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Love Live begins

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

DiGiKerot, a man of respectable taste, liked the original Love Live and loved the sequel. That kept it on my radar. However he admitted to thematic concerns. Also, Evirus was less enthusiastic with a pithy “interesting traits, uninteresting people”. So, it took IRC (see the sidebar?) to prompt action:

<zaitcev> Ah, yes, it’s Love Live. God help you slowking if it turns out having thematic concerns.
<slowking> it does
<zaitcev> aww
<slowking> already warned
<slowking> i had a good time laughing at it
<slowking> i actually want to hear your reaction to nico
<slowking> but she doesn’t appear til episode 5

And so.

It’s a pretty smooth sailing in the beginning. The people are all right. For example, they have an exact equivalent of Mio from K-ON, only not partnered to a retard moe type. The president is duly impressive: I saw her watching the concert and could not help asking what was she thinking. Maki Nishikino, a bona fide talent, is another early favourite.

BTW, A-RISE’s choreography was more impressive than AKB48 or AKB0048. It’s a great yardstick for the μ’s. Would even be if they were real.

So, who do you hate the most in Love Live?

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Twitter strikes again, this time with Evirus’ “everyone hates that one Love Live girl” and subsequent evasion. At first I suspected that it was his way to finger Nico for being a definite ballast (above, on the left). But on second thought, perhaps he did not mean anyone in particular. Trolling for admissions, so to speak.

My least favourite character is Nozomi (above, on the right). She thinks she knows it all, and it’s immensely irritating, especially in the case of taming of Eli in ep.8. The creators of Love Live made things go her way, but in real life it would not be a given.

UPDATE: Omo comments.

UPDATE 2017/07/24: It took Evirus almost 3 years to come clean. It was Rin. Nozomi was the second worst, but the stated reason for it was her raping everyone, and not being a cocksure broad.

Ps across houses

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Check this out: a Cinderella Girls P, who is also a fan of Love Live.

In other news, only one day remains until the anime of the season is broadcast.

Oto and Pon on LL 01

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Writing for their new home at WordPress, the Bros Before Shows open the Love Live:

Oto. I came into this show thinking it was gonna be terrible. Half joking and half because of what you told me about it. You’re wrong. I love this episode. The fuck is wrong with you? Do you hate joy? This episode made me feel so refreshed. It’s just nice to watch.

Pon. It’s different now that I can view it in the context of im@s. Now that I’m not daring this idol shit to win me over, testing how many of my defenses it can overcome.

Oto. Now I just feel bad. You don’t hate joy. You just don’t want to admit you actually like joy.

Pon. There are these areas in which I feel like im@s dropped the ball. Now it seems like maybe Love Live came along behind it and picked up the ball.

And so on and so forth. Now I can’t wait to see what they think about Idol Stalingrad.

Pon. I dunno. But I do know one thing. Nico still sucks.

He’s obviously going from spoilers; Nico wasn’t in the LL 01. Still, Nico, Nico, Nico is always popping up. Remember how she was the Hikago’s main question “i actually want to hear your reaction to nico”. People don’t ask me such questions for nothing. When Omo wanted my reaction for Initial D, he asked what I thought of Iketani’s love story.

Since I never answered Hikago properly, and in view of Pon’s focus above, what about Nico?

My views of Nico sustained a big change (mind, I did not watch LL S2). In the beginning, I wasn’t a fan. At the introduction she was too much of clown (the only positive thing I noted was how Nico sat in a protagonist’s seat in the class (Eli was in “Haruhi” seat)). But as soon as things settled down and poor Nico became an agreed-upon figurehead, I became displeased how she was a definite ballast. Even her otaku sense was not used productively. It was painful, really. She only came into her own at the very end, when her dogged determination and unyielding love of idols remained after Honoka’s idiocy exploded. Too bad that she did not have Honoka’s charisma and could not carry the group. Still, she is better than plain “sucks” (as in, you know who actually sucks? Aina Sakhalin).

Oto always wins over Pon’s insecurities, preconceptions, and rush to judgement, and Nico isn’t going to be different, even if he continues to cling to the hate of Haruka officially.

