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Suguru on Nichijou

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

I Am Wouldo Cube:

I was close to dropping Nichijou after the first epsiode – you could say it’s Azumanga on crack, but I didn’t like the cast nearly as much as Azumanga or Lucky Star’s.

I was close to dropping Nichijou after the fourth episode. Cannot stand how Prof. abuses Nano. But images from Suguru’s entry seem intriguing enough to limp along a bit more.

BTW, for some reason I was surprised to learn that “nichijou” is actually a word, from Railgun, no less. In ep.2 Saten says “自分の日常に戻りたい” == “I want my everyday life to return”. I thought it was some kind of made-up word, like “hagedou” (“禿同” – note the wrong kanji for “激しい”).

Nichijou 11 and the old man

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

When I watched Nichijou 11, the old man sequence seemed too close to home, with me being a honorary member of geriatric animebloggers of Meenuvia and all. What if my wife dies before me? Nobody is going to visit my chat, too.

I remembered glancing over the article at 2DT about it. He passed on opportunity to create a retrospective of elderly characters there. You’d think that Miyazaki’s textbook hate of all things military and the love of old people deserved a nod, but no. A quick scan of my shrunk reading list revealed very little else. Otou passed on it, the slot at his new master being squatted by a random blogger #159. Ditto Evirus, Pixy, and SDB. Episoders produced zilch, or even less than zero. Miao phoned it in with a retelling.

We should not be surprised at this. The miniscule sales are there for a reason: when everyone only finds 1/4 of the anime palatable, nobody buys the whole thing (think about it). Now, if I could buy just 1. The weiner, 2. The hallway chase, 3. The deer fight, it would be worth $5 a minute.

Nichijou 14

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

The ep.14 of Nichijou was an amazing departure from the routine, with amazement stemming from how almost nothing has changed. Magic! But I enjoyed any time when characters from different plotlines interacted before, and this delivered the best synergies ever. And of course, I hated the Nano and Prof sequences the most, but ep.14 marks a significant change in its dynamic, even if Hakase cannot help herself one time (when Nano is departing to school). Could it be that Hakase is growing up? We cannot be so lucky, do we now?

On top of the red plotline, the main girls provided a stellar segment for our and Nano’s benefit, and even the intermission characters were on a roll (note that Igo Soccer linked the clubbies with the teacher who was hitting on Sakurai-sensei).

I’m afraid to hope for any continuation. I was only watching this anime as a brain-off Crunchy stream.

P.S. I recognized the new ED (it’s “Tsubasa wo Kudasai” from K-ON).

P.P.S. Hanners wrote:

It isn’t wall to wall hilarity, but in terms of pacing, layout and its overall comedy value this felt far more satisfying that your average episode of the series. Of course, we’ve had false dawns from this hit and miss comedy before, but bringing Nano into the Mio/Yuuko/Mai circle of friends could really freshen things up big time while also allowing the series a chance to be more focused without having to concern itself with jumping between character groups quite as often. At last, Nichijou seems to have some rich potential to mine.

I’m quite certain that they will continue jumping as before, and in fact this very episode demonstrated how it’s going to be done, but now there is a definite purpose to it all, and that’s the key. But it may be a false down, yes.

Nichijou 20

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

The idea that some animebloggers prefer the art and animation of A-1 in Idolm@ster to that of KyotoAni’s classics continues to bother me. I criticized Haruhi for animation lapses myself. But the KyotoAni consistently continued to produce expressive, moving animation with some const-cutting lapses, while A-1 were consistently poor in IM@S and only put a supreme effort into one Ryugu Komachi dance number. Konata’s feet, guys!

Exhinit A: Nichijou 20.

Pretty bad show, actually. But the art looks like skillful artists are having fun with it.

Nichijou 22

Monday, September 5th, 2011

The pattern stays the same sea of meh with an island of awesome, as always. This time it’s Tachibana’s little sister, who apparently cannot quite pull Rock Lee [1].

In the original Japanese, Mihoshi thought: “この人を見てると食らいつきそうになる” or “kono hito o miruto, kuraitsuki sou ni naru”. It could be just as well translated: “seeing her makes me grind my teeth”. What do you think “fansubbers” are going to use?

[1] Naruto 22:


ROCK LEE: “Did you know that there are genious-types and hard-working-types among the strong?”

Nichijou 24

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

If anyone wants heavily spoiling recount, there’s an entry at THAT, by apparently a new contributor, “Nana”. Otherwise, have a few notes that are merely slightly spoiling.

  • Nakamura climbing the fence was some amazing animation. Wondrous.
  • Nano vs. Sasahara (w/ Yukko peeking – hilarity ensues).
  • Teacher eating a whale “outside 200nm exclusive fishing zone” was a LOL.
  • Nakamura-sensei stalking Nano is so wrong, but just too damn cute.
  • OMG, a love triangle! In my Nichijou!! What is this!!!
  • It’s so overcast that even Sasahara is speechless.
  • Wow, is this asshole going to use Mio’s money?!
  • [I need a relationship diagram. Everyone is everyone’s sister.]

One persistent theme of Nichijou is to take something very wrong and then spin it in some amusing or cute way. The moment that the girl with the headband knot (of Igo-soccer club) went to the shooting arcade definitely took the cookie. I think they went overboard there by punishing her with the asshole propreitor. I almost thew up watching it. But it is far from the only case, even in one episode. To begin with we have Nakamura-sensei’s stalking. And then Kojirou literally steals Mio’s money, too. But he is so amusingly and cutely insane, that I guess we’re supposed to forgive him. I do not quite understand what they are trying to tell us by this. That Japan is an awfully brutal place under the thin veneer of civility?

UPDATE: Jonathan Tappan noticed something similar:

The material is as random at the end as it is in the beginning but it is often pretty funny. There is an underlying theme that is made explicit at the end. Life can be incredibly frustrating but it’s the incredibly frustrating things that are the best part. Because (at this point all experienced anime fans will chant in unison) you experience them with your friends!

Except that a few characters had to face the asshattery solo, as I outlined above.

Jason Miao on Nichijou

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Basically this:

Calling Nichijou a moe anime is like calling a pug a cat. Nichijou is troll anime: it’s about the best of friends trolling each other.

A good analogy (and not a sports one, natch). I think there was more to it, as KyotoAni persistently tried to demonstrate uglier faces of jerks that are everywhere (such as the arcade owner). Still, friendly trolling definitely was the spine. And then, debauchery, and plain crazy, too. It all was impressive, but I loved when the pug went cat, like ep.14 (Nano going to school).