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Slang for “groupies”

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

At about 2:58 into ep.10 of first Nodame, Mine yells what sounds like “mihadomo(ga)”. It is translated as “groupies”.

Sadly, I was unable to find it in any dictionary. It’s either mispronounced/misheard, a compound word, or a slang that hasn’t filtered down into dictionaries yet.

UPDATE: Ryan added in comments to his secondary feed at Google (unfortunately, there’s no permalink — Google, you suck!):

In light of the slang, I believe it has a sarcastic tint to it 見張共, literally it probably refers “watch-guards” but not quite on the level of stalkers… I can feel the meaning, but can’t find a better term in English. I guess

Interesting. According to, only “miha” is a word, but not the compound.

Ascaloth on Nodame 03

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

We hear a lot of complaints from manga readers about Nodame Paris being butchered badly, and I for one tend not to give them much credence. But this time, Ascaloth backs complaints with line items which are pretty damning. Although it was pretty obvious that Nodame Paris was badly chopped up, but now I know the details. On the question of just how Elise and Oliver lured Chiyaki into the hotel room, I have no idea. I saw that a part was missing, but accepted the outcome.

BTW, when I saw 03, it slipped my mind completely that Li Yunlong was Chinese. Presumably Son Rui is Korean. CJK invasion in Paris!

Nodame Paris 04

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

This was a difficult episode and I’m beginning to think that Zyl’s method was more appropriate than my pig-headed obsession. In particular, I did not understand what the Chinese dude’s intrusion was about at all.

The 3D continues to annoy me. Instruments in the original Nodame were ok, only hands were questionable. But when 3D Chiyaki directs in Paris, it’s just creepy. They cannot make it work right for some reason.

POST SCRIPTUM: The concept of male tsundere just does not work. All it accomplishes is to present Chiyaki as a wife-beater in training. It was most explicit when he stuffed Nodame’s mouth with a newspaper.

Nodame, a Visual Retrospective

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Nodame is a tough object for this excercise, because it produced a record number of screencaps: 646 (for a comparison, in Gurren-Lagann I only thought the frame remarkable enough to capture 240 times). With wittling so ruthless there’s a real danger to lose the essence of the anime. It’s going to be a very biased gallery: Nodame as I saw it.

Nodame is full of lulz and it was quite hard for me to let go of them, to trim the gallery down to just one. Trust me, this moment was hilarious. And the sequence before it, too.

Sometimes Nodame makes a different sort of face. I am amazed that she still looks like herself though. J.C.Staff has some good animators.

Mine’s contribution to the world of the classical music, rock style. It was awesome. Also, which Orchestra was the best: S or R*? I am totally for S.

Strength of Nodame is in characters, so I took quite a number of close-ups. This is Saiko, who made enough of an impression on me that I violated the house rules of the blog.

When Saiko and Nodame met in the bathroom, it was like watching a movie, not a lulzy series. Saiko was a fool to fail her chance, but came out stronger for it. It’s quite admirable.

Next close-up: Kuroki. What can you tell about his character from one frame? Quite a lot, actually. He’s a silent type.

Unlike Kuroki, Kyora’s close-up is not representative… But it was just too funny to see her making faces. BTW, another strongwoman.

Although they had virtually no import on the story, these club women tickled my fancy like nothing else (especially the second from the right).

In passing, Milch is great in his own way. A complex character.

But enough with close-ups. Here’s the Orchestra S playing Gershwin… with Nodame!

Nomikai is a savage ritual, I swear.

Finally, the special, Azumanga-level food. Since Miki Sakuma has progressed to director-level positions, it must be someone else. But still, the similarity is obvious.

Ryan on Nodame live action

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

In general I’m not big on live action (it weirds me out), but the picture that Ryan included does not look as scary as some of the others.

I wonder how long the show is.

Coincidentially, I checked it yesterday, and it is not available on Netflix. In case anyone thinks my action strange, Honey and Clover live action is available for rent, but the anime isn’t.

Nomad Otto on Nodame’s French

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Nomad’s boss, BigN, made me read the post till the end, and I found something with which to disagree:

Alright, so, you have Nodame, a notorious screw-up, in a foreign country. Obviously, she’s not going to speak the language at first, so, you have an episode of grace in which to get her to learn the language, which they did in an amusing way. So far so good. The problem shows up, when Nodame uses some random French phrase. I get that it’s funny and random, but, wasn’t she just talking in French? What the heck? I know it’s a tiny thing to cause such a big reaction, but, it annoys the hell out of me.

I don’t recall Nodame ever using a French phrase while presumably talking to anyone in French. Of course, we cannot hear the actual language, so we use the identity of her interlocutor to identify what it should be. Naturally she talks in Japanese to Japanese, and in French to everyone else. There’s some ambiguity when both Chiyaki and someone else is in the conversation simultaneously [^1]. Unfortunately, since I did not find any of those French inserts particularly noteworthy, I did not, well, note them. So it’s possible that a scoreboarding error existed (e.g. Nodame doing it while talking to someone other than a Japanese person), Nomad caught it, and I missed it. However, he does not refer to anything specific, and the only specific case I remember is something different — and explicit signifier of Japanese: in ep.05, Kuroki wonders if it is French when Nodame exclaims “MUKYAA”. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

I found it more magical how Nodame studied French. It took me years to get English to a useable level… Sure, perfect ears and everything, but still it was difficult to swallow. Oddly enough, Nomad explicitly mentioned the Nodame’s magic acquisition ability as something acceptable by comparison with short French inserts.

