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CJ on Strike Witches

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

{UPDATE: Team blog strikes again (but this time I don’t have the excuse of theme making the post’s author less obvious, so fail indeed; they even have a correct Creator tag in the feed).}

CJ watched [actually, Crisu did; see above — Author] the little OVA and apparently misses the whole honking point. Her review never mentions the overdramatic musical score (“Like watching Victory at Sea”), the identity of aces, even the Stonehedge Stonehenge. I was going to complain when Daniel said on #animeblogger: “At least she enjoyed it.”

In a weird twist of fate, CJ nearly put me into the postition of silly people who claim that Lucky Star cannot be enjoyed unless you pick the references. I am here to report it false (I hated the Initial D parody and the cosplay caffe, but there’s more to Lucky Star than just those). So, someone watches Strike Witches without knowing her Sakai from her Hartmann, and… still likes it.

And it’s great.

I had doubts about the viability of longer series, because it seemed inconceivable for creators to carry the out of this world awesomeness of the little OVA into a longer format. And it still may suck royally. But CJ proved that it does not have to.

UPDATE: Lolikit points out the obvious mis-spelling. But isn’t Stonehenge a big stone hedge anyway? OK, I fail. Nothing is left but to invoke the Uneducated Redneck Blogging defence.

Strike witches at BOST

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

I interrupt the unboxing and fighting with a leaking crack in a cultured marble in order to report that rumors of BOST’s demise were exaggerated, apparently. The only downside I see is, with other studios not giving their stuff to BOST to sell they will be more and more joined at the hip with GONZO, which is not terribly healthy… BTW, good thing I haven’t wrote any fanfics for Strike Witches. They are going to create a whole new canon, can you imagine the disappointment in case of a conflict?

Strike Witches TV

Friday, July 4th, 2008

As was mentioned at Minaide Hazukashii and Chizumatic, the no-pantsu part is way too prominent. We will be fortunate if it’s something like the ginormous breasts of Divergence Eve. I might add, I would not like it personally even with the megatits subtracted, but let’s talk in general, as an example of a solid story with a strange and disturbing visual element. Or consider the giant heads of Manabi.

Somewhat processed notes follow.

OP is sung by Yoko Ishida. Despite being happy for her getting a gig at last (I think we didn’t hear her in anime since AMG TV), the song is rather uninspiring. I wish she snatched another Towa no Hana to boost her sagging career. She is a talented singer. The competition is rather tough these days, especially from up-an-coming CAPSLOCK people. I was incredilous when MAKO stole Kamichu (a Geneon production), but ELISA did a very strong job with ef… It is tough for poor Ishida-san.

It took me a while to convince myself that I see a GONZO production. The designs looked like something from J.C.Staff.

Yoshika’s Mom and Grandma wear normal clothes.

The kid Sakamoto in the picture wears the insignia of Major (or something very similar to it). Umm…

Neuroi have strangely poor aim.

Japanese lessons:

  • 先生呼んでくるね (I better call a teacher, eh) — I have a trouble using kuru/morau/ageru, since neither of languages I knew before had such a form. I continue to get by without unless it’s a request, but in Japanese these forms are far more common and carry an important meaning.
  • おことわりします (No, thank you) — Never heard this before. Another idiom.
  • ーはかせ — Does this mean Dr. or Prof.?

Overall, I’m not sure if I should continue this. I don’t see anything outstanding.

UPDATE: Crisu has a roundup at CJ’s.

LATER UPDATE: Omo’s take is, “Just because the premise is ludicrous doesn’t mean there’s a license to goof around.”

Wonderduck on Strike Witches

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Wonderduck saw the the no-pants show:

Pants would make it difficult to get into the Striker Unit, and perhaps the Striker Unit needs direct contact with the witch to work.

I wish it made that much sense, but unfortunately for that theory, nobody in Yoshika’s school wears pants either. Not even a mini-skirt. I prefer the explanation that creators do not have respect for their own story.

Then name most of the characters after WWII fighter pilots (Erika Hartmann, Sanya Litvak {who is NOT a trap, darnit!}, Charlotte Yeager, etc etc etc), and it just gets better and better.

I have created this idiotic meme in Steven’s comments by observing that a) Miss Litvyak was the only female prototype, and b) Sanya is a shortening for Alexander/Alexandra not commonly applied to females. Now I just feel embarrassed blogging this. Not even Nekona made that observation. Speaking of which, Nekona made another: the series is too short to give every character screen time. Therefore, it’s likely that we’ll never know anything about Sanya’s background, and so fans can continue to entertain their sick fantasies. Oh well, it’s not much worse than “Gimly is a girl (and Legolas figures it out)”.

Who liked Strike Witches TV

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

I searched high and low and lo and behold, a positive impression of Strike Witches TV:

My first reaction was, “Sky Girls, except better.” The characters are cuter, the setting is nicer and the fanservice is plentiful. Gonzo has really been letting me down lately, but they may have a winner here. The first episode wasn’t totally great, but this show could really go places. Like in my pants.

UPDATE: Now he added a comic and artist’s commentary for it.

Strike Witches TV 02

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

I stated on IRC that I will drop these series if Rie Tanaka is not getting a line in the next episode, and… she didn’t. I saved a few screencaps.

The ballsy sailors were pretty amusing.

Sakamoto’s katana is magic. In a way, it’s better than a lightsaber.

