an ideal level, but what Hyakko fails at is staying within the limits of good taste. Oftentimes Torako’s actions are just plain uncalled for and mean, which doesn’t really amuse me – especially when the show lets Torako to get away with it.

You don’t say.

Still, Nova ends his essay with this:

All this being said however, I still think Hyakko is worth watching.

Is it really necessary to sugar-coat the pill? No matter how you cut it, Hyakko is the biggest disappointment of the Autumn 2008 season. Sure, it’s not the worst anime on the air, and therefore it may be worth watching… if nothing better is available. Like Toradora, for instance.