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Sunred fails

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

I’m ready to love the formula, but Sunred does not deliver. The Ruffians in Jubei-chan were more entertaining to watch.

Obviously I was wrong to expect something as great as Oh Edo Rocket.

By the way, why half-length episodes? It’s the same size as Dokuro-chan.

Momotato on 2008

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Of course I’ve seen the yearly update of Momotato, I just don’t know how to react. His 2007 selection made sense, but the 2008 one makes no sense, almost. The little bit of sense that I extracted was that Sunred was available on Nico-nico, and since Momotato apparently has affinity to Nico, he zoomed in on it with all his might, in the same way I cheered Druaga at BOST (the simulcast in R1 and AHMEEEEEEEEY!). But otherwise all I can do is to shrug.

The oneliners were sort of all right, but lacked the punch. He’s not saying anything we didn’t know before, e.g. Mac F had an inconcusive ending. Where is my coal tower, dammit!

Another one consumed by the gaming Borg, I guess.

Check out what Moy[ism] has to say:

I guess it wouldn’t be the new years without Momotato’s yearly blog post? Honestly enough of us “old timers” who are still active pimp the man enough as is but the fact we still do so shows just how much he’s missed… and how no one has yet to capture his unique charm.

Indeed. Damn that Borg.

Sunred retake

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

I wasn’t happy with Tentai Senshi Sunred when it aired, but I was made to watch it again at the club, and it makes a bit more sense now. The jokes are pretty funny, but more importantly, they do not wear out despite the ostensible repetition.

In addition, Kayoko is ridiculously hot, because she’s so woman-like.

UPDATE, in which I agree with WAH (of all people!):

[] Another thing that makes Sunred funny is how deep it plunges its heroes and villains into the stereotypically mundane Japanese lifestyle. As such, making the characters pay for things in dollars, as well as citing American brands as opposed to Japanese ones robs the show of its cultural flavour. Sunred thrives on references to local and nationally known things.

Of course, raw is the way to go. But the screencap above should not be taken as an indication that I am in any way or shape capable of understanding Sanred raw. I was so immensely proud when I got the gist of the plot to catch Kayoko, between the rabbit and the dog dude, but that really is the limit. Go, ANBU! Make it accessible! Not that I personally would download it…

UPDATE: Price of Sunred’s bike goes lower in every episode.

The Ideal Woman

Monday, March 29th, 2010

The anime industry worked on this product for a long time. Dozens of various approaches were taken, but the result always fell short: just a bit too fantastic, too creepy, too unstable, too artificial, or even too ideal.

But our long wait is finally over.

The ideal woman. Just typing these words fills me with awe. Truly I did not expect to see her in my lifetime, or even before the heat death of the universe. And yet, her creation seems accidental, like that of penicillin. All it took was a return to basics.

Sunred bis

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

For the benefit of people who I, somewhat inadvertently, trolled into watching the silly thing — my notes real quick, Animanachronism-style:

+ Animation quickly refines the expressive style after 2 eps.
   – Even so, don’t expect eye candy. It’s more Kaiba than Moribito.
   – They fill in the OP gradually as they animate it.
+ As I said: “Kayoko is ridiculously hot, because she’s so woman-like.”
   – May take some life experience to see it.
      + Thereafter, her sheer brilliance makes it worth to endure Sunred.

+ Sunred is not always a jerk.
   – But when he is, he makes me fume (like the time he stole Vamp’s bicycle).
   – They also front-loaded most of the worst in Season 1.
+ Momotato and WAH loved Sunred.
   – Not sure if for the right reasons; might like Ichizon too.

Otaku references in Sunred

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Every forumer and his dog recognized Tamaki in ep.24, but what about this in ep.14:

Hint: Hitagi Senjogahara.

There may be more. Zyl is a new fan, maybe I should ask him. {Update: Zyl e-mailed me that he’s taking detailed notes, so presumably we can expect a blog post either at Hontou ni or at Sea Slugs.}

Sunred, the visual retrospective

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

No entry in the storied Retrospective series is exactly like the other, and Sunred‘s is no different. But without futher ado, behold.

I may have been possibly joking now, but I was gravely serious previously. I really do think this is important.

Everyone would obviously recognize the grand finale of the first season, but what about the sequel? I feel that it does not measure up to the original, even with all faults of the latter. The segment where Red steals Vamp’s bicycle was terrible, and reminded me vividly just why I dropped the Sunred initially.

I saved a few screencaps with promiment buildings as pointers for the future anime tourism. This one is a bit different, because it’s local. BTW, Google failed to find “Curry House Teri”.

An accidential map, with strange mistakes by ANBU. I can understand translating “here too” as “Kawasaki”, but “Kanagawa” translated as “Kawasaki” obviously is a thinko.

Kawasaki City on Google

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

To help with anime tourism, I threw together a custom map on Google, although the success is partial so far. It was easy to find the major landmarks. The trip in ep.13 I mostly figured out, too (enough to find the curry house, I think). But the final shrine gate eludes me. The nearest srine does not quite look right.


Monday, June 14th, 2010

First I watched ep.13 of Sunred, in which Red explains how heroes get upgrades in the mid-series in order to fight more powerful enemies, and then I watched ep.23 of Max Heart where… cures receive braces.


Also: the explanation is accompanied by the dramatic music, then Red says “… Deshou?”, pushes the box away, and the music cuts off. It’s a basic trick, but it works.

Mori on group sizes

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

I think 3 is best for the long-term narrative construction. And one more thing:

Five implies a sentai show.

Right, but I was surprised to learn from Sunred that you can have a sentai group of 3 (e.g. Red himself as Weather Red, Weather Blue, and Weather Yellow).

BTW, Sunred 13 offers a great relationship advice. It works IRL. Due to its practical nature it’s a rare episode that I suggest watching with subtitles, unless you’re fully fluent.