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Was Mrs. Marui a raging slut or a victim of gang rape?

Monday, May 24th, 2010

In other words, what was the mechanism by which she had such wildly different triplets, assuming the whole controversy is not merely a mistake of translation?

The form seems roughly analogous to Zettai Karen Children and Hanamaru Youchien, except for the trio being siblings now (like Power Puff Girls).

I’d love to say that I’m intrigued by Mitsudomoe, but then I remember well how much Hyakko sucked, and it was billed in a roughly similar way as a slice-of-life show.

FRIDGE: Perhaps it’s an artificial insemination procedure gone wrong. I heard they have lots of triplets in China these days. So, just add a little donor mix-up and/or medical malpractice and there you go.

Poor, misunderstood Mitsudomoe

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Sea Slugs’ season preview also included a poll, and here’s a screencap:

Jokes aside, I am calling shenanigans on this. Negative 146%? What does it mean, Kabitzin?

BTW, 103+61+54+41+31+27+26+24+22+20+14+9+6+4+1 = 443, but 178*3 = 534. That many people left votes on the table? I don’t believe it.


<sagematt> 58% of 178 is 103.
<sagematt> Which means that they took the percentage from the voters.
<sagematt> Not the votes.
<sagematt> That’s what you mean.
<sagematt> But I mean, seriously man.
<Aroduc> Good boy. Now how did they reach -146
<sagematt> Easy.
<sagematt> Sum of all the percentages, except the last place.
<sagematt> And they substract that from 100%
<hikago> oniichan sugoi!
<hikago> sugoi sguoi!

Mitsudomoe preview imagery

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Seeing how I vote against Kabitzin readers in proportion of 1 to 177 makes bloggers’ juices flowing. I don’t even watch anime anymore, but that made me want to episode-blog Mitsudomoe, just because everyone is so… contrary.

Unfortunately, the material at the official site is a bit… shall we say, Hanamaru-like, except I do not see any Yamamoto.

And yes, “おませなサドガール” means “precocious, sadistic girl”, just like ANN promised. On the other hand, Hitoha is reading a book. Score!

BTW, observe: Hitoha – girl #1, Futaba – girl #2, Mitsuba – girl #3. Just one short of Yotsuba. But if she makes a cameo appearance, fans will pee themselves.

UPDATE: Major Arcana notes that the term “Mitsudomoe” means “a traditional Shintoism symbol of the threefold division between Heaven, Sky, & Earth.” [Aroduc notices that “it’s Humans, Heaven, and Earth actually .. mostly because Heaven and Sky are synonymous.”]

Mitsudomoe PV2

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Via John, the second trailer for Mitsudomoe is made available at the official site.

I am afraid it looks very much like Hyakko and that makes me very concerned.

Aroduc on Mitsudomoe 01

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

He says, “this has the same staff as Minami-ke and it shows.” Aww, snap. I hated Minami-ke.

Mitsudomoe 01

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Mitsudomoe 01 pulls all stops right from the start and never slackens. And despite the utter idiocy of the script, I was laughing hard. The same happened with Minami-ke, but fortunately in Mitsudomoe they do not have anyone particularly poisonous. Nobody is too good either. Hitoha is very far from Miyabi “Kyouju” Omichi, but I am not too disappointed. After all, it’s all about physical and sophomoric humour here.

One thing I did not see enough superlatives poured at is the animation. Aroduc even said that faces could stand more detail. The nerve of that guy. The art and animation were absolutely astonishing, and that includes faces. Although, on second thought, I saw a couple of quality lapses — not even defects. Motion of Futaba’s gi was out of sync with the signage on it once, and very close to that moment they used a GIMPesque zoom on her. Fortunately, unlike that one time Kaorin evesdropped on Kagura’s introduction to Sakaki, we were not treated to saw edged lines, due to enormous basic resolution of today’s video masters. But still, tsk tsk Bridge. Other than these two moments, top marks and the new yardstick of quality.

