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Evirus’ Pretty Cure bend

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

He keeps posting, but all I can say, the lead screencap is prettier this time than in the previous instances (e.g. rebar in the face). Can’t say anything else, his posts on PreCure are opaque for anyone who’s not watching it too. Maybe it’s Sailor Moon where Venus bashes everyone with a piece of rebar, maybe not. I’m a bit intrigued, but probably not enough to check it out. My old database entry says “Illustrations on Neorosi site. But low ratings? ANN @4.” I don’t think I’ll find again what Neorosi’s work about PreCure impressed me at his site. It was years.

Pretty Cure 01

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

I also wanted to name this post “DTO at Crunchyroll” and “A better Sailor Moon”. It sure was a fun whirlwind of pleasurable corniness.

First of all, the DTO. I was pleasantly surprised to find it and immediately downloaded a 400 MB file… Which turned out to be a 480-tall XviD ripped from a VHS tape, I guess. I don’t know how that is possible. When I was younger, fansubbers packed better quality into 170MB files easily. The audio is especially bad: it sounds like something transmitted over an analog cellphone, albeit in stereo. This is very difficult to commensurate with the release date of 2004, well inside the epoch of DVD.

In fact, not just audio, but everything about the anime hails from 1996: the designs, the music, the magical girl played straight… It’s an amazing throwback to the pinnacle of the pre-digital animation.

BTW, thanks to Evirus and his endless postings about Precure that wore down my resolve to procrastinate on this. Curiously, his old impression was not all that enthusiastic: he called the initial series “generally pretty mediocre” back then. That it went to dominate his blogging in years ahead may mean that it was a timeless classic. Also, he said that Max Heart was “better than he remembered”. I think I see a trend. Anyhow, the $2 were well spent. I don’t know if I want to plop $96 on the remaining 48 episodes yet, but this is a start.

UPDATE: My previous post and the DB were in error: the initial impetus to see Precure came from an illustration at Hanahalu, not Neorosi (do not click on index at work).

Honoka yuri Nagisa

Monday, December 21st, 2009

An e-mail from Zyl reminded me about the lesbian danger in Precure. I was rather nonchalant about it, since Evirus did not post anything, and he is sensitive like a radio. However, based on one episode, there’s a significant, possibly meaningful asymmetry built into the character set of Precure: Nagisa is popular with girls, Honoka is popular with boys. It would not surprise me at all if one of the three unread letters that Nagisa discarded before being decked by her “phone” in fact came from Honoka (as Naruko Hanaharu was intimating). For now I continue to think that it is nothing but fan shipping, a-la Aria, but we shall see.

Nana Mizuki to Precure

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

When I saw Naka-dashi (meaning “internal ejacalation”) mentioning Pretty Cure, I just had to check. Because, you know… Bj0rn… Precure… does not compute. As it turned out, it’s not by Bj0rn but his co-writer, and it’s an announcement about seiyuu movements, so it’s not even about Precure as such. Also:

*Note: Coincidentally this is the 7th year of precure

Good heavens.

Why I am torrenting Max Heart

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Evirus used the Chinese Water Torture technique, but even so he admitted that the currently-airing Heartcatch is not very good, to say it plainly:

Evirus: @sdshamshel: First Generation > Splash Star > Yes! > Fresh > Heartcatch based on what I’ve seen.
Zaitcev: @Evirus Where’s Max Heart? Lumped together with First Gen?
Evirus: @zaitcev Max Heart is the second part of the first generation show, yes.

If I finish Max Heart‘s 47 episodes, it will be the second-longest series I watched ever (after staying with Naruto for 136 episodes, I swore never to it again).

Zaitcev: “Now, she — with the help of Nagisa and Honoka, endowed with new COSTUMES and POWERS — must find the 12 Heartiels,…” *groan*

UPDATE: This can’t be good:

Evirus: @zaitcev I still don’t see why you’d skip the first 49 episodes of Pretty Cure and then watch 47 episodes of Max Heart.

The bad news is, I bought 30 episodes of Pretty Cure from Crunchy (before they killed DTO), which was all they had. But if the 1st installment ran for 49, I am not getting the ending. One possibility is that I have the “Cardcaptors” type of deal and Crunchy was selling a severily abridged release, which may be just a bit better, but not much.

UPDATE UPDATE: It turns out, Crunchy has 49 for streaming, but only 30 for sale. Unbelievable perfidy.