(she didn’t add “and obeyed”, like Takamina)

Oto and Pon on LL 07

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

They are proclaiming the Nico turnaround already, with some choice analysis:

Oto. […] This reminds me: I kinda like Nico now. Not because of anything the show has done, but because of what you’ve been saying about her off air.

Pon. Yeah, in the posts I’m just saying what the show does with her. I’m not ready to unroll the Unified Nico Theory yet. Last time my suggestion was that not liking her in the beginning is part of the effect. It’s something I do a lot … I’ll dislike a character, and then they’ll become my favorite.

Oto. That’s weird. You’re weird.

Pon. Fuck you. One thing I like about this show is the blocking, or, I don’t know what you’d call it … the positioning of characters relative to other characters, especially when there are several on-screen. That part where Nico’s inexplicably in the closet or in a classroom or something is pretty good.

Oto. It occurs to me that the show has done one thing to make me like Nico. She’s the joke character. We’re supposed to like when “funny” things happen to her. Like how her position on stage is the closet. Well fuck you show. I tend to feel bad for those characters and thus start wanting to protect them.

Pon. They got you. No saving you now. Gonna have to leave you behind.

Oto. Oh god. It was all part of their twisted plan all along.

Pon. It’s a pretty normal plan. Par for the course.

Good times. However, they are only on 07. It’s much too early to like Nico! At that time, I (ani-)noted “My problem with Nico is that she’s ballast. Her otaku sense was not terribly useful thus far.” That was the focus. Yet already they’re talking about a turnaround. But not to spoil too much, Nico’s stature is going to grow from now on. I wasn’t as receptive, so only I changed my mind about her at the time when her love of the idols was put to the test and was found greater than Honoka’s, way in the final arc. What are these two going to do then? Declare her the Best Girl?

Love Live Sunshine begins

Sunday, July 24th, 2016

This wasn’t blogged in the category, but I ragequit the original LL in the finale of Season 1, hard. Never seen S2. And now this. Why? I don’t know, and I don’t care. Perhaps I want to meet someone like Nico again. And if I have to put up with another Nozomi, so be it.

Actually, I think it should be clear by now that the core of LL success is in its characters, love them or hate them. These fake idols are much too real.

One other thing, some folks were belly-aching about LLS repeating LL almost screencap by screencap. Indeed, there’s some of it. But isn’t it how great things are often times? They evolve and improve with every iteration. Look no further than Mazda MX-5.

Dia is the best girl, although I haven’t seen all of them in just 3 episodes.

P.S. I don’t know if it was intentional, but it’s as if the creators meant to underline how dumb Chika was when they showed her demonstrating a video on her cellphone and holding it in portrait format.

P.P.S. Production values are superb all around. It is especially noticeable in the handling of reflections. The 3D is another step forward.

DiGiKerot on Love Live Sunshine

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

I only watched 3 episodes of LLS and it didn’t grab my attention. However, a post at Beta-Waffle re-kindled my interest with an interesting spoiler:

The point is that the game has changed. Everyone knows about μ’s, and everyone is trying to imitate that success. This is as true outside of the universe of the series as it is within it, of course. Admittedly, being linked to the Love Live franchise gives the real-life Aqours a massive leg-up on the competition, but the fact that just being a carbon copy of their predecessors is likely to result in only short-term interest would likely be true regardless.

In universe, though, the events of these episodes mark an important segregation point. Up until this point, the characters thought that μ’s were the pinnacle of the School Idol universe. They were the thing to be chased. It was who they were imitating, and what the events were paralelling. The reality is that, outside of their sleepy town, unbeknownst to them, their idols had instead become the baseline. Everyone knows about μ’s and A-RISE at their peaks, and everyone knows how imitate them. There’s nothing special about doing that, and it’ll get you literally nowhere. You have to be at least μ’s to be worthwhile.

Which is going to make the next few episodes interesting, as the characters have to start mapping a course beyond their heroines.

That Sunshine was a carbon copy of the original LL became a bit of an easy target for comentators, to the point that people started posting side-by-side screencap galleries. But now this.