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Greatest Engrish Evar

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

What can I say. I’m weak. I am rewatching Manabi Straight again. But I solemnly swear not to do episodic blogging… Or… Maybe just a little bit? What the heck, who am I kidding! Prepare for Manabi flood.


The screenshot is from the end-of-the-episode sequence. The “POWERFUL x HAPPY” is just too cute for me to handle. And the irony of it, when applied to Taka-chan… I’m melting.

Hidamari Sketch

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Hidamari Sketch and Manabi Straight aired in the same season. Many expected them to compete head-to-head, but the two turned out nothing alike. Manabi has a great plot, larger than life characters, and UFOtable. Hidamari has… Yashinoya-sensei, if that even counts.

So after 3 episodes, my main problem with Hidamari is how limp and pathetic it is. Mind, so says the man who loves Azumanga to death. I am even following that blatant pandering vessel Lucky*Star. 4-koma adaptations do not have to be so weak.

Now that’s LE!

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

I am not sure if I wanted Manabi Straight regular or LE. I don’t care for mini-games CD, as I don’t have a Windows system. A booklet might be fun though…

So, I started digging, and I noticed that the regular DVD has an uncompressed stereo audio (which is better than typical R1’s AC-3), but LE has “Dolby Digital Stereo”. I presume the latter is their moonspeak for 5.1. But if so, LE DVD is mastered differently from regular! How odd. Since I don’t have a 5.1 system, I don’t see how this would benefit me, but I made a mental note.

The Fifth Beatle

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

While reading the post about classics at Nigorimasen, I saw a rotating banner with Manabi characters. I encountered it before, Nigorimasen’s rotation pool is not vast. But now that I am the number one Manabi fan, something bothers me about it. Who is the extra girl on the left?

She may be some kind of manga-only character.

UPDATE: The consensus seems to be that it must be Momo, arrived at by the way of exception and deduction. Even Damien and Jeff wrote in. Jeff, in particular, mentioned: “Actually, she IS the Fifth Beatle in a way.” Exquisite. You guys can stop beating me up now, but admit it: she looks nothing like herself here.

Old habits die hard

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

I definitely have more fun away from blogging, marathoning Tenchi (OVA, of course!). Manabi is moving slowly though… As always, I find lots of second meanings and it’s even better than before, but I somehow feel compelled take screenshots and write notes when I’m at computer. I am pondering a region-free player for this application.

Meanwhile Sasa has posted her iyashikei paper, Impz threw together the Short History Of AB(s) (bad, bad Author — ed; But there was no Trotsky in the Short History either.), and TJ produces a perfect quote to rip out of context: “Girls can get away with tonnes of bad shit because of this. Many of them are ok with not having boyfriends while most guys are actively seeking one” (I am not seeking a boyfriend, are you?).

Oregon ni massugu GO

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007


The series ends on a sad note with Mikan leaving for, OREGON?! Who knows why Oregon of all places but it’s still very sad.

I suppose quite a few animebloggers think that there’s nothing in Oregon except Steven Den Beste, but actually one of their universities scored a cooperative program with Waseda. Visit for details. Maybe the creators heard about it. Waseda is a relatively well known school… BTW, in Mahoraba, Momo goes to a school called “鷲田”, which can plausibly be called “Washida”. I wonder if it’s a reference.

BigN on Azumanga

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Seen at Drastic (there was no attribution, so I presume BigN himself wrote it):

20. Was anyone else tired of the comparisons between Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh? Is the latter really a paragon of slice of life school comedy anime?

I understand the question was made in jest, but still… Why has nobody come with something like Azumanga so far? It was 5 long years now.

Hidamari Sketch is probably the nearest thing ever attempted to recreate Azumanga. It floundered mostly on the poor implementation quality of the anime (e.g. looked like ass most of the time with short flashes of brilliance), but otherwise was clearly made with the same aim. The 4koma was reshuffled to allow for anime pace, among other things.

The later is what Lucky Star did very poorly. Azumanga and Hidamari mostly had big episodes (even though officially Azumanga was subdivided into 5-minute shorts). Lucky Star, however, seems incapable of any flow outside of huge arcs (such as Komiket), creating tons of disconnected filler. So, even if Lucky Star were not primarily referential like Excel Saga, it would still fail to match Azumanga.

Confusingly, when I write that Manabi Straight matched Azumanga, I mean something entirely different: the overall level of greatness. Manabi is plot-driven and not episodic, so it’s in entirely different camp. It does not match Azumanga as a slice of life, it has its own unique merits.

Heisei’s 2007 scandal list

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Heisei Democracy compiled a list of scandals and mishaps in 2007 anime. It looks pretty thick even with the year still to run out. Check this out:

Darker Than Black: The show’s production manager ran away with the manuscript.

You just can’t make this up.

Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!: Due to complaints about the scenes of school graffiti in the OP they were altered in mid-production.

Truthfuly, the graffitti pissed me off livid too, but Manabi is still one of the 3 greatest series of all times, so I was silent about it until now. I do not remember any changes to the OP though. Maybe fansubbers boycotted it and mixed episodes with the old OP? I’ll see when I get later R2 DVDs.

I wonder how much of this is due to the increased exposure of both the shows and their creators online… it seems like a lot of these incidents would’ve gone unnoticed in the pre-internet age.


8 days until Manabi Special

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

The street date at CDjapan is 10/10. Although it’s only 4000 Yen for the episode, I’m anxious that the creators would somehow bungle it and make some “X the movie” or “Meoth Returns”.

P.S. The alternative to the tried and true CDjapan is Play-asia, which is more expensive up front, but only takes $3 for shipping. I bought some things from them before. The sounds intriguing too (especially the 3150 yen price!), but that would be the first time for me. Not sure if they would sell me anything.

Manabi Special is here

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

So… released it 2 days early so it can arrive to me at the street date, which is appreciated.

I looked into the booklet real quick, and it seems like pure, 100% pandering. They introduce a new character, a strange maid (her blurb says “ちょっと変”). I sort of hoped for a 2040 reunion, but it is not on cards, apparently. Oh well. I did my duty to support the industry, and the main show was terrific.