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In before Railgun

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Here’s a quick rundown of shows I want to finish before Railgun‘s sword falls:

K-ON2: Pixy and WAH were impressed and I liked the original.

Katanagatari: Don called it. And Don called OER, too.

Kurau: This I actually knew about before Nick Istre saw it, and before the poster was put up in my bathroom. But it kept teasing by falling out of Netflix’ availability. Finally, FUNi posted it to Youtube, same way as Campanella. Looks like last chance!

Ninomiya-kun: This is kinda cheating, because it was safely postponed and forgotten, but Crunchy suddenly started showing it. Supposedly it’s some kind of ecci comedy.

The Third: Not sure really if want. Kadokawa’s obnoxious previews were intriguing.

So yeah, not many excuses left, K-ON2 is the only solid one. The Third is really stretching it, and I may be cutting off some.

P.S. Macademi is open already. Campanella has just ended. Also formally running are Full Moon, Gatakei, and true tears, the last being de-facto cancelled after ep.5 (I packed DVDs away), just wasn’t blogged.


Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

I will meet you on the other side of the veil.

Liveblogging Railgun 01

Monday, April 25th, 2011

This is tough work, might as well make it fun as much as possible.

  • Impossible not to regognize Satomi Arai as Kuroko
  • Improbably, can’t remeber who is Mikoto and who is Kuroko (until one of them opens her mouth). Kuroko – longer hair.
  • Mitsuko (CV: Minako Kotobuku – nicely different from Tsumugi). Must refrain from liking her, it would be bad.
  • All this esper shit and measuring is offensive, but perhaps I’m just channeling my hate of Railgun into it.
  • In case anyone is wondering how anyone can like Railgun, I know the answer: Massive Groping. Now I understand.
  • These two must be Uiharu and Saten. Second off-the-frame upskirt in the ep.
  • OK, Saten is crap. Uiharu is uke.
  • 08:48 L0 is no power. What is she doing in Ac.City, then?
  • 11:24 A secret plan for “date” – mildly amusing.
  • 15:30 Frog-bonding. This is bearable, like K-ON2. The question is what else is in store.
  • 20:07 Considering how I should stand up to Kuroko. Using her hubris and talk-in-fight may be helpful. Tricking her into a teleporting together with an attached grenade would be awesome. Yes. Very nice indeed. Not while under control of the anime writers’ typewriter in the sky, of course…
  • 22:05 ED at alst.

I think I can live with Saten, now that she received her richly deserved boot to the face. She is on probation. The rest of them though… Have to compliment Misaka on not having the yandere angle for now.

UPDATE: I keep trolling Steven recently. Oh, well.

Railgun begins

Friday, April 29th, 2011

The defining feature of early Railgun for me is the tension between the fun antics of the main quartet and the horror that lurks just below the surface: the brutal dystopia where espers are raised: Dune’s prison planet with a smiling face. I was chuckling at hapless Kuroko through the ep.2, but could not laugh.

One funny outcome of this is how Kuroko’s raging lesbian schtick does nothing to destroy the show, while exactly the same part ruined S.ifr. The difference is that the omni-present, oppressive horror of Railgun is so dominating that small things are in the noise. In a boisterous and fun show they played a different role.

In any case, my job is to complete it and thus get on to something promising, like IS.

Suguru on Nichijou

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

I Am Wouldo Cube:

I was close to dropping Nichijou after the first epsiode – you could say it’s Azumanga on crack, but I didn’t like the cast nearly as much as Azumanga or Lucky Star’s.

I was close to dropping Nichijou after the fourth episode. Cannot stand how Prof. abuses Nano. But images from Suguru’s entry seem intriguing enough to limp along a bit more.

BTW, for some reason I was surprised to learn that “nichijou” is actually a word, from Railgun, no less. In ep.2 Saten says “自分の日常に戻りたい” == “I want my everyday life to return”. I thought it was some kind of made-up word, like “hagedou” (“禿同” – note the wrong kanji for “激しい”).

Railgun ends

Friday, July 1st, 2011

After dragging it out for a two months, I finally put a stake through this affair. So, was the horror realized? No, it wasn’t. Railgun is nowhere as disturbing as original Nanoha and all the apprehension was for nothing. There wasn’t anything in it for me to like, but it’s ridiculous what circus I made from it. Usually lesser bloggers use the epithet “forgettable” in such cases.

Poor Mitsuko Kongo (CV: Minako Kotobuki): she is not a main character.

Just one more thing. At CJ’s one “lvlln” proclaims:

The Railgun side show failed just as hard, except that it mainly consisted of a poorly conceived and executed story of friendship.

I beg to differ, as Railgun‘s story of friendship was quite well executed, for generic anime. It has no subtlety of Azumanga, power of Gurren-Lagann, or tragedy of Figure 17, but it is competently made. A little too by the numbers, perhaps. If this is a hard failure, what is left to say about actual failures?

If I wanted to make grand pronouncements, I would aim for something like this:

<Kurogane> i wouldn’t say Railgun was on the level of torture.
<Kurogane> it was mediocre but it had some moments.

But mostly I just want to move on.

UPDATE: No way, I did not agree to any OVAs. Steven definitely was the decisive influence, as he edged me on with special posts… The honor that not even President Obama receives often. But in the end it is what it is. BTW, I addressed his question of “too much lesbian jokes” directly in the opening bracket.

UPDATE: Aside from the friendship angle, I particulary noted the way Railgun saved Kiyama from the self-destructive spiral of “ends-justify-means” evil, from which usually there is no exit. It was just as well-presented as the friendship, only not realized by the bloggers.