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Peter S. on Mouretsu Pirates 01

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

The theme of Peterburd’s review is “disappointing”, which is contrary to just about every other established animeblogger. Having not seen the anime episode yet, I do not have an opinion about it as such, but I see that the shadow of Tatsuo Sato’s reputation overhangs this series in the same way Yamakan’s hovered over Fractale – only in a positive way. Everyone who watched Shingu, Nadesico, and Stellvia know in their heart that Boudacious Space Pirates will turn out awesome too. Those who did not, well… not necesserily do. Saving this for future reference.

Pixy complains about “theme song”. Does anyone remember the OP theme of Sningu? We are talking about an anime most known for is consistent excellence, maybe No Bad Episode award (I need to check if Evirus bestowed it in fact, but just trust me for now). And yet the OP was controversial at best.

By the way, Shingu was not well understood by the contemporaries, who refused to watch it while broadcast on TV. It was even truncated from planned 3 cours to 2 (but remained awesome even in its ending). In part because of that, Mr. Sato wanted his next show to become more lighthearted, as recorded in post-mortem interviews. So, Stellvia came out and Earth barely escaped destruction in it twice — an increase over Shingu. Also, students murdering classmates for the standing in school rankings. And the lighthearted part? I only remember saving the world while the giant bunny riges shotgun [1], and Shippon’s cellphone going off when… anyway. Yeah. I don’t know what really to expect from Mouretsu, but I predict a global, overarching crisis.

[1] The only picture of the infamous bunny that I have also reminded about other LOL moments that I forgot. The category has more treasures, like the Antiyuri Manifesto. Those were the times.

Tatsuo Sato is busy this season

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Mouretsu Pirates at ANN (Satelight):

Director: Tatsuo Sato
Series Composition: Tatsuo Sato
Chief Animation Director: Hiroshi Takeuchi
Original creator: Yuichi Sasamoto

Rinne no Lagrange at ANN (Xebec):

Chief Director: Tatsuo Sato
Director: Toshimasa Suzuki
Series Composition: Shoutarou Suga

Looks like he’s merely adding a magic Tatsuo Sato touch to the Lagrange while actually running the production of Mouretsu. Still, this seems unusual.

CKS on microgravity in Mouretsu Pirates

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Chris is not happy with the lapses of scientific fidelity:

What gets to me is how people maneuver in zero G. Pirates has repeatedly had people floating still in the air, not in contact with anything, and then had them just start moving again without pushing off anything or otherwise had some source of thrust. Sometimes people have stopped in midair (not coasted to a stop, just stopped). It’s as if Pirates is treating people in zero G just like people walking along the ground, except they can coast and float and move in any direction.

Pirates doesn’t do this all of the time; a lot of the time people do push off things and stop themselves on things. But not always, and the exceptions make me twitch.

I watched a number of series where zero-G is animated, and they always have these lapses. Even Rocket Girls has it. For example, when Akane enters Atlantis, she floats to a stop:

I suspect that in their production rush animators skip animating most movements. Astronauts say that legs in particular are useless to push off things, so everyone grab something with hands. This is a lot of movement, and skipping it is akin to the common situation when a bunch of characters stand perfectly motionless while one moves or talks. I learned not to be bothered by it.

UPDATE: Chris responds that violations in Mouretsu are qualitatively more pervasive and blatant than in Rocket Girls. I only watched 2 episodes thus far and thought it was not too bad. I have to admit that I noticed the oddities onboard Odette II, but it could be worse.

By the way, you know where this stuff is bad? In Tatsuo Sato’s Stellvia. In many instances, things float around cockpits (including, for instance, Kouta’s oxigen bottle). But tears stream down cheeks.

Remembering Starship Operators is also rather educational in this regard. The creators there had a lot of fun with small detail of living in a rotating space station. For example, a tea kettle has a makeshift sign “beware of Coriolis”, presumably after a few times someone missed a cup. But they were not thorough enough to cover every instance of space physics (the anime includes a large EVA segment). I think nobody is. You have to be a real nerd to be used to it, and sometimes it takes actual calculations to support a plausible environment. Note that Rocket Girls had JAXA engineers volunteering in support of the anime, doing mock trade studies of launchers and vehicles and roughly beta-testing the script.