[^1] I always find it extremely rude when Mexicans yap away while we’re right there, and so I made a point to use Russian and Japanese when talking to family members when it happens, just to balance the situation. Otherwise, it’s strictly English when anyone else can hear it. Ditto at work, I never talk in Russian to Russian colleagues. Some of them even get miffed about it. But better them thinking that I’m too proud of my English than someone thinking we have an identity-based cross-group in a professional setting. Honestly I have no clue what Japanese rules of politeness and propriety dictate to Nodame when she addresses Chiyaki in public. It can go either way.

Portmanteau words in Nodame

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

This observation is not new or unique to Nodame, but still: Japanese sure like their 2+2 syllable shortenings.

Examples include:

  • ジミヘン / “jimi hen“: Jimi Nendrix, made in the same way as Kane-tomo refers to Tomoko Kaneda.
  • セクハラ / “seku hara”: Seksual Harassement, see the picture above.
  • コンマす / “kon masu”: Concert Master, or concertmeister — the job of the first violin.

UPDATE: Hikago points to a related entry Peter Payne’s J-list Side Blog.

Sasa on the Autumn

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

A rather longish list is up on Heterochromia. Sasa is behind on most shows, but for me it’s not a problem. I’ve just finished Toradora 03 yesterday too. I love it when people make an effort to summarize the shows briefly, even when we strongly disagree (e.g. Sasa is into yuri in general).

Michiko to Hatchin: Brazil is one of those countries I really, really want to go to one day. Ironically, it’s the movie Tropa de Elite that initiated my special interest for it. So, even if the story were horrible, I would still watch Michiko to Hatchin just for the setting.

Heh. From what I heard [*], Brazil is not far removed from Russia, and thus is not high on my list of places to visit. Also, here’s a piece of advice: do not go to Manaus.

Toradora!: After the second episode, it’s settled: I really, really like the Palmtop Tiger. And oh how I am rooting for them.

Indeed, the way Toradora subverts the usual paradigm is delightful, and I am glad that I saw beyond the 1st episode bloggers who only talked about tsundere aspects of it. I am somewhat spoiled to know that Ami is going to add a whole new dimension to it as well.

Nodame Cantabile Paris: What can I say, I’m surprised that I actually like this show especially since I dropped the manga around volume 13 and never watched the first season. Puri Gorota est superbe!

So there you have it: an expert opinion of a polyglot! Take that, belly-achers of French inserts. Another thing, I am with those who consider the original season superior to the Paris sequel. But I am quite curious to know what Sasa would think of it.

Macademi WAsshoi! : Another guilty pleasure. It’s this season’s “Getsumen to Heiki Miina” for me, this show that nobody watches besides, well, me. Unlike Miina however, a bunch of people have watched the first episode and disliked it besides, well, me. XD

Umm, have you read Aroduc?

Kannagi: Considering how everybody loves this show, I will definitely give it a second chance. It sounds like it has a good premise and is a 13-episodes-show after all.

Well, about that… I’m still stuck 7 minutes into 02. Same sentiment, pretty much.

There’s lot more where the above come from.

[*] A Dutch colleague of mine spent several years in Brazil, and even got married there. While in Holland and Brazil, he was a proponent of typical leftist doctrine and even ran a website with “a picture of free world”: a global map with all countries except America. Imagine my surprise when they moved to America… and even settled in New Hampshire because Massachussets, where our office is, was (and is) too socialist. I guess Brazil is not really a tropical paradize.

Nodame Paris 06

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Ascaloth of RIUVA asked in passing what has happened to blogging Nodame Cantabile ~Paris-hen~ at Ani-nouto. The answer is, lack of interest happened. Although the ep.06 was rather strong by the standards of Paris-hen, and I enjoyed Chiyaki going undercover, the sequel is just not measuring up to the original, IMHO. The story is meandering and aimless. Worse, I don’t feel for the characters in the same way, they even broke Kuroki.

Also, there are better, more enjoyable shows on the air in this season.

Most likely I’m going to follow the advice of DrmChsr0 from #animeblogger and drop it. No doubt someone will e-mail with “it is just getting good! you said 06 was strong yourself!” But life is full of tough choices. Mine’s band could’ve been a sensation too, who knows.

Transientem on Nodame

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Since the classical music is yucky, I rejected Nodame Cantabile when it first aired and only turned around when I was made to watch it. Transientem provides an opposing example.

Despite being a very good series, this integration is one aspect that is lacking. Certainly there is no shortage of hysteria concerning the performance of music, but the kind of impact it has on the story is purely psychological which… is to be expected. As for the music itself, the story takes a temporary backseat when it appears. People play it, some grown adults get all sparkly, some even have their lives forever altered, the music stops, and the story resumes.

I just realized today that I was half-expecting moving pictures to make classical music cool. I forgot to account for the fact that somewhere along the line, there’s supposed to be a continuing plot.

The phenomena of various people being attracted to varying – and often superficial – attributes of a series is well known. I watched Stratos 4 for the airplanes.

BTW, another classical-y inclined, Theowne, was quite positive about Nodame and its musical component. Go figure.