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TJ Han and Aroduc on Kampfer 01

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Try to guess which one is which without mousing over links.

One says:

The voice acting is horrible. I understand that it’s a star studded cast, but Inoue Marina CANNOT sound like a 16-17 year old boy. […]

[…] For the main character, he turns from a guy into a girl, but with magical uniform switches, and magically changing underwear. I don’t like this, it’s like a stupid version of Ranma 1/2.

There’s the stupid yuri stuff going on, with girls liking the girl form of the main character, and unfunny harem situations involving losses of balance and subsequent 69 position, that’s so ubiquitous in crass anime.

The other says:

Very nice first episode for the most part. While it’s certainly not the best action I’ve seen, there was at least a lot of it and none of it resorted to stills, speedlines, or other particularly cheap tricks. Nomad also continues to show their chops with music.

[…] Horie Yui also did a very good job as Akane, with both her crazy killer Kampfer mode and her crappy lame personality.

Looks like a show to skip to me.

Kampfer and Neko Funjatta

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

By a strange coincidence, entrails toy was profiled at Failblog recently.

I’m sure someone has blogged this already, but I’m saving it for reference.

“Neko funjatta” means, roughly, “I stepped on the cat”, or at least the song goes that way (with missing particles).

BTW, I realize that nobody stepped on the animals in Kampfer, it’s just the principle of entrails that I’m remarking on.

Mysteries of early Kampfer

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

For such a trashy show, Kampher is oddly well plotted, and the delicious mystery is set up impressively. In many cases when I see something odd, it is explained later in a convincing fashion. There was one issue case though which they will have a difficult time retconning: how did Prez replace Sakura during the idiot dance in ep.2 (and kept her away from the scene)? It took only a few seconds. Although Natsuru closed her eyes, Akane did not (I’m certain she watched). So, Akane knows what’s going on. What is it, then?

The only explanation I can see is that Sakura took part in the proceedings, either willing, or as a medium/puppet. So, we may discover what’s going on when Sakura’s complete story is revealed. What would it be, then?

One possibility is that Sakura is the Moderator (which is why she gaves away companion toys). A variant on that is that she’s an agent of Moderators. Since her normal identity is rather complete and includes feelings for Natsuru that look pretty genuine, I would suspect that she transforms and most likely her regular form doesn’t know what’s going on.

There are two more problems with this, although potentially tractable. Firstly, if we take Prez’s confession on its face value, she does not know Moderator’s purpose or anything about the game overall, and there’s an adversarial relationship of sorts. Therefore, if Sakura is a Moderator’s medium, Prez should not be able to transform her at will and Sakura/M definitely would not be ordered around. Secondly, the memory of normal Sakura was erased, which is hard to explain from the motivations of Moderators (Prez might want it, but then we’re granting her some very strange, non-combat and magic powers (while she’s a user of Schwert, not Zauber (but… her Schwert repels magical attacks, so strictly speaking she’s a magic user))).

Why didn’t Akane volunteer to share ker knowledge about what’s happening to Sakura from that incident? Jealously probably played a role and a desire to keep cards close to her chest. So mach for being “partners”.

I’m wondering if a rewatch would help me to pick any extra clues, or I already have all the necessary inputs, only cannot deduce the answer.

UPDATE: on second thought, there was another quick transport: when Prez fought the partners in the library, she transferred Sakura in her place at the end. The exchange went in the opposite direction, but otherwise it was the same and even made me (and Akane) suspect the two were the same person. We were wrong, but what was the explanation, then?

In general it was heavily hinted at Sakura’s larger role. For example, the three veggiepuses in her launch box clearly represent three Kampfers (which makes Makoto special somehow, but no matter). Maybe Sakura/M can figurally speaking eat the trio. A smaller hint is that Sakura and Prez are on first-name basis. In any case it’s likely to be explained and I’m straining myself for no good reason. But it’s fun.

UPDATE: DS says that “There are not enough hints of a larger story to make viewers care.” Madness — or plain inattention.

BTW, if anyone has ideas, comments by e-mail or link are welcome. Spoilers are fine. Good shows cannot be spoiled: I knew that Archer was a returning Shirou when I watched F/SN. And bad shows, too bad for them.

Kampfer begins

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

This post is a mere formality, since I’ve even created a category already. Kampfer is unbelievably “trashy” (or maybe campy or pulp), but it’s also ridiculous fun. I made it 4 episodes in and only merciless broadcast schedule stopped me from marathoning further.

One funny thing is that Kampfer is so enjoyable despite everything TJ said being true: like a stupid Ranma 1/2, crass, etc. (but not many 69 positions, in fact only one so far; TJ got carried away with bashing). But using my Hypocritic Oath powers I easily ignore all that (and yuri), concentrating on characters (down to Earth and believable), art and animation (V.pretty), and mysteries (such as Sakura’s identity). And unlike Sekirei, I expect a good end eventually: Kampfer is based on a light novel.