Lolikit on Mouretsu Pirates 03

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

In a tweet:

watched Mouretsu Space Pirates 3: noise in space. SEEMS LIKE THE SUCCESSOR TO STARSHIP OPERATORS IS NOT HERE YET

But of course. For one thing, reportedly, Mr. Sato aimed to eliminate romance from Mouretsu Pirates. A bonehead move for sure. Remember Kyoichi Moriguchi and Harumi Mineo? Does Tatsuo Sato? It was his best anime, Shingu. As for Starship Operators, I remember only 3 things about it now:

  1. Bullshit ending and “Truman”
  2. Magically contrieved deus-ex ship combat
  3. Sanri’s scream — the only redeeming feature of the series

Of course Mouretsu is not SP, duh. How could it be!

I bet Pirates run for 2 cours

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

What are chances that whatever was going with Mia’s hands was a hook?

Both Shingu and Stellvia were either truncated from an unusual 3-cour format, or had extensions proposed, depending how you look at it.

P.S. On second thought, Martian Successor Nadesico was a plain 2-cour affair with no drama attached. Only had a movie, like everything else.

P.P.S. Widespread misunderstanding makes it clear that I should have put more thought into the title. I toyed with “Pirates were destined to run for 2 cours before anime was green-lighted”, but it was too long.

A fistful of Suspensions and Rejects

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

I burned through a bunch of anime recently, blogging which was uncomfortable. But I’m going to collate the list here, without getting into a lot of detail (maybe less than last time).

Actually, first up is a bunch of former Suspensions that I retired into Rejects after all.

B-Gata H-Kei was sitting in there for more than a year, if I remember right. At some level, I really wanted to watch it, but every time I restarted it, I stopped in seconds, literally. The total accumulated time is 7 minutes 57 seconds. Just something about it rubbed me the wrong way. Decided to face the reality and retire.

In Sora no Woto I reached a bit further: up to Konata unloading from the train. I hoped to restart it after CKS assured me that the supposed horrors of ep.8 were a joke. I thought it was some kind of lesbian rape or whatever, but it turned out nothing. Still, I am just not interested.

Angel Beats I am afraid to continue. I stopped after the mabu tofu segment, and I think it may be better to leave it on a positive note. Jun Maeda is no Yoshitoshi ABe.

Now, the new items.

Tiger and Bunny: seen 1. Ana made me do it. It was nicely dynamic and well-set, but frankly, Tiger sucks and ruins everything.

Kurau: Phantom Memory: seen 1. A poster in the restroom made me finally see it. Nick initiated it, but you know… Try to look at male Kurau hugging Christmas every time you pee. Unfortunately, I hate shows with agents (like GiTS, but its movie was at least a classic). And then the thematic concerns were significant.

Uta~kata: seen 1. It clearly shows promise or an almost-masterpiece anime, but is supposed to be nasty. I rejected the goddamn Madoka for that, so what chance did this have?

Working and Working 2 (Wagnaria): seen a bunch, maybe 5 and 3. Its humour was rather good at first, but all characters were defective, and I do not appreciate that. The second season was a fairly uninspired continuation. Nothing was ever happening, too, and I saw enough Simpsons to learn to avoid endless series. Matt Groening even had the temerity to brag how Bart never needs to graduate from the 4th grade — he thinks it’s an advantage!

Chuu-Bra: I don’t remember anything about it. Probably saw 15 seconds before dropping.

Mai-OTOME Zwei I actually completed, but wish I didn’t. Were two bucks wasted? Well, insomuch that I am now able to badmouth the show in full knowledge, $2 is acceptable. But the bad overload by useless characters for contrieved fanservice reasons left a very bad taste. I am dismayed how apt my comparison with iM@S OVA was, only they managed to waste 4 episodes, not 1!

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon: seen 3 (yep, gave it a good chance). It’s nicely intriguing, which I like, but Touri is unbearable and I’m not exaggerating. Ignoring the setting is like work, and all the middle-age stupidity pollutes everything anyway. Heavy thematic concerns, too — not playing as bad a role as in Kurau, and I liked Masazumi a bit, but existing nonetheless. This is a Reject. I even stopped before it was revealed who exactly Touri targeted (not necessarily the robot as per OP).

