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Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Via RLV & Space Transport News comes a report about the skin-tight spacesuit development.

I wrote that it was not a fiction before, but still, it does not hurt to repeat. Rocket Girls is not porn. It’s engineer’s porn.

For the rest of us, Don has better pictures.

One note I forgot to post was how the race for space supremacy was illustrated with a Chinese manned booster taking flight.

Addendum on Mangosteen’s specs

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

When Shuttle landed today, the deorbit burn continued for 213 seconds and 246 mph of delta-V, or 109 m/s. According to an eyecatch around ep.11 or so, Mangosteen was specced for 800 m/s with Akane and Yukari onboard. This is the excess performance which allowed it to reach a 3000 km apogee (although, remember that SSA makes OMS to fire for circularization, so that ate some of the delta-V).

One odd thing that bothers me is how the probe was supposed to be in a nearly circular 3000 km orbit, but Mangosteen did no circularization burn, as far as I can tell. If so, they should have had a significant velocity differential at the point of meeting. Oh well, artistic license. They showed Shuttle firing wrong engines in space, but that was expected. Everyone does it.

Rocket Girls and Danny Choo

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

Danny made a post about a new(?) figurine of Yukari of Rocket Girls and asked:

Never did get round to finishing off Rocket Girls but after seeing this figure am thinking of picking it up again – any thoughts on the anime?

I wrote about it before:

As an anime, it [Rocket Girls] fails, in my view. Deforming characters, insufferable 3D inserts, and the overall amateurish and excessively computerized flavour did it in. But as a statement, it endures. Although sponsored by the mega-buraucracy of JAXA, which does its utmost to copy the worst of NASA, the show nonetheless had decidedly NewSpace-ish bend. And this makes me hopeful.

I suppose I was a bit too harsh, it was bad but not that bad. Anyway, see for yourself. If you can survive the first two episodes, you’re in: it only gets better as the staff learns on the job.

P.S. I have to say, that figurine is damn sexy, although I am not quite sure if it portrays the way the suit is put together faithfuly. I think a skintight suit should have a thermal control layer under the pressure layer, just like a traditional gas-pressure suit. Otherwise Yukari would bake in a matter of minutes.

P.P.S. The author of Scrumptious says that she never heard of Rocket Girls. I suppose this is what we have heavyweights like Danny for — to spread the gospel. But I wonder, how many other great titles I have never heard about? Heck, nobody heard about? Until “two weeks” ago Shingu was in that category…

Rocket Girls and the reality

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Thanks to their policy of unprecentented openness, the today’s update at SpaceX contains a few interesting pictures, which really bring up memories of adventures with Yukari Morita.

First up, the hypersonic flow:

SSA Mangosteen

SpaceX Dragon

Colors are not directly comparable. In case of Mangosteen, the temperature is shown (presumably), but it’s a “pressure coefficient” for Dragon.

Next, the heat shield:

SSA Mangosteen

SpaceX Dragon

One thing which may be difficult to appreciate is just how big the Dragon is when compared to Mangosteen, not to mention Tanpopo. The base diameter of Mangosteen is 2.1m, but Dragon is 3.6m wide. Mangosteen tips the scales at 1880kg, but Dragon pulls almost 9 tonnes, of which the hypergolic propellants alone take 1200kg. The tiny tiles in Mangosteen’s heat shield are 4 to 6 times smaller than those of the Dragon.

Rocket Girls again

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

I was scanning quickly through Rocket Girls to grab a few screencaps of credits (for some reason I thought it was interframed in Vietnam, like ef, and I hoped to match the names of interframers, but it turned out that I remembered wrong, and Rocket Girls were farmed to China and Korea), and then I suddenly understood my folly.

Forget the heat shield doors, forget the controversy of the LOX-oxydized hybrid. It simply is such a fun show. I missed it so much. Out of the current crop, only Bamboo Blade gives the same vibe, and still cannot match.

I’m not going to call RG “realistic” anymore. From now on, it’s officially “fun”.

Omo completes ef

Monday, December 24th, 2007

Seen at Omo’s today:

Not long ago I finished the last episode of ef – a tale of memories. It’s by far the most impressive anime of 2007. Sadly that’s just my impression and not a lasting opinion tested with time, but it was hard to deny that ef was a gimmick intended to impress. Much like Zetsubo Sensei and Hidamari Sketch, ef is the product of SHAFT, the same studio and pretty close to the same production team.

I’m so envious of raw watchers. Currently I’m batching the last 3 episodes of ef to marathon it. But I’m pleased to know that ef’s ending went well with Michaelhim. Honestly, it was a concern (which is not gone completely yet, SDB loved ending of Vandread, I hated it, but I’m “cautiously optimistic”). Also:

In the case of Seirei no Moribito, it was honestly pre-licensed as the flagship show kicking off Production IG’s 10th anniversary (IG is already one badass animation studio in Japan, not to mention the show is based on an acclaimed novel series to as well). In the case for Dennou Coil, it’s a primetime NHK project with 8 years in the making and a lot of anticipation (and no hype!). It bugs the hell out of me simply because I see what’s so good about those two shows, yet neither manages to make me care about them very much; yet I can’t stop talking about crappy shows like these SHAFT offerings [ef, SZS, and Hidamari].

Indeed. And an ouch for Dennou Coil. I think I’ll complete it one day, maybe, when it’s on Netflix.

FRIDGE UPDATE: I think we can add Rocket Girls to the coveted list of crappy shows of 2007 which beat the pants of flagship productions as far as interesting their viewers. It’s the most fun and exciting show, where ef is most moving and touching. And it wasn’t made by SHAFT, so being interesting is not some special SHAFT magic. BTW, Omo knew about it.

She fit into capsuel

Monday, December 31st, 2007

Brickmuppet posted an image with, among a serious political message, an alternative re-enactment of the infamous press-conference (unfortunately, written by an agitated teen):

I’m just a schoolgirl who fit in the capsule..and my sister here is…
No it’s not actually nepotism… It’s kinda complicated… but she fit in the capsuel too.
No she doesn’t look a thing like me… Like I said, it’s complicated.

Man, I so can see that. In reality, Director intervened to suppress the information that Matsuri was Yukari’s sister (BTW, has anyone noticed that Matsuri never uses kanji for her name?). But if not, it would be even more fun. Since SSA is not a government agency, they can appoint anyone they want, monkeys, twins, Konata Izumi…

Well unzipped

Monday, January 14th, 2008

As seen at (the item was posted in 2006, but I only saw it now):

Alt.Space becomes Art.Space! This manga-styled poster, drawn by Glenn Andrean of Altiz-Studio depicts a young rocket engineer as she completes a successful flight test of a VTVL RLV. []

Manga-styled, heh. The logo on the Tee of the girl and the DC-X lookalike in the background bothers me. I know I saw it before, but where? DC-X had a different one (X-shaped).

Poor Naoko-chan

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

And so, Takao Doi rocketed into space today, while one and the only seyuu astronaut remains on the ground. From the mission planning standpoint, there is no controversy. Mr. Doi is a veteran and his previous performance was excellent, so it makes sense to select him. On the other hand, some people speculated that the pressure of ruthless competition with other overachievers and then being kept in a moldy storage in Houston was what made Liza Novak to snap.

BEI licenses Rocket Girls

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

My wildest dreams have come true (via — only found it through a backlink, because DiGiKerot’s summary mentioned Geass and nothing else).

As a bonus, RG is licensed by the sane half of Bandai.