Mitsudomoe vs. Hanamaru

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

As usual, bloggers and commenters all over are trying to frame the new series through the lens of previous experiences. In Kuro’s comments we see “Ichigo Mashimaro mixed with Kodomo no Jikan” and “Today in Class 5-2 meets Minami-Ke” (comparisons with South Park may be more apt though). Surprisingly, none of them touched upon the obvious analogy: Hanamaru, leaving it to Scamp. Unfortunately, he managed to screw it up in a different way, by not remembering right:

It really is just Tsuchi with a rounder head, trying to keep control of a classroom. Heck, we even have a big-breasted love interest who the kids have taken it upon them­selves to help kick-start their romance. Where as Hanamaru was very innocent in its aproach, Mitsudamoe is far more risque.

Well, no. Hanamaru is about the leader of the trio declaring herself teacher’s girlfriend. It is more “innocent” than, say, KnJ, since a) Anzu is really little and b) operates within the societal approval. But nobody in Mitsudomoe is trying to get into Yabe’s pants. Which is more risque now? If anything, we are facing the limits of one-dimentional “innocence-risquiness” axis.

I guess what Scamp really wanted to say is that comedic behaviours were more out of mainstream in Mitsudomoe. Just look at them basking in glow of Yabe’s member. If something like that happened in Hanamaru, Anzu would not even know to nosebleed to death, while Hiiragi would’ve shielded Koume. But it’s funny, not creepy, while Anzu seriously tried for the creepy on several occasions, and she would’ve succeeded if she were older.

Nameless on Hitoha

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Writing for CJ’s operation, Nameless makes a risky bet:

In my opinion, the shows only interesting character thus far is Hitoha. By the end of the episode I felt that whenever she was in a scene a laugh was sure to follow, which is something I couldn’t say for the other two sisters. In addition to the Nipples scene, it was her deductive reasoning that started the girls’ quest to deprive Yabe of his manhood. While her comedic timing was certainly top notch, she also seems to have the most potential, plot wise, for the rest of the series. The most poignant moment of the show, though it wasn’t really funny, was when she asked for her friends to stand up and no one did. If I was a betting man (which I am), I would bet that she will make some sort of friend by the end of the series.

I strongly suspect that any kind of “plot” is unlikely, given how many extra characters are going to be trotted onto the scene. Granted, she is the best-fleshed character of the tree leads. I mean, the dark girl is showing a human side in the first episode? Took Sakaki-san 17! It is too easy to predict a Chiyo-chan for Hitoha, but far too early. And it is not that kind of show.

BTW, in an apparent subversion of the stereotype, Hitoha is not unduly intelligent. Observe how she mistakenly writes “丸丼ひとは” (Hitoha Marudon) instead of 丸井ひとは (Hitoha Marui). I am sure she didn’t do it on purpose…

Just ripe for anime

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Seen a few minutes ago what “Too Old For Anime” has for HSoTD and Mitsudomoe. It opens with a mature movieblogger’s prose, the kind you’d expect from Kaedrin:

[..] When Takashi does the sensible thing and bludgeons Hisashi, she turns on him with hate. Takashi, who is in love with her, is equally hateful. Excellent moment, and an honest way of showing what can happen when you see someone you love turn into a zombie, like we all have. // It’s directed well, full of quick cuts and swaying cameras to convey the chaos.

But the Mitsudomoe half is weak sauce, starting with the inability to count to three (“without Komoe” [1]).

It’s hard to figure out what to be appalled by the most: the girls’ behavior or the fact that Satoshi has absolutely no control over them. None. They even chase him into the teachers lounge. The other teachers either don’t care or are relieved that it’s not them the girls are after. I know he’s new at this but if he can’t bring any sort of discipline to the class what good is he?

Never read Gaijin Smash, apparently.

I expected someone to miss the point of Mitsudomoe, which is completely legitimate, as far as opinions go, but this really is a fine specimen.

[1] An alternative interpretation would be that he can count, but wants to subtract the spirit of Komoe from Hanamaru. It works just as poorly, since Anzu and Hiiragi are also no match for the Marui trio.

Names and numbers of Marui sisters

Friday, July 9th, 2010

It does not take a genius to observe that Marui sisters are named sequentially. But what’s puzzling, they are also given numbers, and the numbers run in the opposite direction to names. For example Hitoha is #3 (see the screencap).

What gives?

UPDATE: Just saw this in the preview for ep.3:

I never encountered these characters and they do not look like normal kanji numerals. But undoubtedly they are the numbers we just discussed. Most likely they are Roman numerals (Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ – in some fonts they look just like the print at swimsuit labels, even with the top bar shorter than the bottom one).