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi: was rage-suspended at 10 minutes in, when the first boob-faceplant occurred. Still hope to continue one day.

Mouretsu Uchuu Kaizoku: after a couple of episodes I understood that I was only watching it in order to participate in discussions, so I stopped. Supposedly ep.5 was awesome. Hopefully the ending does not suck and then I marathon it.

Mouretsu blogging index

Friday, March 16th, 2012

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OneMinuteOfDusk on Mouretsu Pirates

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

I had a look at Aniblog Tourney bracket, and apparently Ani-nouto is seeded to face the winner of a match-up between the well-known Altar&Vega and OneMinuteOfDusk. Having never heard about the latter, and in the spirit of the tourney went to check it out… found a cancellation notice:

The “letter of marque” is simply one of the show’s many poor excuses for them to adventure under the guise of being a “pirate”. The letter actually forces you to pirate? There’s insurance to cover your losses you’re legally robbed from? Pretty convenient, huh?.

The only other character worth a look, Chiaki, is simply a tsundere rival-friend under a thin cold image. In the battles, most of it happened on a computer screen. No, not yours. 50% of all the action features flashy and futuristic diagrams and arrows filling up flying across their ship’s monitors. 49% features the characters talking really fast about stuff that’s really complicated and apparently really brilliant. The final 1% shows the ship firing its guns maybe once or twice.

Basically it’s a good attempt to say things everyone thought but was afraid to express (except, I think, Lolikit, who’s cool and doesn’t afraid of anything… on Twitter). Granted, Evirus shot it down too with “pretty boring”, but he did not elaborate. Suddenly A&V’s victory does not seem quite so assured.

P.S. Wasn’t 49% of Banner of The Stars characters talking about complicated things? I remember rewatching ep.1 of that 3 times because I did not understand Samson’s spiel, which really was brilliant. Gave up and switched subtitles on, still could not quite figure it out. Awww, I’m going to rewatch it again now.

UPDATE: Altair&Vega demolished OneMinuteOfDusk with 169:67.

Mike of Anime Diet interviews Tatsuo Sato

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Or so he tweets. I am speechless.

P.S. As soon as he linked Chaos Tangent, its server went down, with a possible Slashdot effect, Instalaunche, or however you want to call it.

Emperor J on ending of Mouretsu Pirates

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Seen on LoMT:

As for my thoughts on the series as a whole, it began as a promising story of a high school girl’s entry into a dangerous world that appeared to be wonderfully constructed. As the layers came off, it became much easier to see that there really wasn’t much beyond that. The danger never really appeared but twice (the first episode at the cafe and during the dinghy race), but each was rather easily resolved. At about halfway, the slogan for how the plot worked appeared in the form of “everything works out when you’re a pirate.” From that point on, the drama ended and plots that simply passed the time began. I’m also aware that the last 6 episodes were entirely anime-original material, but I think the story had lost its way far before then. In conclusion, by constantly avoiding anything that could disappoint its audience, Mouretsu Pirates became nothing more than a weekly running joke about easily resolved plots and wasted potential.


I know the answer: the anime is an adventure for little girls, and it is not supposed to be a game of guessing who survives to the ending credits. If you want that, watch Gurren-Lagann (spoiler: Yoko lived).

SDB even threw out his fridge for the sake of this anime, around ep.14:

And that’s the secret to the appeal of Mouretsu Pirates for me. I’m no longer expecting a tight story, or deep plotting. [Emphasis mine — Author] I don’t expect it all to make sense. This isn’t like Shingu. But Marika is a fascinating character, and the Hakuoh Academy is a wonderful place, and the supporting characters are all amazing, and well just damn; I like visiting it and spending time with them all, even if the story isn’t tight and the situations are somewhat contrived.

I only wish it worked for me too.

UPDATE: Jonathan Tappan remarked that Mouretsu cannot be a story for girls, as I posited above, because it does not follow shoujo tropes. I am not sure I agree. There was anime before that defied the 4-quad taxonomy of shonen/shojo/josei/seien.