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Wonderduck on Seitokai Yakuindomo

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Oh noes:

The difference between the two is pretty clearcut: Ichizon was funny.

Ichizon was nasty garbage (what’s worse, in a moment of weakness I fell for peer pressure and tried it twice). With that in mind, and knowing that my and Wonderduck’s tastes are usually diametrically opposed, I am likely to love Seitokai Yakuindomo. But there’s is no time! This season is crazily full as it is.

Seitokai Yakuindomo begins

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

This was sudden. Before I took a stock of the situation, I already watched six episodes. And just recently I thought I might quit anime altogether.

I blame the circumstances. I had a training flight cancelled, ostensibly due to thunderstorms, but actually I wasn’t feeling well anyway, and so I did not feel like working instead. Thus there was a gap. And although Shingu and Sunred are great and all, rewathing them over and over does get old. So I thought I’d have a short look at what Youtube has to offer… And the rest is history.

My expectations for this show were largely formed by Evirus calling it “crass” with “an element of tenderness”, which is what I would call just about everything these days, from Mitsudomoe to Kampfer. The formula works. And Seitokai Yakuindomo certainly delivers. Although, some of the attempts to insert interesting moments between the sex jokes left me very confused. I am talking about the umbrella-sharing segment in particular (ep.4). What were they trying to imply? When Nayuta and Hajime do it, it’s understandable. When Tsuda and Prez do… not so much. I suppose the lack of any plot into which these segments can be mapped is what makes the happenings weird.

Another strange thing, I still cannot open Gatakei propely. In 4 attempts, I managed to reach 07:57 into the episode 1. And that’s a show that I very much prepared to love. How does that work!

SYD ends, retrospective

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

There is not much to say about Seitokai Yakuindomo (S.Y.D.) in general except to confirm earlier predictions that it would succeed where Seitokai Ichizon failed. Perhaps it was not side-splittingly funny all the time, but equally it was not nasty like its rival. I even marathoned it in large chunks.

Liked: It was ok, even good at times.
Rewatch: Probably not, but won’t say no to a club screening.


Make no mistake, the teenage hormone overdose was the spine of the proceedings. One curious thing was how the creators honed the balance. First two or three episodes were very heavily loaded, followed by a ton of character development, and some oscillations thereafter as the right ratio was attained.

The generic gag also received a good space. Many of them caught me by surprise, unlike the ones rooted in the puberty.

GoHands’ art style does not sit well with me. It’s not as dis-shaped as, say, one in Sunrise’s SoraKake, but nonetheless something feels weird about it. It is pretty consistent and I see that they have done it with a purpose.

Just to show that they can do it when they want, a number of scenes with a wide variety of basic art was thrown in. I don’t mean only Georgi, but also chunks of the main show.

Perversely, I thought the simplified (e.g. SD-equivalent) scenes were very cute and I liked it more than the main show’s look. There was something of J.C.Staff in it. Shino looks like a loosely-wound, sex-obsessed Sakaki-san. I know about the “tall and dark” trope, but we’re talking the character art here.

Unattached notes:

I don’t have a screencap for Mako, but it was rather strange that embedded anime was better than its host. This may not be a fluke, since Mako appears in the host backgrounds, and does not have an entire show for herself like Geikandar 3.

In the beginning, it was really unsettling how voices invoked deja vu. It went double for Shintaro Asanuma, since I did not watch any shows with him. But when Satomi Arai’s character Hata appeared a few episodes down, the reaction was very different, since she is very recognizable.

I laughed out for the first time in ep.9, when the “writing talent” sequence built to its crescendo. It followed quickly with Igarashi receiving a request for “male student” in the mystery race. Another notable gag was Kotomi’s interview with Yokoshima (“scythe ran over stone” as Russians say).

Todoroki is the cutest robosexual ever. Alas, 2nd season is not going to happen.

UPDATE: Peter twitters: “My favorite bit: Takatoshi hallucinating a magical girl in his bed, and his bored reaction.” He neglected to mention it in the finale post. The bottom line was: “Don’t ask me why I watched this all the way through. I simply don’t know.” I assume the passage of time added a bit of perspective.

CKS on Lucky Star

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

There was comparison in the article about SYD:

The 4-koma base of the show was very distinct [in SYD]. However, it somehow worked for SYD when before it totally didn’t work for me in Lucky Star (I bounced off LS because I could practically see the strip boundaries).

Rewatching Lucky Star makes me think it was somewhat underappreciated during its run. Perhaps Haruhi set the expectations wrong, and then Yamakan’s direction of the first 4 episodes was no help. Still, I can hardly credit the notion that borders of 4koma strips were any less noticeable in Seitokai Yakuindomo. Consider ep.12 (which I rewatched recently for Kotomi’s interview): 1. Aria walks down the hall, 2. Aria complains how her shoulders get stiff (her chest is too big), 3. suddenly her weight is lifted (I thought her bra snapped), 4. but no, Aria’s bust rests on Suzu’s head. End of the segment! How about it?

UPDATE: Omo comments by invoking the ghost of Azumanga that started it all almost a decade ago. Also, he equals Lucky Star‘s hype with appreciation. Sure, Kadokawa’s hype machine was running full steam, but fans were decidedly split. Some even recoiled at the hype. And then there was Lolikit’s conversion.

One-color School

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

The three-color system is so pervasive, that now I notice exceptions. So far there’s only one: Ousai Academy of S.Y.D.. Pictured: Mitsuba, who is a year off the other members, if I understand it right. I may be wrong about her in particular, but there aren’t any diffierent colors at any kind of group event either.

They may still have color-coded student IDs or other tokens. But I’m not going to rewatch the whole thing to make sure.