Evirus on the original Precure

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Among other things:

The ending of the original Futari wa Pretty Cure was a complete downer that probably didn’t traumatize many children but doubtlessly left many of them sad. Too bad, kids; life is real. The ending of Max Heart was a multi-episode fist fight between Zakenna dudes that didn’t fight fair and the outnumbered Cure Black and Cure White. (Shiny Luminous was on the bench with too many fouls at this point.) Then they basically had to fight Lilith from The End of Evangelion. It was awesome.

If he speaks the truth, it is awesome. Maybe even as awesome as Figure 17. I so want to see it, and I am so pissed at Crunchyroll and Toei for the 30-episode deal. It’s not that I regret the money spent on them per se, it’s just the mistreatment of customers that is unacceptable. Now I hope that Toei’s deal to peddle Sailor Moon flops on its face.

Evirus was right about Max Heart

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

First he completely accidentially sold me on the concept with the “rebar in the face” (although the official advo helped too), but then tried his best to explain that it’s the same thing as the original and whatnot. Well, he’s right, but a) it’s self-contained like the Star Wars ep.4 to 6, and b) would you just look at the quality!

One thing that now bothers me is how Max Heart (and the original for that matter) is clearly superior to Sailor Moon… or actually to SM as I remember it from the TV broadcasts (which I started watching in Russian voice-over, but added a bit of U.S. dub later). Due to the big gap between then and now, the perception is very off, so my quest now is to find a novice animblogger with a penchant for rewatching classics (kind of like Theowne’s December Binge, only for series) and get a second opinion.

But still, what if Precure really is that much better? SM came to define anime in the mainstream together with DBZ enough for Robot Chicken to make that memorable skit. Max Heart is not even licensed. So, what else have the R1 importation industry had beed hiding from the American fans?

Fresh Precure candy

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

So, I was shopping for foods in a local store when I spied this:

Leaving aside the bizarre circumstances that brought Fresh Precure candy to America, where Fresh Precure is not broadcast, consider this: each Cure has her own flavour, which you can sample by sucking on a designated candy. As Evirus teaches us, each type is appropriately named “peach”, “blueberry”, and “pine” (can’t wait to give her a try).

Characters on the bag look much better than in screencaps. Stupid Toei.

UPDATE: The bag also includes candy for “Chiffon” and “Tarte”, the magical animal sidekicks. Labelling on the back of the bag makes it clear that it was intented to have only two. I don’t know exactly how the 3rd cure transforms… But all 3 carry the usual holster.

Pine tastes like… something long forgotten. But definitely nothing like pinon. Maybe she was supposed to be a pineapple?

For those who are interested in this sort of thing, the keyboard is IBM Ultranav.


Monday, June 14th, 2010

First I watched ep.13 of Sunred, in which Red explains how heroes get upgrades in the mid-series in order to fight more powerful enemies, and then I watched ep.23 of Max Heart where… cures receive braces.


Also: the explanation is accompanied by the dramatic music, then Red says “… Deshou?”, pushes the box away, and the music cuts off. It’s a basic trick, but it works.

Max Heart ends

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Does it make sense to watch Max Heart without watching the original Pretty Cure? This question was answered in the affirmative for other series before, at least by some. And the DTO debacle helped.

The grind was soul-crushing. If the 39 episodes of Akazukin were tough, the 47 episodes of Max Heart were gruelling. Every time I come off a series this long, I swear never do it again.

But was it worth the effort? Was it worth letting the blog flounder without the contemporary series? Living without Yamada? Without K-ON2 even? I am not really sure. The bulk of content in Max Heart is the daily trouble in girl’s life. I expected some of that, but it was surprising how little the ostensible plot of saving the world played a part. Comparing it with Marimite is a bit unfair, because the issues Yumi dealt with were largely empty and meaningless, whereas Nagisa and crew grew up for real. But it will do.

BTW, did you ever watch a series so annoying that you start rooting for the bad guys? Max Heart was not one of those, but I have to admit, when the evil trio gave it all in ep.46, I thought of the sadness of sacrifice while in an anime with a railroad plot.

One last point: I really hated the “Hope” deck for some reason. Just could not stand it. The rest of henshin and action decks were mostly bearable, including the “Improved Luminos” with the xelophone add-on (Luminos’ equivalent of “Hope”). I think it started when creators brought back the frames of cures looking at bracers with suprised and dumbfounded expressions.

Liked: Meh
Rewatch: No