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Sorakake 01

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Not seen anything quite as robust since possibly ever. Outdoes Mac F and Arashi 01. Speaking of which, need to see more to be sure before thanking Moogy.

Sorakake begins

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

I tried to watch Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo before, but it did not go well, purely for technical reasons. There was an issue with fansubs, and the dialog is too difficult for me to take raw. Fortunately, the anime is old enough to pop at Bakabt now, so that problem is no more.

Raging Lesbians Check!

And the result? I stand by my past evaluation. It’s a wonderfully robust series, the kind I really wanted to see in the sea of romantic comedies, sophomoric comedies, and slice-of-life comedies. The way the plot zig-zags ahead reminds me about the things that were said about Geass, but I don’t care. As long as it romps, even huge plot holes do not bother me.

Miyafuji, is that you?

Speaking of bother, I am honestly surprised how little I am bothered by the weird character designs. Faces are strangely mis-shapen all the time, but it’s all right. Well, I was unconcerned with heads in Manabi, too.

One other design observation: many characters are dressed pretty much like Strike Witches, but it’s all right too: a) not a fetish, b) space fashion!

The voicework is not taking any scalps, but what’s funny is how some of it is instantly recognizable. I guessed correctly at Takaya Kuroda as the voice of Kinoshita in Rocket Girls, and at MAKO as Yurie-sama of Kamichu. On general grounds, Aya Endo should be complimented for her handling of Itsuki.

Never piss off Imo-chan.

I am already making favourites, even though I know it’s going to end badly. Itsuki (the cop) is deliciously direct. The setup is like Full Metal Panic, only the individual in question is not a dumb comic relief. But also, you know what? Nami (psychotic sister) needs a good hug, and I hope she’s getting one.

These two need donuts badly.

Side characters are pretty neat too. The joke duo of beat officers is just like the same from Magical Play, but in the nicest possible way. Privately I expect something similar in case of the two inept assassins who are afraid of blood — Miu and Bu. I want Julio and Neneko (classmates) to have a bright future too.

Finally, I remember how much was made of Leopard’s balls by bloggers. I didn’t even blink at it. Look, this season they broadcast an anime about hamster called “Nipples”. My expectations were thoroughly reset by the Ambitious Japan in the past year.

SoraKake fails

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

My interest in Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo was largely instigated by Moogy’s “spiritual successor” post. I do not like either HiME (since the early encouter) or Otome. In case of the latter, I only watched S.ifr 01 and read SDB’s blogging of Zwei, but it made me thinking that I would not mind something in the same vein. That was the hope for Sorakake: like the rest of the happy family in spirit, but perhaps less objectionable.

And it is. Unfortunately, it’s also not very interesting. Or, rather, it’s not very interesting after about ep.7. It starts very well, but then goes into unfolding of the central conflict, and loses itself there. I cleared ep.9 (the baseball filler), getting more and more bored, and pretty much watched to see what happens to Nami. Then in ep.11 they made her an agent of Nerval. What a waste, especially since OP promised more. And it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

SoraKake, a visual retrospective

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Looking for the one-screenshot representative for the failure announcement, I laughed a few times, so Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo is getting a retrospective for the first 11 episodes as a public service and a consolation prize. I used up a few good screencaps in the opening bracket post, but there were a few more left, not to worry.

This is Itsuki. She is my favourite. I really like the way the age-old stereotype of “man from mountains” was played here (and I never liked FMP). Plus, she’s just cool. And maybe a coodere too… A man can hope, right?

This is Akiha. She is the main character. She’s not bad… Also, look at her go. BTW, the weird shape of character faces is on a first-class display here. Why does Manabi get a bad rap for design, but Sorakake gets a pass? Look, I’m not saying Sorakake was unwatcheable because of it, or anything like that, but clearly a few critics have double standards.

This is Nami. She offered a tantalizing promise for 10 episodes that came to nothing.

Itsuki and Akiha: two worthy foils and great partners (Itsuki is in her schoolgirl guise).

Itsuki fanservice. Least you think I’m biased toward her, she gets basically a gravure photoshoot in ep.10 (with Hako being a cameragirl… I did not see anything like that since Haruka Amami flashed her boobs at Imber — who also recorded it).

Oh, and an accidentially naked Itsuki for good measure. Of course everything interesting was cut around.

One thing I appreciated in particular was how the mecha got integrated into the background, in the Vandread/Stellvia style. And it was ridiculously cool, too — despite being in the background (e.g. the setup opposide of Gundam).

The “fuuuuu” moment cracks me up.

The Team Rocket was adorable. Adorable! BTW, I cannot understand the rules according to which the QT marks appear and disappear at faces. Akiha’s apparently come through when she suits up. But Itsuki wears them while in civvies on a couple of occasions.

Seeing Team Rocket’s backsides made me realize that GONZO and AIC just cannot draw butts… Strike Witches was supposed to be all about camel toe and butts, and yet neither GONZO nor AIC managed to draw it well. Without seeing an alternative, viewers may not even realize the depths of GONZO’s incompetence, but then Sunrize comes along and completely demolishes SW — in passing.

I would not say this Emily was better than in SW2, but this one was in space. Or, rather, inside a space colony… The city lights in the sky are seen across the cylinder.