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Macademi 01

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Macademi 01 was finally posted at Crunchy, and it’s still a disappoinment (I watched a small piece raw back in the day). It’s exactly the same as Otoshimono [1], only whacky and over the top. Worse, Tanarotte did absolutely nothing to endear. The dude seems kinda ok, as far as they go, but whatever.

IIRC SDB zoomed on someone called Falce, who have not appeared yet. But even if she’s Feena fam Earthlight, Koyomi Mizuhara, Aoi Sakuraba, and Kayoko Uchida rolled seamlessly into one, I don’t think she would be able to save the anime from Tanarotte, considering how sacred pact and superpowers embed her front and center.

P.S. Suzuho Hasegawa is spelled in an odd way: “羽瀨川 鈴穂”. I wonder if it means anything.

UPDATE: Steven elaborates. Informative, has a screencap of Falce. Also, he seems not to notice that the subject of this post wasn’t “Macademi fails” [2]. Indeed, the customary opening bracket is “Foo begins”, which is usually posted a couple episodes in. I thought it my duty to record how bad Macademi 01 was, before the promised riches wash it out from my mind.

This brings up the question of the first episode in general. I think Steven himself wrote some time that the job of ep.1 is to make viewer to watch ep.2 and so on. On this score, Macademi is a collossal failure, the likes of which I am having trouble to recall. Manabi, a titan, has a comparatively weak first episode. It was a long time ago, before every other anime started throwing “special” openers like Haruhi 00 (for instance, Natsu no Arashi, Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou). I do not remember well just how bad it was and did not think to record it. Manabi only had a bracket post.

Overall, if we leave Manabi alone, shows that stay strong, open strong. This goes back to Vandread in 1997, but using categories as memory aid, it is almost an iron-clad rule. The statistics put Macademi at disadvantage, but then everyone says that it’s “unusual”.

[1] I suspect that the show may be setting up a false analogy in an attempt to lampoon the trope and may be not about any kind of plot or development here, but the point here is how the anime presents itself in its opening episode (e.g. poorly).

[2] He is also not big at reading footnotes, but that is quite all right. A text must remain coherent if all footnotes are removed.

Macademi fails

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

I think this was a valliant effort at uniqueness through pointlessness in slapstick humour. But it didn’t connect, although I gave it an episode beyond Falce’s arrival, in case the end of harem formation brought out something interesting.

Actually, the oft-repeated claim of uniqueness is a bit overdone, I think. As far as unhinged humour goes, Macademi is close kin of Muteki Kanban Musume, for example. And the harem is just what we’d expect. The whole thing is creatively presented, and moves along nicely — no 4koma borders here. The direction competency is on full display, and leaves a great impression.

Sadly, characters are not attractive at all. Takuto does well for a mediocre male lead, but that’s about it. The only person who is minimally sophisticated is Miyabi, who plays in the 3rd string. Falce was supposed to carry the show, but she is stupid (of course not as stupid as Tanarotte, who cannot even see when Takuto is magically controlled, but then Tanarotte is the manifestation of pure stupid, no contest).

To sum it up, Macademi may be a nice way to switch off for an episode, if the jokes grab you. If they don’t, well… too bad. People who hated Mitsudomoe receive the other end of the same stick. Or the same end, turned their way.

FRIDGE: I just remembered another terrible “humour” anime in the same vein: Potemayo. I lasted 1 episode of that, didn’t even blog it. {Update: Getting on the bad side of the Lord of Meenuvia was probably imprudent. But I cannot help it.}

UPDATE: Steven resigns to my poor taste. I know I am a disappointment. But what would he say if he learned that I gobbed up on Macademi because I am cleaning the plate for Raigun.