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Wakaranai on Macross

Sunday, March 16th, 2008


Because I like to be different, and I’ve had a long-held, almost superstitious aversion to the mecha genre, I’ve never really been keen on getting involved in the fandom of either of the two mecha giants, Gundam or Macross. In my ignorance, I dismissed both franchises as being a meaningless decoction of transforming robots and shouneness bred for the sole purpose of quenching the thirst of hordes of machine otaku. […]

This must the 10,000th post on the same theme, but what can you do? We all have to walk the same path.

I think I’m going to watch Macross F.

UPDATE: Animanachronism takes off the same post to compare and contrast:

[Unlike Gundam,] Macross has aliens, sentient computers and faster-than-light travel, and the franchise is closely identified with mecha that not only transform, but transform between three rather than two configurations.

I never bothered to give it a serious thought, because “everyone knows” how robots come in a great variety of magical power. According to the above, Macross is a kind of a middle ground, together with Vandread, perhaps. On the opposite side of Gundam are the likes of the galaxy-tossing Gurren-Lagann and RahXephon, who is not so crude, but turns into a god who can remake the world at will. So in a sense, the difference between Gundam and Macross is not unexpected. But it’s interesting.

Macross F intrigues me

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Seen at Kuro today (actually I skipped the post unread yesterday and then someone drew my attention to it):

With the VF-25 being the talk of the town, I completely forgot about those.

UPDATE: Another set of screencaps helping me to live Macross vicariously is at Atarashii Prelude. Pay attention to Mrs. Klein’s remarks. By the looks of it, the size mismatch is a dramatic gold. Also… hints of drastic size changes?

UPDATE: More text at ABgaA. Yep, size changes. That’s just cheating, you know?

Wakaranai on Macross F 05

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

After the steady stream of glowing accounts of writing upon giant panties, we finally found a contrarian:

But compared with the riveting romance entanglement seen in Macross Plus, Macross Frontier has approached the romantic aspect in a wholly uninteresting way. […] Presently, I couldn’t care less who Alto ends up with. I like all three characters here, but because their relationships are so trifling, developments like this don’t seem to matter.

Unlike Sheryl’s number in the first episode’s concert scene, Ranka’s spot in the limelight was marred by cheap-looking animation. Actually, this whole episode was plagued by typical problems in tv anime: unnaturally empty background scenes, or, if they do have people they’re completely stationary to the point where it becomes a pretty big distraction. When clapping kicked in in the song, and it panned over a completely still audience, it just felt too cheap to ignore.

This is why Azumanga and Lucky Star use placeholders for background characters.

Kurogane and Macross

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Kuro is dumping his notes from Macross (not F), and it is beginning to look humorous:

4. Oh those Zentradi spies are kinda LOL. Must be really a trip of their lives sneaking on the ship and experiencing “culture”.

5. Lynn Minmay…. /me facepalms. I’m reminded of Sumire (Renji’s mother) saying in ef; “Passion is a downhill road, while love is an uphill road.” Rather true in Hikaru’s case, don’t you think?

For some irrational reason I try to avoid directed comparisons of older series to the newer series; it feels like cheating somehow. Of course I stack them against each other when there’s no implied direction, e.g. “mecha in RahXephon vs. Gurren-Lagann” (completely senseless comparison, but only an example). But it may be good in small quantities.

Macross Plus begins

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

The first quarter of Macross Plus was just bad: no sympathetic character in sight. Aside from being unpleasant, everyone is cartoonish, from behavioural patterns down to the facial features (I can only cut some slack for Myung).

With no hope for help from characters, show leans heavily on gadgets, which are mostly repulsive and annoying. Evils of VR and AI? Please. At least they had decent aerial footage in the Hollywood flick “Final Mission” (perhaps better than in “Top Gun”). Gizmo obsession indeed.

I can go on, but the biggest letdown is that the pieces of the original Macross that I remember were much better. IIRC, they had some kind of Simon-Kamina relationship, bridge bunnies, Zentradi, etc. But Plus offers nothing save a bunch of ugly jerks.

Animation is sure pretty in Plus, but it’s not enough.

Since the series is so short, I’m going to sit it out, but I’m really not happy about it.

Macross Plus

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

It’s a great production and I didn’t like it at all.

This is disappointing, because I see the strengths in Plus. But the characters sucked. It’s most apparent when looking at The 08th: Shiro is better than Isamu, Aina is better than Myung, Norris is better than Guld. Villains, too. Only [Millard] Johnson is level with his counterpard, Kojima.

Liked: No
Rewatch: No (but I bought DVDs because Netflix’s inventory sucks).

Macross Frontier 05

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Random episode selection method did not help Macross F, the story did not pull me in. The acclaimed meeting with Klein was a very small part of the episode.

The art and animation made a big impression on me. I did not like all parts, but it sure looked like the future of the anime, with massively computerized drawing of everything. So, like it or not, I better get used to it.

Macross F comes to an end

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Yes, I have tropism to anime food. Is it bad? Anyway, this Ranka bento comes via Atarashii Prelude.

BTW, I follow Macross Frontier on blogs a little bit, and it turns rather dark, everybody dies, etc. Poor Klan, too.

Kuro on Macross F ending

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Needless to say, heavy spoilers are ahead. Kurogane says:

The ending is so… inconclusive. Worst type of end in my opinion dammit. Urge to kill Kawamori seriously rising. It’s never revealed who Alto chooses and everyone just manages to survive and land happily on the planet. I just feel like my feelings have all been trampled over and thrown away like a used dirt rag. Oh man, I was at least expecting some deaths.

So, even worse than Macross Plus, which itself left a bad impression.

UPDATE: DarkMirage was more verbose and circumspect, but it looks like he agrees. He used the word “cop-out”, even.

Say good-bye to Mrs. Klan

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

I saw the “Let’s study English with Macross Frontierarticle yesterday, but did not think it particularly noteworthy… until Linux professionals began messaging me the link. I agree with Kuro that the most important tidbit is the spelling of Mrs. Clang‘s name.