The lighting in the scene between Yoshika and the Striker Unit was rather corny, but it teetered on the verge of a good taste. They did worse in ef in places. But the steam covering the deck elevator was way on the wrong side.

I think I’ll keep my word. This production is nice, but not worth the price.

Hartmann-chan and friends

Friday, July 11th, 2008

For an anime I’m supposedly dropping, I pay too much attention to Strike Witches. I’m not alone though. Whatever the fetish is, something caught a few imaginations in it. Check out the picture:

Google was unable to crack the “luftsieg”, which I take a sign of being written in Gelman or Doitchi instead of German [see below — Author]. In any case, Hartmann-chan is being congratulated on her 200th victory. Of course individual victories are completely ridiculous in the context of Strike Witches, where witches attack Neroi capital ships, but hey, it’s in good fun. The lady with the camera is based of Gerhard Barkhorn, who was at a time Erich Hartmann’s CO. In the anime, Wilcke is the CO (she is holding the wreath and looks somewhat displeased).

Figures in the background almost look stolen from an old photograph, but in this case I don’t think I saw it. It would be curious to identify…

UPDATE: Helpful people at #animedvd confirmed that “luftsieg” is a real word.

UPDATE 2008/11/23: Apparently, it’s not fanart, but a scan from an artbook.

Strike Witches TV 02: notes

Monday, July 14th, 2008

I should have added these to the previous post, but I lost the piece of paper with them. Yes, I’m that senile. Consider this a ploy to up the post count.

  • Sakamoto’s uniform is buttoned on the “male” side, which is probably logical for Japan. I heard the yukatas has wrapped on the same side across sexes there, so…
  • At one point Sakamoto says: それでも ふそうの なでしこか? translated as: “And you call yourself a maiden of Fuso?” So, “nadeshiko” can be a generic for “maiden”. I wonder if I should go further and talk about character types of Nadeshiko Yamato vs. Nadeshiko Fuso. Probably not.
  • Yoshika’s duty is “shimei”, not “gimu”. I guess she does not own it to any senior.
  • Fighters they are flying were rather antique… Intarweb says that Akagi carried A5M, so that’s what they are.
  • Looks like Bishop hit the core from a kilometer away. I wonder if her magic can provide stabilization and the computation for the trajectory, like aviation gunsights do today.

Strike Witches 03

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Good news: Rie Tanaka receives some lines. Bad news: most of the rest.


  • “You are I are in the navy, so you don’t have to call me Major” — “Sakamoto-san” seems to be good enough. Kinky Japanese.
  • Wilke seems to take the need to herd cats in stride, but I wonder how she is going to address Perrine’s insubordination.
  • Individual scores are part of the canon. Bizarre. Sure, we *heart* Hartmann-chan, but…
  • For all that was said, Rie Tanaka sounds a lot like Aya Hisakawa in this role. Her ability to select an image and stick to it is outstanding, but does she even have her own voice?
  • Tons of pairing and clustering is in the group. Obviously Sakamoto and Wilke get along well together, then we have daughters of frozen wastelands, mismatched bonkuras, and the enlisted duo. This pretty much leaves Barkhorn and Hartmann on their own, and Cloistermann forming Strike Witches’ Kaorin.

SDB was right as usual:

On the other hand, if the show drops into “team-mate of the week” mode for a while and gives everyone their own focus episode, it could get tedious. And since this is a full-season series, I think that’s likely.

We’ll just have to suffer through it. Only nine others besides Sakamoto and Miyafuji.

Next episode is Barkhorn, and they even placed a hook for her into this episode, not counting the preview.

UPDATE: Steven observed that I “was less impressed than [he] was.” It is true… I appreciate the story, but the nopants was just too much. Also, the way our newbies dinked their Striker Units was terrible, especially since I suspect they are going to be like new come the next episode.

Ubu on J.P’s pic on Strike Witches

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Regarding the bust size chart J.P. linked at the very bottom, Ubu asks:

I had assumed that the Japanese text was a translation of their names, but if you look at it, there’s English punctuation throughout. In fact, Eila Juutilainen’s is only a question mark. So what are they saying?

It’s a bit tough for me to figure out, but these phrases appear to be their remarks in regards to their chart position. I looked up a couple of them:

Sakamoto: 泣くな宮藤 (“crying Miyafuji” (?) [Please feel free to e-mail me if you know what this actually means — Author.])

Perrine: 屈辱 (くつじょく)です…ね (“humiliating, isn’t it”)

Sanya: 特に…何も (“nothing in particular”)

Or perhaps they are just general character notes. In that case, Perrine is humiliated by Mijafuji’s friendly terms with Mrs. Sakamoto, and not [only] her bust size.

You know, this Japanese thing is kinda fun.

UPDATE: Andrew emails:

泣くな宮藤 = Don’t cry, Miyafuji. Adding な to the end of a verb produces an informal negative imperative form. Basically, it tells someone not to do something. So 食べるな = Don’t eat, 見るな = Don’t look, and so on. One wishes that all of Japanese grammar were so simple…

Thanks. If I wanted to say “don’t cry”, I would use “泣かないで”. Which may not be correct; no idea where I picked that form.

UPDATE: J.Greely emailed with:

Nakanaide is a request (“Please don’t cry”), shortened from nakanaide kudasai; nakuna is an order (“You! Don’t cry!”).