OH NOES: sagematt told me on #animeblogger that there are 13 light novels already and the series is ongoing. After a brief moment of despair I remembered that Sekirei was pretty good despite the ending with a continuation hook. I will rage only if they do not explain what’s going on with Sakura’s identity in this season.

Zyl on Kampfer 04

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

The post at Hontou Ni includes a useful round-up of reactions, albeit with an inevitable bit of pick-and-choose (he could’ve linked my opening post instead of ripping from a random place). Is the backrub part not trashy? What is it then, a pinnacle of comedy?

There was also a heated discussion about who’s the BEST GIRL. In anime terms, Shizuku is head and shoulders above the rest, no question about it. But into what panties I would like to get in Natsuru’s place, that’s a different question entirely, and the choice is far from obvious. Ordinarily, since Prez & Natsuru have to kill one another, romance would be out of question. But the reality of Kampfer is so warped, that common sense does not apply. I’m a bit surprised even that commenters that Zyl summarized are willing to play that game.

BTW, why is Nadesico the “obvious route” (“with all the girls”)? What I remember of it, the lead first gets together with easily available Megumi (in Kampfer terms that would be Akane), but subsequently returns to the sacred cow Yurika (e.g. Sakura here). How is this “obvious” and/or “with all”?

CKS on Akane Mishima

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Chris arose from the dead with this:

(This makes me unconvinced that Akane actually is as terrible a shot as she seems to be. It doesn’t even have to be deliberate and conscious on her part. Really, humans are startlingly kind when you get down to it; outside of cliched shounen action series, you usually have to work quite hard to get them to hurt and kill each other.)

As for Akane: I think she’s just manic (okay, very enthusiastic). Shizuku is just an excuse to let off some energy, as Natsuru was at the start of the show.

I thought about this, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Sparring this way only works if both sides refrain from escalation, and that is only possible with an ahead of time agreement. We don’t know if Akane fought with Shizuku before; consistency says that she didn’t (because both of the “partners” were hardly a match for the Prez later; alone she would be a dead meat). So, she’s facing an enemy of unknown powers. It is not credible to think that she would hold back when her life was at stake.

Suppose that Akane thinks that she’s invulnerable, so it all is a play for her plausibly. In that case, isn’t she sadistic?

In the end, I think she really did miss, thanks to various circumstances and how Kampfers seem to be balanced towards defense. Shizuku missed no less. Authors set the fighting this way in order to prevent characters being killed off too soon.

UPDATE: We have new evidence that Akane is a poor shot and misses on purpose as well. Chris comments further.

Ryan on Kampfer

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Apropos the previous post, Ryan remarks:

I would have joined this little session, except I lost interest in Kampfer when Sakura became very pushy and potentially dangerous.

Actually Sakura always was dangerous, since she presented everyone with their plushies. It should be clear from the ep.1 that she’s the final boss villain or a vessel slash channel for the said boss.

Guns of Kampfer

Monday, November 9th, 2009

One of gentlemen who joined me to watch Kampfer, Hikago, asked: why didn’t Akane use a revolver, since it’s so popular in anime? He marked Trigun, Grenadier and Nanoha specifically, and could’ve added Sakura Taizen.

I swear I’m switching to Hatsuyuki from ep.06 onward.

The question actually goes down to the preference. Observe how Akane’s gun is magic, which is why she never needs to reload and needs no place to carry it. The same is actually true for all weapons in Kampfer. For example, Schwert (a bladed weapon) can deflect Natsuru’s fire blasts. So, Akane’s gun is an expression of a gun rather than a real gun, and thus it took shape of a random piece. It could’ve looked like revolver as well, but I guess Akane liked it more that way.

Sage, spoilsport as he is, revealed that “one of the [future] red Kämpfer[s] wields two revolvers”. Well, there you have it.

Whence do entrail animals come in Kampfer?

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Zyl asks:

Or does Sakura simply give birth to them offscreen while she is in Alien Queen mode?

I suspect she’s making them like any girl would, from old pillowcases, stuffing, and such. Then she or Moderators animate them. They become self-aware, but complain that they aren’t “living things” (“ikimono”), as in preview for ep.5.

Megumi Nakajima and me

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

I pirated the recently published album of Kampfer‘s ED remix, in secret, since I only do it for sampling purposes… It’s not like I’m a fan enough to buy R2s. Oh wait, who am I kidding? Anyhow, a post at Transientem made me leave the closet because of the following pronouncement:

Megumi Nakajima could be the next Maaya Sakamoto.

Surprisingly, I know who Miss Nakajima is: she has beaten every fan’s idol May’n fair and square in Macross Frontier soundtrack, and confused Hinano. But alas, Kampfer ED Single sounded kind of flat to me. It’s suitably perky and poppy, but it has no standalone power that I crave. Oh well, better luck next time.

BTW, her partner in the ED is Marina Inoue, who I also know (mostly because I was surprised to find that “Marina” was a Japanese name). Kampfer has a stong cast overall, but singing without video is a different matter.