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Monday, October 5th, 2009

Seen in the lead-in of an article at Karmaburn:

My interest in Kimi ni Todoke originates entirely from a 95-second preview. Before that, I did not even give it a second glance when perusing the many Autumn 2009 season previews.

How typical. I dismissed Stellvia until I saw Yoko Ishida doing one of her Eurobeat parodies karaoke with a trailer.

Previews on blogs really don’t tell us much. As far as information transfer, they might as well not exist, I only read them for the wit.

Choux and Eternal’s inner fangirls

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Poor Eternal struggles to define the essense of Kimi ni Todoke and comes up with heart, which is the same signifier Mahoraba commonly received back in 2005. Now I have to extract the anime from the “rejected” pile, where it landed after a brutal beating by Aroduc, and put it into the queue.

BTW, both Choux and Eternal are men, or at least boys. {Correction: only Eternal is.}

UPDATE: Ryan joins in. Now it’s a veritable gaggle of bloggers and their inner fangirls against the grumpy blogger with a heart of stone.

UPDATE: Even Jen wasn’t immune, although she selected some ugly screencaps I have to say, as if to boost Aroduc’s objections. I guess it’s like Kaiba then.

Kimi ni Todoke begins

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Swayed by the exhalting posts, I gave Kimi ni Todoke a good try and giggled maniacally non-stop through the first 15 minutes of the episode. Also, squeaked “OH NOES SHE’S CHANGING COLOR” and such. No idea if this is my internal fangirl or what, I’ve never met her before.

As far as art goes, it’s open to interpretation. Yano and Yoshida are drawn as caricatures not completely dissimilar in spirit to the monkey boys of J2, and I recall Aroduc had no objection to that. And Windy Tales proves that anime can be breathtakingly beautiful while disposing with the trappings of big-budget show that we take for granted: complext layouts, animations of large numbers of background characters, numerous lines and shadings, etc. Backgrounds of Todoke certainly are amazing and it’s obvious that the show is prepared for a BD release. So, it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Same applies to the work of Mrs. Noto. Evirus e-mailed me that she “is still refining the role, but when she does hit her marks she is spot on.” After listening for myself, I think he’s right. Sure, there was too much breath and such, but it’s abating. So I’m optimistic on her score.

As far as the story, too early to tell. Chracters seem sympathetic, but again the dude is a big question mark. I’m not even certain I’ll stick with the series in the long run, but it was a good ride at the start.

Scrumptious rounds up early Kimi ni Todoke

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

That sure was a lot of quotes. Now my biggest fear about Kimi ni Todoke is that it may disappoint all these people by a failure of directing, or leaving a continuation hook, or any other reason why anime fails utterly.

Helloween at THAT with ExecutiveOtaku

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Buried in the usual avalanche of big screenshots was a marvelous tribute to Sawako by ExecuteOtaku, a co-writer at T.H.A.T.:

SDS on Production IG and Kimi ni Todoke

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009


Production IG has managed to achieve is a show that truly looks shoujo in a way most anime have not, including perfectly good works such as Cardcaptor Sakura and Itazura na Kiss.

There’s a very strong understanding by the staff on this show as to when to utilize the more visually two-dimensional and emotional elements and when to incorporate a three-dimensional sense of spacing among the characters, and it, and the result is that it achieves that pastel and wispy shoujo manga feel while still making sense as an animation. In a way it reminds me of 70s-style shoujo, only with less emphasis on the melodramatic, and more technical skill on the part of the animators.

I think it’s a good time to remind everyone about another P.IG production with a similarly singular visual style, Windy Tales [link]. There’s even a small overlap in staff, for example Masatsuguru Arakawa worked on both.

Hung on Kimi ni Todoke

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

KnT managed to raise BakuGasuBakuhatsu from the dead, as Hung shared his impressions. Long story short, he didn’t like it much. Check out this speculation, however:

Hopefully something will come up that will make the series more interesting. Like Sawako falling into a coma (probably not) or a super bitch coming along to steal the dude (probably more likely) or the dude having some dark secret like being Batman.

Nice, isn’t it? Now, Hung, watch Kampfer and tell me what you think of Sakura Kaede’s identity.

P.S. Oh noes, he made me to rewatch ep.1. Kickass show.

