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8 minutes to particles

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

My enigneer’s disease is a bit different from the classic case, since I’m far too lazy to bother in plot holes. An attack only happens when I see something specific and exclaim “HO EFFING WAY!” In case of the Coriolis Force, my instinct was to challenge the amount of deflection that accrues in the stream of water falling from the kettle into the cup. Can it be large enough to warrant a warning? [1] Actually it turned out to be noticeable due to the time it takes for the liquid to fall. So I had to delete 3/4 of the post that turned out to be an erroneous rant.

When they declared that flare particles would take 8 minutes to arrive, I bridled immediately. 8 minutes is how much it takes for the light of the Sun to reach Earth. If it takes something another 10 minutes from the observation, the something is moving with the half of the speed of light. Is that credible?

I didn’t need to google anything. My father edited (and co-wrote) a college textbook about the Sun-Earth environment, and in chapter 2 clause 6 Dr. B. Fillipov states that a flare takes 2 to 3 days to reach Earth; a warning from the SOHO observatory, currently orbiting at Sun-Earth L1 point, arrives about 3 hours before the storm.

So if it were Earth that Amaterus orbited, the set-up would’ve been not credible. However, that star may be emitting, say, relativistic neutrons. Somehow.

Now I want to unseal the return envelope to listen to Sanri’s scream (Mamiko Noto — maybe I should remember her).

UPDATE: Dad e-mailed to clarify that typical speed of the particles is 350-550 km/s, with some eruptions pushing up to 1500 km/s. That’s right, 187 times faster than the speed of an orbiting satellite. But it’s still only 0.5% of the speed of light.

[1] One weird thing about the warning is its ad-hoc nature. You would expect the management to print the warning in stenciled letters on the kettle. What gives?

Starship Operators ends

Monday, October 19th, 2009

It started so well, but the bullshit was steadily growing in the final episodes until I only wanted it over with. Magic attacks and tactics, gravity in the axial passage to shuttle, convenient plotting, and… Truman? Seriously? I would not claim that Starship OPS reached the GONZO levels of ending collapse, but this anime really wasn’t Banner of the Stars.

By the way, one of the criticisms sometimes levelled against Banner is how the opposing side is not given a voice. In S/OPS, it is. And did it help much? I wonder.

Liked: Meh
Rewatch: No

Starship Operators and failed triptychs

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

I was quite satisfied with the triptych that I made for Marimite, but alas, it’s difficult to hit the right tone every time.

This may be a bit too obscure. Nanoha is supposed to express my dissatisfaction with the outright magic and implausible combat that is completely railroaded by the creators with Deux Ex Machina as a locomotive. To make it more unfortunate, some may remember that Nanoha made me stop enjoying anime. SOPS was nowhere as bad; I would rather avoid that connotation.

This one is a bit of a lie. Using Nadesico is difficult for technical reasons: when I scanned my screencap collections for this, I realized that I almost never take pictures of mecha and starships, and for Nadesico I have none. What I really expected was Nadesico’s zanniness. The bemused Yuriko helps a little bit, but still it’s not the same. Last Exile‘s bullshit in the end was almost perfect, except that again, there aren’t good visuals.

I wish someone did better with more humour, like this classic:

It’s funny because it’s true, yes. But that’s not all. The decline in quality of direction towards the end of Starship Operators is true too, but to express it visually is a different thing entirely.

Lolikit on Mouretsu Pirates 03

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

In a tweet:

watched Mouretsu Space Pirates 3: noise in space. SEEMS LIKE THE SUCCESSOR TO STARSHIP OPERATORS IS NOT HERE YET

But of course. For one thing, reportedly, Mr. Sato aimed to eliminate romance from Mouretsu Pirates. A bonehead move for sure. Remember Kyoichi Moriguchi and Harumi Mineo? Does Tatsuo Sato? It was his best anime, Shingu. As for Starship Operators, I remember only 3 things about it now:

  1. Bullshit ending and “Truman”
  2. Magically contrieved deus-ex ship combat
  3. Sanri’s scream — the only redeeming feature of the series

Of course Mouretsu is not SP, duh. How could it be!