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Kurage-hime 01-02

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

I meet the ghastly pall casted by Railgun by binging quickly on a variety of anime that were marked in the queue. Kurage-hime is one, selected because someone mentioned derisively how it was about “ugly nerd women” (I think it might have been Nobar, or maybe Sage).

Regrettably, the show went into suspension after 2 episodes. It feels exquisite, and may be perfect for those seeking something different from 10th thousandths pandering vehicle. But I am not enthralled with it the way I was with Oh Edo Rocket.

About the only technical problem with Kurage-hime that I noticed was how Tsukimi stands out from The Sisterhood. Even visually she suffers from receiving too much love by the character designer and artist implementors. In a sense it’s normal for leads to stick out, e.g. compare the way Sadako is drawn versus Yano in Kimi ni Todoke. However in this case, in story terms, Tsukimi is supposed to blend in! It’s not going to be the story of Ugly Duckling who is also Judas, right?

HSA on Kurage-hime 10

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Authors and commenters at Hey Say Anime agree: there is no way for this show to end in one episode. Also, hilarious screencaps.

Although I want to make one thing clear: the anime/manga habit of having people slap each other all the time is so effin’ annoying!

You mean they don’t do it all the time in real-world Japan? That’s a relief.

THAT on Kuragehime’s end

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

The finale post explains the defects (and then repeats the theme a few times):

Of course, as the season finale, there was a lot left to be desired, so I’ll get my gripes out of the way first, namely: the whole rushrushrush feeling that resulted in whisking Shu-Shu out of the way with uncle kiraboshi and the snake on a plane; having the nunnery tarp’ed up and about to be demolished one moment then not (and for the most arbitrary of reasons) the next; and finally the out-of-the-blue fashion show starring the blink-and-you’ll-miss-her-former-appearance-in-the-series afro otaku model. [..]

There was so much to like about this series and while it ended in a decent manner I was exasperated by the lack of a second season announcement or a more definitive end. If only it were 13 eps instead of 11 it probably would have ended a lot better.

This is going to sound bitter, but even my limited expectations about how the series would end were disappointed. I had figured that at a minimum there would be some sort of Shu-centric deus ex machina ending and that the shipping wars would be left in an ambiguous state. But the deus ex machina was one of the lamest I’ve seen in some time. First the blue tarps went away for just about no reason, and then Chieko’s mom just walks in and says she decided not to sell the building. That’s it? No drama? No payoff for any of the work anyone did to save the Amamizukan? Really? I wasn’t expecting the best ending ever given that there was only one episode to do it with, but give me SOMETHING!

In the end, the most wonderful anime of the season floundered at pacing and planning, possibly aided by scheduling uncertainty during the production. And the win was so close.

Jessie on Kurage-hime

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Oh the things you sometimes read while following Chizumatic’s blogroll:

The fact that Princess Jellyfish has been a surprising success as both a streaming series and, potentially, as physical media release should demonstrate that there’s an audience for anime series that have non-sexualized female characters in prominent roles.

Actually, they watched it for the trap co-star. That Tsukimi brought her anatomically correct and pretty boobies to the table only helped the proceedings.