The master technique to watch Kimi ni Todoke

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Starting with ep.2, every episode ends in a cliffhanger of sorts, which is extremely irritating for a supposed iyashikei. So, my answer is not to watch the last 2 minutes, but instead suspend the video. I resume it when next week’s episode becomes available, thus negating the cliffie. Take that, P.IG!

Pixy on Kimi ni Todoke

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

The benevolent dictator of Meenuvia is also an anime fan, but unlike our own overlord Maestro, he finds time to blog about it (albeit infrequently).

Take your standard high school teen romance angst-fest… And attach a JATO unit and smash it into the side of a cliff at 600MPH where it explodes into a shower of rainbow-coloured sakura petals.

This one is actually good. Double bonus points for teenagers who aren’t all jerks and/or idiots by default.

This echoes the sentiment that we’ve seen at Subatomic Brainfreeze: “It’s like watching puppies and kittens go to high school.” I didn’t link it back when it was posted because it’s just not true, but to argue otherwise is to post big spoilers.

Still, since good anime cannot be spoiled… Ready? Here’s a screencap of some bitches beating Sawako up in the washroom:

Oh and by the way, apparently, characters who are more evil eschew direct violence and choose to pull strings, although it wasn’t broadcast yet.

Granted, Pixy didn’t say that all teenagers weren’t jerks…

UPDATE 2009/11/16: Now he says it’s the second coming of Gurren Lagann.

Bloggers on Todoke 08

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Kurumi finally received some screen time, and naturally every mind is focused on her. However, some watch but do not see.


Later, Kurumi finds out that Kazehaya is on the committee, and her friends suggest that she also join the committee. Well, Kurumi says it’s not like that with her and Kazehaya but she’s not opposed to being on the committee, so they agree to nominate her.

This is not what actually happened! In reality, Kurumi brought the topic up, so one of her dupes naturally suggested her to be on the committee. Then, she directed the conversation by mentioning that she’s not against “volunteering”, and very directly prodded others into nominating her (“jaa, rikouha nante, dekinai mou…” + puppy eyes).


[Kurumi] seemed geniunely humble about him not having an interest in her when talking to her friends. The only scene put her true intentions in a somewhat questionable light was when she noticed Kazehaya watching Sawako practice kicking a rock instead of paying attention to her, but even then she didn’t give any signs of being conniving.

See above. Also, all is fair in love and war. Although, I have to admit, I was shocked when Kei deleted those 99 messages.


But like a young Anakin Skywalker in the Phantom Menace [], Kurumi is hard to read. Right now the story is positioning her character to be able to go both ways. Either she could genuinely be quite shy, sweet, and generally too self-conscious to ever confess to her good friend Kazehaya and just going along with her friends plans innocently, or she could actually be quite the schemer underneath. Honestly, it would make this a much better series, if she actually wasn’t much of a schemer and was actually truly sweet.

It’s sort of amazing that even Hung has doubts about this. Good anime can play up an enigma, for example Milch (von Striessman) in Nodame was never explained one way or the other. This story, however, is just not going there. Even Yano knows of Kurumi, for crying out loud (see her remark as early as 03 when Kurumi calls Shouta to the door and gives him something).


I guess that the biggest danger for this show is the love triangles. When you see love triangles in a series in which it’s pretty obvious that the creators have no intentions to break up the main couple, they’re just boring! This episode established that the blond girl is yet another one of those girls who has a crush on Kazehaya, so I really don’t hope that this is going to continue on throughout the series. It reminds me of Itazura na Kiss: the creators just kept throwing in love triangles to supposedly “test” the strength of the relationship between the lead couple. Unfortunately, all that did was make the entire series incredibly shallow.

At least her understands what’s going on. Too bad he does not understand shoujo. Shallow, my posterior!

He’s right about one thing though: this is a show with the railroad plot, like Toradora. In the real life, Kurumi would’ve still had a chance to win, if she were decisive enough, by putting out first. However, judging by her careful moves in the previous episodes, she might not be the type. And in any case, we don’t even need to think about it in case of the anime.

Fortunately, I’m not invested in Kurumi’s case. I find her less sympathetic than Ami, who had a bigger life than just pants-chasing. So, whatever.


… Kazehaya eventually comes to the rescue as she looks to find a way to practice after school so as not to let the side down. Mind you, Sawako spends so much of this episode just starting at Kazehaya and spacing out, I’m not sure any such practice will actually be particularly helpful, but never mind.